• How to “Ride the Wave” When You’re Triggered

    I’m not always all love and light and sometimes shit gets to me. For example, I’m highly sensitive to certain sounds, and noises made “just because” turn me into an irritated stress ball. When this happens, the “flight” part of the “fight or flight” response kicks in, and I’m outta there. I live in a home with young children, so this is something that I contend with regularly.


  • How I Forgave My Ultimate Spiritual Sandpaper

    We all have people in our lives who challenge our sanity, at least from time to time. Their motives matter not, and I’ve taken to call them my spiritual sandpaper.

    The spiritual sandpaper I’m referring to in this post is my daughter’s father. The backstory is that he sued me for custody shortly before her 11th birthday.