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Hello Beautiful Sister!

Completion of this registration form is required for new Sacred Circle attendees only. Your responses will be saved and will allow me to vet your information before I share my home address with you.

Note that you will receive an automated email from me once you’ve submitted your request. If you’d like to receive circling updates and my newsletter via email,  please click the link in that email to get added to my list. Please note that you don’t need to subscribe to my list to attend my circles.

Please feel free to check the status of your registration at anytime by emailing me at [email protected]. Thanks!

Also, to ensure that you’re approved as quickly as possible, please verify that you’ve included a valid link to your Instagram or Facebook profile, This is for security purposes only.

If you’ve already attended a circle or other event at my home or if I’ve already given you my address, you do not need to complete this form.



In-Person Circle Registration Form