Welcome! My name's Kristi.

My mission is to help you design a life that aligns with your soul’s purpose and to overcome the barriers you face in fulfilling it.

Do you yearn to design a life that's aligned with your soul's purpose?

I help clients through my Illuminated Goddess Transformative Coaching practice. And I’m a storyteller who loves to share what I’ve learned through my blog, downloadable content, courses, and the Illuminated Goddess podcast.

For the past 25+ years I've Taken radical ownership of my life.

My purpose is to help you do the same. Poke around this site and apply for a life-changing coaching session while you’re at it!

When you work with me, you'll learn how to tap into and trust your internal compass as you courageously transform your life.

When you work with me, you’ll feel seen and heard. My approach is designed to help you develop the courage to live life on your terms and may involve setting boundaries, tapping into (and trusting) your intuition, and letting go of what no longer serves you. And, I’ll help you to understand and overcome the limiting beliefs that keep you from fulfilling your dharma (greater purpose).

You’ll learn some powerful tools for accessing your innate wisdom that may very well blow your mind. My approach is informed by my own coach, Martha Beck’s Wayfinder program, seven years of mentorship, personal development work, Byron Katie’s “The Work”, and in-depth study of yogic philosophy and its applications. And, it’s guided by compassion, integrity, and love.

My Favorite Things

Being Barefoot Outside

new moon Fall campfires

Meditating with incense

Earth goddess dresses

reflecting on the new day

My core values are:

Integrity, inquiry, compassion, love, growth, and gratitude. A strong sense of self-awareness allows me to recalibrate quickly when I respond from a place of fear or my actions aren’t aligned with my values.

I'm not about:

Focusing on the problem, co-signing on drama, or spiritually bypassing “negative” or “low vibrational” feelings. And, while I use storytelling as a tool, I don’t reside in my stories.

My daily rituals include:

Spending time connecting deeply with nature, meditating, and doing some combination of tapping, yoga, pranayama, journaling, and little things that bring me fulfillment (like playing my guitar). I trust my intuition deeply and let it guide me.

Work with me

Transformative Coaching

I’m here to help you realize your potential. What limiting beliefs are keeping you from living the life you know you were meant to live? A life of deep integrity that’s aligned with your soul? 

Are you yearning to uncover and fulfill your life’s purpose? To gain the courage to set unwavering boundaries? To uncover the gifts cloaked in hardship and uncertainty? To honor your calling? This is where I come in. Click below to learn more.

"I love seeing strong women holding space...I felt so held while having the opportunity to explore deeper parts of myself."

I want to get calm & grounded

I want to get better at setting boundaries

I want to transform my life and need help