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Peace, I'm Kristi

I help compassionate women find the gold in their struggles.

I used to be depressed, miserable, & suicidal. I was a people pleaser, spent money I didn’t have, & did insanely impulsive things (like getting drunk & embarking on a hitchhiking journey to Vegas to become a stripper). I was an introverted empath consumed by other people’s pain, & while I knew something wasn’t right, I didn’t understand what. Or why. If you’ve read Glen Doyle’s “Untamed,” you’ll know me as the cheetah. Can you relate?

And then, I nearly died (that actually happened before the Vegas stunt). A terrible prognosis by my psychiatrist resulted in an awakening, & I’ve spent the following 2+ decades obsessed with taking ownership of my life. This involved some crazy AF experineces along the way. I herded sheep on the Navajo Rez, was homeless, got arrested, hopped freight trains, & gave up nearly everything I owned because living in alignment w/my heart mattered most to me. 

My 20+ years of escapades & deep soul searching have led me down a path of great personal transformation. I’ve grown my courage & resilience & have come to thrive despite multiple job losses, a scary AF child custody law suit, two divorces, debt, & a bunch of other unpleasantries. [If you’re curious about my backstory, click here.]

I created this site to inspire & empower my global sisterhood to truly own their lives from a place of compassion & love. Together, we can elevate our collective consciousness to create a more beautiful & compassionate world. And – this is the big part – we can be shining beacons of love & light WITHOUT BEING DOORMATS. This is my specialty.

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Om shanti (that’s “peace,” in Sanskrit).

My purpose is to help you make the "impossible" possible

Stick with me & before long you'll be:

Setting & enforcing powerful boundaries, refusing to “take the bait”, & standing up for yourself (even as your whole body trembles…cause this shit’s hard).

Forgiving those who’ve harmed you so that you’re not festering in a cesspool of resentment that keeps you prisoner to your mind and distanced from your heart. Not for them – for you (they don’t even need to know that you’ve done this).

Living life on your own terms instead of living  someone else’s plan for you. In short, START TAKING UP SPACE, stop letting others’ needs trump your own, & start living in alignment with who you truly are.

Uncovering the treasures in your struggles, becoming more resilient from your hardships, and embracing uncertainty with enthusiasm because you’ve discovered that life is so much more fulfilling when you do!

KA's Mission

My mission is threefold: (1) to inspire women to live from a place of compassion & love, (2) to empower women to (re)connect with their innate wisdom & live life on their own terms, & (3) to help women become more resilient in the face of hardship & uncertainty.

KA's Core Values+

Think this is impossible? It's not (My story's proof).

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Adi Shakti, Founder of SoulWork

"She's called to be the practitioner's teacher."

I loved the theme [of her yoga class] and how she was really ‘living it’ as she shared her story. Her vibe was informed and wise, and I could feel her vulnerability. I feel that she’s called to be the practitioner’s teacher.

Frequently Asked Questions​

I’ve been accused of being a hippie since the 90s. For the record, I would kill (almost) to get Jenny’s wardrobe in Forrest Gump. It all started when I swapped my shoes for bare feet, got arrested at a protest, & played Joan Baez on the guitar…

All that aside, hippies rejected society’s expectation that they conform to controlling paradigms, reclaimed their power, & sought to create a more beautiful world. So does this site.

Nope. I’m an alchemist of my own life, & everything I share comes from the wisdom of my own experiences.

My “training” comes from working with a sponsor/mentor for 7ish years. It also comes from seminars and courses, meditation, my own intuition, clairvoyant experiences, personal study, yoga teacher trainings and study of related philosophies. And, it comes from something that can’t be described with words. If you want to better understand what I mean, check out the “My Story” posts.

At this time, I’m only offering single Holding Space sessions. These are whatever you want them to be. Maybe you are struggling and need to spill to someone who’s completely detached from your daily life. Maybe you want help with a particular problem or seek my input because you identify with what I share. Or maybe you just dig my site and want to pick my brain! You call the shots, and we can be as structured or as free-form as you’d like.

If you’d like to learn more about my Holding Space sessions, click here. Thanks!

Check out my Services page! My primary offering at this time is Holding Space (see the previous question). And soon I’ll be seeking beta testers for my Banish Your Resentments program (click the link to get on that list).

Re: yoga, I do offer private online yoga sessions to a very limited number of clients. Meet Your Soul on Your Mat Yoga generally revolves around a theme relevant to your life, are trauma-informed, & are NOT fitness-focused. Prices start at $100/hr.

My life is awesome because I have an attitude of gratitude and seek out the opportunity when things are difficult. It’s awesome because I no longer let external circumstances dictate my degree of happiness. And it’s awesome because I don’t chase outcomes – I focus on the process. My dharma (purpose) is to do exactly what I’m doing with this site without worrying about the results.

Well for starters, I’ve been homeless, hopped freight trains, and gotten arrested (for civil disobedience). I’ve participated in American Indian sweat lodge ceremonies, smoked peace pipes, & herded sheep for a Diné elder. I’ve lobbied Congress, sat in a tree slated for logging, and squatted abandoned buildings. I’ve criss-crossed the country to help run radio communications at several mass protests, attended an intelligence analysis training inside the CIA’s headquarters, and was a union spy. 

Perhaps more “normal” but indicative that life hasn’t always been easy…I’ve dropped out of college 4 times before getting a BS in economics and masters in public administration (as a single mom). I’ve survived a brutal child custody battle, two rounds of unemployment, bankruptcy, and two divorces. And, I’ll be a registered trauma-informed 500-hr yoga teacher come June.

I wouldn’t trade my life for anything. I’ve lived it from the heart, and every challenge has paved the path for where I am today.

Okay, so it’s not exactly a website FAQ, but I do get asked about my necklace sometimes.

I’m wearing the symbol for the anahata (heart) chakra. I wear it almost every day, and I chose this symbol specifically because it reflects my guiding force – the heart. If you like it, check out IntricateCuts on Etsy.

Love & Light aside, here's My life in a few words

"You must be the change."

For the record, Gandhi didn’t actually say that, but it’s still a fantastic quote & pretty much my motto. 

I currently live in Chicago with my bf, his two young kiddos, my college-age daughter, & two rescue kitties. I meditate most days, adore yin yoga, and follow a mostly-plant-based diet. I love listening to kirtan (chanting) while analyzing data and building cool AF spreadsheets at my 9-5. I have a B.S. in economics, post-graduate study in applied economics, and a master’s in public administration with a concentration in nonprofit management. I collect yoga teacher training programs (about to start my third!), love walking barefoot in the grass, & hiking the mountain by my folks’ place in Montana. I could go on but think I’ll stop here.

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