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Want more peace
& purpose in life?

Wayfinding and
Sacred Circling

For my Gen-X hippie sister who’s in the throws of an existential awakening or difficult life transition and feels called to uncover and actualize her purpose, to be the change our world so desperately needs, and to take up the space she’s been denied for so long…welcome home.

For my Gen-X hippie sister who yearns to feel peaceful, joyful, and fulfilled but struggles to…welcome home.

And for any sister – hippie or not – who’s seeking soul-nourishing community and sisterhood…welcome home.

Why Gen-X Hippies?

Wayfinding is challenging work that extends beyond the goal of simply furthering self-interests. As a fellow Gen-X hippie, I’m here to work with compassionate sisters who believe that perhaps we actually can save humanity and our planet by ‘being the change’. 

Psst – I’ve been known to work with Millennial and Boomer hippies, too.

Ways We Can Work Together:

My great vision is to contribute to elevating the collective consciousness of humanity, as I believe that if we don’t, we won’t be able to reverse our self-destructive trajectory. This vision underpins everything I offer. May you find something here that speaks to you.

Wayfinding Coaching

Access the wisdom of your true nature, re-wild your spirit, + actualize your purpose. Be peaceful + fulfilled as you ‘be the change’.

Sacred Sister Circles

Sit in sacred circle with your sisters around my fire pit or virtually. Become part of our growing sisterhood community.

Sacred Circling Workshop

Become a Sacred Sister Circle Guide + explore how we can bring more integrity, equity, inclusion, + safety into our circles.

Actualize your purpose

Join our sacred sisterhood

Guide powerful circles

Take up space, sister.

Actualize Your Purpose As You
Elevate the Soul of Humanity.

My greatest longing is for awakening hippies like us to help elevate humanity’s collective consciousness by embodying the Love that we are. I believe that as more and more of us come to embody Love, the potential to reverse humanity’s doomsday trajectory arises.

This is no small undertaking, as most of us have all but severed our connection to this Cosmic kind of Love, to our true natures, to our gloriously wild spirits, and to our souls.

The result is a bottomless void filled with restlessness and dis-ease, a place lacking any semblance of fulfillment, sense of greater purpose, inner peace, or ecstatic joy.

So for many of us, we attempt to fill this void via distraction.

But our preferred distractions – screens and booze and low-quality food and sensory overloaded environments and shopping and sometimes even exercise – don’t address the root cause of our deep discord. And so, any distraction-based relief we feel is temporary and often has consequences (like debt or hangovers or health issues or loneliness).

The answer to this discord is not more distraction! It’s to align our lives – to live in integrity – with what matters most to us. To return to our ‘hippie nature’. To return to Love.

Sister, everything I offer is designed to help you return to your true nature and co-create a life that inspires the holy fuck out of you. Wayfinding Coaching involves ongoing deep 1:1 exploration and returning to your true nature, sacred circling offers soul-nourishing sisterhood, and cacao journeys facilitate transformative experiences with the Divine.

In my heart I know that the only way we’re going to save humanity from its seemingly unstoppable trajectory of destruction is by returning to who we truly are en masse, by being the change. And this begins with you, with me, and with others who are also awakening to this reality.

Sister, I invite you to explore this site and connect with me if you feel called to.

I see you. I hear you. I hold space for you. I love you.

Hello Beautiful sister!

My name's Kristi,
and I am a...

Gen-X Hippie. Mystic. 1/3 Reflector (Human Design). HSP. Martha Beck-Certified Wayfinder Life Coach. ICF-Credentialed Coach. Sacred Circle Facilitator. Cacao Carrier. Embodiment of Love.

My Wayfinding Coaching, Sacred Circling, and related offerings are designed to help you experience and embody your Divine worth , reclaim your right to take up space, re-wild your Spirit, “find” your purpose, and experience the power of sacred sisterhood. Click here to learn more about me or below to explore my offers.

You're a Great Fit Here If:

Your sPirit's restless

Your spirit’s restless; it yearns to feel fulfilled, purpose-driven, and at peace.

You crave sisterhood

You crave soul-nourishing sisterhood with women who love and see you.

You're called to love

Your soul’s calling you to love…love yourself, humanity, and Mama Earth. 

My current offers:

1:1 Wayfinding

Find and actualize your purpose, reclaim your right to take up space, and feel fulfilled, peaceful, + wildly alive.

Sacred Circling

Gather in sacred circle and join our growing community that fosters soul-nourishing sisterhood.

Client Love

It starts with you.

Be the change.

Take up space.

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