I loved the safe place of sharing with like-minded sisters. I felt the kindness and love coming from Kristi and all the sisters who were there. A soulful experience for sure.

Diane M.

Yesterday, I posted to one of Chicago’s neighborhood Facebook groups about a Sacred Sister Social event that I’ll be hosting around my fire pit this weekend. It’s nothing fancy – we’re just roasting hot dogs and marshmallows in my tiny back yard’s fire pit – but the response was mind-blowing.

12 different women from that group – none of whom I’ve ever connected with – sent me DMs about coming, some of them asking if they could bring friends. And several of them asked what they could bring…including a bakery owner (um hello!!).

These numbers don’t include the sisters who’ve been regularly attending my Sacred Sister Full and New Moon Circles.

I was planning on posting about the Sacred Sister Social to another Chicago neighborhood group but given this response, I suspect that we’ll be beyond capacity and so chose otherwise.

The occasion for this social is to commemorate the 1-year milestone of these circles, which was May 15th.

But let’s talk about the women who’ve flooded my DMs and just how crazy excited they are that circles like this even exist in Chicago! It’s this incredible enthusiasm that I want to explore…

Women crave sisterhood.

Let me be blunt: women are freaking HUNGRY for nourishing soul connections with other women. We crave sisterhood, like we’re freaking FAMISHED for it. And most of what we spend our days doing is anything but.

The humble little sister circles that I began hosting around my fire pit in May 2022 offer women about two hours of disconnection from our soul-depleting cultural paradigm. And they offer community – sacred sisterhood – with other women.

I say ‘humble’ because the circle structure I employ is extraordinarily simple and vaguely reminiscent of the circling traditions I’d been a part of more than 20 years ago.

Humble because they’re rarely perfectly executed. For example, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten to officially state “Our circle is now open”. And I often feel like I’m rambling as I share a reflection on the circle’s themed reading.

But none of this ever seems to matter to the sisters who show up.

Most circles involve a few vulnerable tears, expressions of deep gratitude, and blossoming connections with other women…despite how imperfectly I guided the grounding and breathing exercise or stumbled over my words or whatever.

Full moon circle structure…

Though I call different types of circles (full moon, new moon, cacao, etc.), my full moon circles are the most popular. Here’s what happens…

We sit in circle around fire or candles. We introduce ourselves. Maybe we draw an oracle card. We breathe together to get grounded and centered. We take turns reading our circling agreements – agreements that make our circle a sacred container that encourages bravery in sharing and remaining present. We listen to a reading and then take turns sharing our truths in response to a related prompt.

When we share, we each receive equal time to do so. If a sister finishes her sharing early, we sit in silence until her time is up. When one sister’s sharing, we all hold space for her…we do not respond to whatever it is that she shares. When she’s done, she passes the talking stick to her neighbor.

After everyone has shared, we write down anything we’re ready to let go of…and then we surrender it to the fire. We close with an optional group hug, followed by a little time to connect with each other as the fire burns low and the sky turns black.

That’s it. We don’t have any complicated or rote rituals. And out of a deep desire to not appropriate from Indigenous cultures, we don’t smudge or say things like ‘A’ho’. We simply gather in sacred space.

About inclusivity…

Anyone who identifies as a women is welcome, including our trans sisters.

And women of any religious faith (or of none) are welcome.

One of the women who DM’d me had questions about the circle structure because she’s a devout Christian…would anything about it conflict with her faith? My detailed response reassured her, and she expressed enthusiasm for meeting women who held beliefs that differed from hers. Freaking beautiful.

I’ve had members from marginalized communities tell me that they feel safe in these circles, which is pretty evident by how they keep coming back.

Since May 15, 2022, more than 30 women have come to these circles…and I suspect that this number is about to jump.

The number of women signing up to receive my emails has doubled this past month. Note that my primary sign-up form no longer offers an incentive. In other words, people want to hear from me to find out when my next circles are happening.

Did I tell you that women are freaking STARVING for community like this?!

Make an impact in your community.

If you’re reading this and want to make an impact in your community (including Chicago!), consider calling a sister circle. No one expects perfection from you, and the gratitude you’re bound to receive by the sisters who come will nourish your soul like nothing else. At least that’s been my experience.

If you’re reading this and wish you could attend one of my circles, know that I’m adding virtual circles to the mix. The first one is tentatively scheduled for July 8, 2023.

If you’re reading this and want to circle with the same, intimate group of women rather than a fluctuating group, know that I’m planning the first 6-month circling container beginning September 2023.

Check out my Upcoming Events page for a list of happenings and circling opportunities.

And if you’re reading this and want to train with me on how to lead your own circles, I’m in the midst of creating both a ‘micro course’ and a mastermind – both of which I expect to launch by fall.

The best way to stay in the know is to join my email list. The next best way is to join The Sisterhood Project (Chicago) Facebook Group. Or, you could do both.

That is all.🌙