Sacred Sister Circles

Sacred Sister Circles

Experience the Transformative power of Being Held In Deep space.

Holding space is one of the most powerful ways that we humans can show up for each other, and it helps counter the disconnection inherent in our everyday lives. It’s in these sacred circles where we hold deep space for – where we truly see, hear, & support – our sisters.

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Rekindling A Millennia-old Cross-Cultural tradition

Sacred Sister Circles

I sat in sacred circles in 1999-2001.
In sacred Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota pipe ceremonies and sweat lodges.
In a sacred Diné sweat lodge…my first sister circle, held by a Diné grandmother, for her adopted daughters and granddaughters.
And with my sisters around candlelight, on the full moon.

In 2004 – 2011, I sat in circles, often weekly or even more.
Spiritual healing circles, recovery circles.

In 2021, I sat in sacred circle again.
Initiated into sacred cacao ceremony.
Honoring Mama Cacao and the elders who initiated my own teachers with this sacred plant medicine.
Fucking powerful stuff.

In 2022, I sat in sacred circle again.
A sacred sister full moon circle, around my fire pit.
Sisters I’d just met gathered round, voicing their hunger for sacred connection.
Now many moons later, this sacred tradition continues…

Come Close, Sister

Come close, sister.
Come join us around this sacred fire.
Let’s sit in ceremony, together.
Rise, sister.
Let’s rise together

Sister, it’s your time to be seen, be heard.
To share with silence.
To share with words.
As you’re held in deep space.
In the womb of our gathered sisterhood.

Sister, it’s safe to…
Fall apart.
Rise up.
Cry, wail.
Sing, rejoice.
Be silent, be loud.
Be you.
Without apology.

Sister, see how our fire dances.
Coals shape-shift.
Souls connect.
Ritual happens.
We release shit.
Our shit, their shit.

Sister, witness our souls awakening.
Our hearts cracking open.
Our light illuminating the darkness.
Our vulnerability emerging.
Our callings becoming clearer.
Our ripple effect…

Sister, will you shine your light, your love?
To heal our hearts.
To inspire sisters who couldn’t join us.
To honor the young girls we once were and the wise women we’re becoming.
As we hold sacred space for each other, in circle.

How It Works + What To Expect

Most sacred sister circles follow this general format: (1) A brief centering or grounding exercise/meditation, (2) A collective review of our sacred circling agreements, (3) A reading or reflection or journeying, followed by the circle’s prompts, (4) The official opening of our sacred circle, (5) Sharing, (6) The official closing of our circle, (7) A ritual or ceremonial opportunity accompanied by light music, (8) An opportunity to mingle and connect.

Each sister will be given equal time to share either with words or silence as the rest of the circle holds space for her. This means that we won’t offer her advice, condolences, or even words of any kind. Instead, we offer her a far more potent and beautiful gift – our focused presence. In this way she is truly seen, heard, and witnessed at a soul level. In-person circles will gather around a fire if outside and candles if inside.

empowered sisterhood

NEXT MOON CIRCLE: Sunday 2.5.23

Full Moon Sister Circle (in person)

Now that the colder months are upon us, I’ll be hosting our circles on the day closest to the full moon when the kiddos aren’t home. Weather-permitting – dry and 45+ degrees – we’ll gather around my fire pit. Otherwise, we’ll gather in my living room with lots of lit candles. IMPORTANT: please arrive between 7-7:15pm.

When weather permits, please bring a lawn chair or lmk if you’ll need to borrow one. 

Please, no children due to the potential for distraction and the nature of our uncensored, adult topics.

I’ll generally post updates here, on social media, and via this group’s email list. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to get on that list. 

In-Person Moon Circling Logistics

Message me to get the location of our circle

I don’t publish home addresses online, and locations may change. You can email me at [email protected], or DM me on Facebook or Instagram.

Message me if you Can't arrive by 7:15 SHARP

This is important! Our circles are sacred containers that open and close with intention, and arriving late is disruptive to the circle’s energy.

Abide By These Important Guidelines

Do: turn off your phone during our circle.

Don’t: bring children or men, arrive intoxicated, or share my home address.


New Moon Sister Circle (virtual)

Around Every New Moon

This circle is in the works, and we’ll plan to meet every new moon! Stay tuned for details. This circle offers our global sisterhood an opportunity to connect in sacred space and ritual. Each new moon sister circle will include an intention-setting ritual and a beautiful guide with journaling prompts, our theme, and more.

These circles meet from 7:15 – 8:45pm Chicago time. Plan to bring a “talking piece” (anything you’d like to hold when it’s your turn to share), a pen, and a journal. Additionally, you may choose to light a candle or create the ambiance of a sacred space in some way. But that’s completely up to you!

How To Prepare For In-Person & Virtual Sacred Circles

In-Person (Chicago)

Bring a lawn chair (lmk if you need to borrow one)  |  arrive early or on time  |  turn off your phone  |  plan to remain present for the entire duration of the circle  |  leave children at home (we’ll be having adult conversations)  |  remain sober

Virtual (Zoom)

Have a “talking piece” nearby (any object you’ll hold while you share)  |  have a comfortable seat  |  arrive early or on time  |  keep your camera on  |  blur your background if it’s distracting  |  plan to remain present for the entire duration of the circle

my name's Kristi, and I'm your host

In Case You're Curious...

Hi! My name’s Kristi, and I’m your host. I’ve completed the following trainings that influence my approach to sacred circling and ceremony:

*Sacred circle facilitator training via the Center for Transformational Coaching
*Sacred cacao carrier training through Lynette Allen
*Initiation into the sacred cacao ceremony through SoulWork
*500+ hours of yoga teacher training, 300 of them trauma-sensitive in the Akhanda Shakti lineage
*Wayfinder life coach training with Martha Beck
*Facilitator Skills Training MasterClass through SoulWork (currently enrolled)

Holding space is one of the most powerful ways that we can show up for our sisters, and it’s an honor to be entrusted by you to facilitate these experiences. Thank you.

You'll Be A Good Fit For Our Circles If...

You're open to new experiences

Holding space and sacred circling may be unfamiliar to you, but you’re curious about and open to experiencing both.

You respect other's spiritual beliefs

You welcome without condition those who hold different spiritual or religious beliefs than you do.

You crave an inclusive sisterhood

These circle are open to anyone who identifies as a woman and adheres to our sacred circling agreements.

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