Peace + Fulfillment

come from living in integrity w/your soul

What will bring you lasting peace & purpose?

Your Soul Knows,
& I Can Help You Get To Know Her.

If you’ve been following our culture’s playbook, it’s my hunch that your soul’s starved for fulfillment, peace, and purpose.

My job is to help you develop an intimate and nourishing relationship with your soul. It’s to help you truly own your life experience. And, it’s to help you overcome the barriers you face to living your most glorious life – barriers like people-pleasing, settling, and conforming to other’s expectations. 

Feel Fulfilled + alive

make decisions with ease

Gain Clarity + purpose

Feeling Stuck Sucks

You were meant for more than this

Stop ignoring

your inner guide

I know what it’s like to feel stuck in an unfulfilling life. The nagging what ifs? The just be grateful already BS (not dissing gratitude – it’s one of my favorite practices). The restlessness that comes from feeling disconnected with your soul and not pursuing what makes you feel truly alive. The self-medicating and escapism, Band-Aid solutions, and other distractions.

I know what it’s like because I’ve been there. It’s now been more than 20 years since I discovered that living in alignment with my soul is where the real magic happens, and I’ve devoted my life to helping others discover this magic for themselves. My primary offerings are sacred sister circles and Wayfinder 1:1 life coaching and mentoring.

Start honoring

your wisdom

Wayfinder life Coaching entails...

Soul Alignment

Developing a sacred connection with your inner guide, your soul, your compass. Living in deep integrity with it.


Claiming ownership over your life. Dropping any semblance of victimhood. Letting go. Owning your shit.


Charting your Hero’s journey. Courageously entering the inferno. Slaying your demons. Embracing love.

get intimate with your soul

Wayfinder Life Coaching

As a Wayfinder life coach, I’m here to help you develop a deeply intimate relationship with your soul. From this connection, I help you overcome your tendency to settle, play small, and people-please so that you can reclaim agency over your life, make soul-aligned decisions with ease, and feel peaceful, fulfilled, and wildly alive. In more woo terms, I’m here to help you courageously embrace your destiny and embody the sacred within.

Byproducts of our work together may include becoming a more loving and compassionate human, being blissful for seemingly no reason, fostering sisterhood, and experiencing the sacred in everything and everyone.

Your most glorious

life awaits

Our lives are deeply shaped by our external environments. How often do you find yourself settling, playing small, conforming, or people-pleasing because it’s what’s expected of you?

It’s how the vast majority of us live, and yet it’s left us feeling deeply anxious and depressed, restless, and unfulfilled. It’s left us doing things like self-medicating with alcohol, overeating low-quality food, overspending, and escaping via screens of all sizes…all in an attempt to fill a seemingly insatiable void.

If you’re tired of feeling empty and stuck in a perpetual Groundhog Day and want to create your most glorious life, it’s time to reclaim your personal agency, your role as an owner of your experience.

It’s time to commit to living in deep integrity with your soul, your inner guide, your highest Self. It’s time to commit to doing hard things. Because joy, fulfillment, and peace aren’t handouts; they’re byproducts of this work.

When you choose to live in integrity with your soul – and when your life becomes more glorious as a result – you become an inspiration for others. It’s contagious! The ripple effect of your soul-aligned life is a more uplifted humanity, elevated collective consciousness, and thriving planet. YOU are more powerful, more influential than you think. Honor this.

If you’re up for the challenge to honor your soul’s calling, you must…

Get intimate

with your soul




Your Soul Knows The Answer.
And, it's here to help you gain clarity on your path + purpose.

Hey, Beautiful sister!

My Name's Kristi

Ever since I had a spiritual awakening following a nearly successful suicide attempt, I’ve felt the call to help others change the trajectory of their lives & live with fulfillment, purpose, & peace.

I’ve been immersed in personal development & spiritual growth since the late ’90s, which led me to do things like study yoga, sacred circling, ceremonial cacao, & life coaching under one of the greatest teachers in existence.

Now, I’m called to help sisters and brothers like you develop deeply intimate relationships with your souls. From this connection, I help you overcome your tendency to settle, play small, and people-please so that you can reclaim agency over your life, make soul-aligned decisions with ease, and feel peaceful, fulfilled, and wildly alive.