• Ways To Connect With Your Inner Guide, Your Soul

    If you’ve spent anytime on this website, you’ve probably noticed that I talk a lot about how I help sisters and brothers connect with their inner guides, their souls.

    Today I’m going to share my favorite practices for doing this, and my hope is that you’ll find something here that helps you connect with your own beautiful soul.


  • Newly Sober: My Most Vulnerable Post To Date

    I had my last drink on December 25, 2022. The fact that this is newsworthy is part of what makes this post vulnerable. And, the fact that I’m publishing this post eight days later is what lands it in the “my most vulnerable post to date” category.

    Today, I shared a post on Instagram and Facebook and also a reel about it. Given the response I’ve received, I decided to write this post.


  • How Luca Spaghetti (From Eat, Pray, Love) Got Americans Right

    Liz Gilbert claims in her bestseller Eat, Pray, Love that Americans don’t know pleasure. I agree. 

    Case in point: I’m typing up this blog post in an app on my phone at this very moment because I can’t just enjoy reading her glorious book! No, I have to always be doing something “productive” while I’m enjoying life. And there’s something about indulgence that sparks feelings of guilt.


  • Unicorns* Make Better Coaches

    My life is anything but enlightened. But, it has been unconventional and – dare I say – courageous. My own coach has even called me a unicorn. More than once.

    And as both a unicorn and life coach living in my zone of genius, my superpower is holding powerful space for women and helping them see what they currently cannot.


  • Your Body Knows The Answer! How To Access Your Innate Wisdom

    I’m not sure when it was that I first started trusting my innate wisdom to guide me, but my first tangible recollection of it dates back to 1996 – just a few months after my nearly fatal suicide attempt…

    …Something about me at that moment surrendered. To what, I don’t entirely know. But there was an internal shift.