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Sacred Sister Circles

We gather in sacred circle to remember who we are.

For women who crave sisterhood... and space to be who they truly are.

Come gather in circle, where soul-nourishing community and sacred sisterhood are fostered, where women connect, feel validated, and know that they truly belong just as they are.

Come Close, Sister

Come close, sister.
Come join us around this sacred fire.
Let’s sit in ceremony, together.
Rise, sister.
Let’s rise together

Sister, it’s your time to be seen, be heard.
To share with silence.
To share with words.
As you’re held in deep space.
In the womb of our gathered sisterhood.

Sister, it’s safe to…
Fall apart.
Rise up.
Cry, wail.
Sing, rejoice.
Be silent, be loud.
Be you.
Without apology.

Sister, see how our fire dances.
Coals shape-shift.
Souls connect.
Ritual happens.
We release shit.
Our shit, their shit.

Sister, witness our souls awakening.
Our hearts cracking open.
Our light illuminating the darkness.
Our vulnerability emerging.
Our callings becoming clearer.
Our ripple effect…

Sister, will you shine your light, your love?
To heal our hearts.
To inspire sisters who couldn’t join us.
To honor the young girls we once were and the wise women we’re becoming.
As we hold sacred space for each other, in circle.

what To expect

Most sacred sister circles follow this general format: (1) A brief centering or grounding exercise/meditation, (2) A collective review of our sacred circling agreements, (3) A reading or reflection or journeying, followed by a prompt, (4) The opening of our sacred circle, (5) Sharing, (6) The closing of our circle, (7) A releasing or intention-setting ritual accompanied by a sacred song or chant, (8) An opportunity to mingle and connect.

Each sister will receive equal time to share either with words or silence as we all hold space for her. This means that we won’t offer her advice, condolences, or even verbal encouragement. Instead, we offer her a far more precious gift: our focused presence. In this way she is truly seen, heard, and witnessed at a soul level. In-person circles will gather around a fire if outside and candles if inside. Virtual circles will gather via Zoom.

In-Person Sacred Circles

FULL Moon Circles

Free, in person

From May of 2022 through May of 2024, I’ve facilitated these circles on the day closest to the full moon when my house is empty. Weather-permitting, we’d gather around my fire pit. Otherwise we’d meet indoors.

These have been glorious, community-building circles! I’ve truly cherished them, but the time has come to transition to a new era.

I’m still contemplating what’s in store for this particular circle. If you’d like to stay in the loop, please consider signing up for my newsletter. Thanks!

Membership Circles

Paid, in person

Membership Circles are the newest addition to the lineup! Unlike our Sacred Sister Full Moon Circles, membership circles are only open to a small group of sisters.

Sitting in circle with the same women helps foster a deeper level of intimacy and increased vulnerability. Simply put, they are freaking beautiful!

Click the button below to view current Membership Circle offerings.

In-person moon circling logistics:

Register to get the location of our circle

I don’t publish my address online. Please complete this short form to get my address. Time-sensitive updates are posted to our FB group.

Make sure to arrive early or on time

This is important! Our circles are sacred containers that open and close with intention, and arriving late is very disruptive to the circle’s energy.

Abide By These Important Guidelines

Do: turn off your phone.

Don’t: bring children or men, arrive intoxicated, or share my home address.

Virtual Circles

Paid, via Zoom

I currently don’t have a regular cadence for virtual circles – I hold them when enough sisters express interest or I’m feeling called – so if you don’t see one in the lineup but would love to attend, drop me a line!

Virtual circles circles are great if you can’t make the live circles, attend the live circles but want to circle more often, or prefer circling in your own space.

These circles have embodied differing formats in the past but are currently structured similarly to the in-person Sacred Sister Full Moon Circles.

Please note that these are paid circles, and you must register in advance. Thanks!

How to prepare for circles:

In-Person (Chicago)

Bring a lawn chair for outdoor circles (if you have one)  |  arrive early or on time  |  turn off your phone  |  plan to remain present for the entire duration of the circle  |  leave children at home (we’ll be having adult conversations)  |  remain sober

Virtual (Zoom)

Have a candle & “talking piece” nearby (to hold while you share)  |  have a comfortable seat  |  arrive early or on time  |  keep your camera on  |  blur your background if it’s distracting  |  plan to remain present for the entire duration of the circle


(From Circlers + one of my guides)

You'll be a good fit for our circles if...

You're open to new experiences

Holding space and sacred circling may be unfamiliar to you, but you’re curious about and open to experiencing both.

You respect other's spiritual beliefs

You welcome those who hold different beliefs than you, and you are open to inviting in sacred (Earth-based) rituals.

You crave an inclusive sisterhood

You embrace diversity. These circles are open to all women, and we welcome sisters from marginalized communities.

Sacred Circles

In 1999-2001, I entered the sacredest of circles.
In sacred Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota pipe ceremonies and inipi.
In the sacred Diné sweat lodge.
And with my sisters around candlelight, on the full moon.

In 2004 – 2011, I sat in circle again, often twice-weekly.
Spiritual healing circles, 12-step recovery circles.

In 2021, I sat in circle again.
Initiated into sacred ceremony with Mama Cacao.
Honoring her and the elders who initiated my own teachers.

In 2022, I sat in circle again.
A sacred sister full moon circle, around my fire pit.
Many moons later, the circles continue…

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