• How To Work Up The Courage To Set Boundaries

    Do you have a boundary that needs to be set? If you do, consider why you haven’t already set it.

    For me, fear’s usually to blame. When it comes to setting boundaries I’m generally afraid of:

  • Simple Self-Care Practices That Will Help Get You Calm & Grounded

    This post piggybacks off my latest podcast episode: Self-Care Practices I Use When Engaging with Master Manipulators. If you haven’t watched or listened to it yet, I invite you to do so. It’s a short 21 minutes🧘🏻‍♀️. In the podcast, I walk you through some simple self-care practices that I employ that have made a tangible difference in my sanity and energy levels post-engagement with a master manipulator.

  • How I Set Boundaries (From A Place Of Love)

    *Cue terrible ringtone circa 2006(ish).* My heart started racing and massive anxiety set in. I did NOT want to take this call…

    The requisite small talk – I disdain small talk – took place. And then, mic drop #1: “You can’t stay with me anymore when you’re in town.” As predicted, the raging, gaslighting, and belittling ensued.