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Facilitating Sacred Sister Circles

You've come here for a reason, Sister.

Supporting Women Who Feel Called to Facilitate Sacred Circles

Facilitating sacred circles isn’t rocket science, and you certainly don’t need to invest in a four-figure live training that takes months to complete before you begin gathering women.

If you simply want to start calling sacred sister circles but don’t know where to start, my tiny course may be a great fit. You can watch all of the video trainings in under an hour.

And, if you’ve already taken a training but aren’t calling circles, you can skip the tiny course and book a mentoring session to help you work through whatever’s holding you back.

this Tiny Course
(or Mentoring*) May be for you if you...

…feel called to lead sacred sister circles but don’t know how.

…want to follow a format that is simple and works well for a diverse group of women.

…know that you could spend a lot of time figuring everything out on your own but would rather not.

…doubt your ability to facilitate a circle because you’re deeply introverted.*

…tell yourself you “just need one more training”…*

…procrastinate scheduling your first circle because your fear tells you that “now isn’t the right time”.*

This Tiny Course
(or Mentoring*) are your invitation to...

…offer transformative sacred sister circles!

…confidently facilitate sacred sister circles for a diverse group of women.

…quickly and inexpensively learn how to facilitate truly equitable sacred sister circles.

…channel your introversion to facilitate powerful circles, without dysregulating your nervous system.*

…move through your resistance to doing the sacred work you’re being called to do.*

…know in your gut that you’re ready to do this.*

What makes This Course right for you?

You crave efficiency

You want fluff-free, well-organized content that’s available upfront. You don’t want to wait for “drip content.”

You're on a budget

While you’d love to sit in circle with other sisters to learn this material live, $600 – $2k+ is not in your budget.

You're ready to circle

You know that sisters have been circling for eons; you shouldn’t need months of training before calling a circle!

Foster Community & sisterhood.

Course Features:

What makes me the right Mentor for you?

You crave simplicity

You want to call transformative circles that are simple to facilitate and include rituals that feel authentic to you.

You value experience

You want a credentialed coach to hold space for you and help you overcome any resistance to calling circles.

You just know

Something about what you’ve found here speaks to you at the level of your BEing. Deep inside you just know…


One Payment of


One hour of mentoring For


*While completing the tiny course is recommend prior to purchasing a mentoring session, it’s not required. Mentoring can be used to pick my brain, work through limiting beliefs related to circling, plan your circles, etc.

Tiny Course Purchasers Receive

A guided grounding and centering meditation

All the templates and examples you'll need to call a circle

Under an hour's worth of videos so you can start now

catalyze transformation.

Sister Love

Create A legacy.


Please review the Q&As below. If you don’t see your question, drop me a line at [email protected]. I’ll do my best to respond within 2 business days.

Possibly. Please drop me a line BEFORE purchasing a Sacred Mentoring session with your availability, and I’ll get in touch with you within two business days. Thanks!

If you’re really looking for a single Wayfinding session because you don’t want to sign up for a package, you can totally do that here!

Just know that Sacred Mentoring is priced lower becuase it’s a one-off session and doesn’t include any support or “perks” that I include with Wayfinding packages.

It will also end after 60 minutes, as I don’t build scheduling buffers in an effort to keep the price point relatively low.

YES! I started calling sacred sister circles before I ever took any kind of formal training (and most of that formal training didn’t really teach me anything that I didn’t already know).

That being said, live trainings are an awesome experience because you’ll have a cohort of other sisters. In fact, I keep in touch with my sisters from one such cohort! Definitely not knocking them.

But, if you want to start circling, like, yesterday…or if you have a limited budget…or if you just want the information…or if you want to learn how I specifically approach it…this tiny course is for you!

I truly hope that this doesn’t happen to you. But even if it does the answer is no, I do not offer refunds. Prior to purchasing, please ensure that you review my Terms of Purchase.

I do make transparent the course materials and even offer free previews of the Welcome and Lesson 1 videos, so it would behoove you to watch them before buying to make sure my pace and approach works for you.

I’ve been gathering women on or around every full moon since May of 2022. I’ve also facilitated many new moon circles, virtual circles, and sacred journeys with Mama Cacao. This has become my life’s work and the current expression of my purpose. It freaking lights my soul on fire each and every time I have the privilege of gathering women in sacred circle!

I’ve also facilitated many 12-step circles and even a community circle. And I’ve sat in many circles and sacred ceremonies performed by Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota and Diné elders during my activist days many years back. It was these sacred ceremonies that have, perhaps, influenced me the most.

Finally, I’ve received formal training in sacred circle facilitation from the Center for Transformational Coaching, Global Sisterhood (currently enrolled), and The Wild Woman Project. I’ve also completed a sacred cacao carrier training through Lynette Allen and received a certificate in trauma-informed facilitation through SoulWork. And, I’m a voracious consumer of content – books, blog posts, etc. – on the subject.

I’ll also mention that as a certified Wayfinder Life Coach, I’ve had ample training in the art of holding space. DEEP SPACE. I was pretty damn good at holding space before that – seven years devoted to weekly recovery circles necessitated it – but Wayfinding took it to a whole new level. Just saying.