• I Gave Up My Possessions and Joined the Protest Circuit (Era 2)

    In fall of 1998, I transferred to Purdue’s main campus and got involved with a student environmental advocacy group (EA) because their flyer promoted a campout, and I dig camping. I was also taking a philosophy class, which I found fascinating, and which led me to pick up a copy of Think on These Things by Jiddu Krishnamurti. I cannot overstate the impact that this single book has had on my life.


  • How I Reclaimed My Life After Nearly Ending It (Era 1)

    …I was again admitted into the psychiatric hospital. And, I found out that I was pregnant. I was an absolute disaster…

    During my last session with my psychiatrist I was told that he was pleased with my “progress” and that as long as I stayed on my cornucopia of meds forever I might be able to live a “somewhat normal” life. Are you fucking kidding me?!


  • The Sacred Moon Circle

    I remember a time when my tribe gathered monthly in a sacred moon circle illuminated by candlelight. Sometimes we’d tell stories, other times we’d sing…

    We entered the sacred American Indian sweat lodge together, and when the heat became too blistering to handle, we prayed harder and harder to Mother Earth, her heartbeat reverberating throughout the earthen floor and blanketed walls of her womb…