I recently returned from retreat (Wild Woman Fest), and while the entire experience was deeply nourishing and re-wilding to my Spirit, one event in particular stood out:

The Wolf King + The Wildflower Crown: Bewitching, Celebrating, and Wedding the Wild Self” with Danielle Dulsky

On August 26, 2023, I wedded my wild Self in sacred ceremony led by Danielle Dulsky and witnessed by more than 60 sisters.

Here are the sacred vows I took…

To my 9-year-old Self,

I vow to rekindle my sacred relationship with nature, with Mama Earth. I vow to shed all rational thought as I enter the portal to these primordial and sacred spaces so that I can bear witness to their magic and commune with the Divine. Whether it’s an urban park, ancient old growth forest, or desolate desert, I vow to be home, to be here NOW, to receive her embrace, to hear her whispers.

To my 29-year-old Self,

I vow to live in integrity with my soul, to follow my heart, to honor my wise inner guide. I vow to do this no matter the cost, as I recognize that a greater price will be paid should I not. I vow to honor the wisdom of my body, the call of my Soul, and the yearnings of my Spirit.

To my 49-year-old Self,

I vow to re-wild. To dance naked around the fire with my sisters, to drum so loud that Moon hears me, to embrace the complexity of the continuum of human emotion that wants desperately to be witnessed and not bypassed or transcended. I vow to remain true to both my Spirit and my Soul when paradox appears. Love AND anger. Joy AND grief. Patience AND frustration. Detachment AND yearning.

To my 79-year-old Self,

I vow to pass down the circling legacy I’ve birthed, the fostering of sisterhood amongst women from all walks of life, and the elevated consciousness that accompanies this work…the homecoming of sisters to the collective wild She Spirit.

In integration of these four vows,

I vow to embrace all that I am – the paradox of beauty and ugly – and to share me, all of me, with the world. I vow to take up space, in love. I vow to let my wild Spirit roam free. And I vow to honor my own holy trinity: Soul, Spirit, and Form by witnessing her needs and holding them with reverence.

Wedding my wild Self

Our ceremony culminated as one-by-one we proclaimed our 5th vow with wild abandon at the altar of the White Wolf and under the inky, starry night sky…and as our sisters chanted “She will, she will, she will…”…and as this chanting reverberated off the trees deep within the Blue Ridge Mountains…and as Moon heard us…and where the she wolves then howled…

And so it is.