Don’t create your year, create your day. Figure out the perfect day and then live it. The year will take care of itself. So will your life.

-Steve Chandler (Time Warrior)

women daydreaming inside a coffee shop

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Theme: What’s the why behind your goals and dreams?

One of my absolute favorite things to do with clients is to find out what underlies their goals and dreams.

It’s almost always a feeling that they think they’ll have once they reach their goal. For example, security, love, joy, connection, fulfillment, etc.

And then, we find ways to create those feelings today.

Pretty rad, right?

The secret to experiencing the gamut of these desired feelings is to embrace the present moment. That’s all we ever have anyway!

And when we embrace the present moment, our lives become richer and more abundant even when our external circumstances remain the same.

Of course, we don’t lose sight of our goals and dreams! That would be silly. We just recognize that the feelings we think they’ll bring us are available to us now.

That is all.