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Fill Your life with Peace & purpose.

Wayfinding and
Sacred Circling

For the human who’s in the throws of an existential awakening or difficult life transition and yearns for more peace, purpose, and freedom from suffering.

For the human whose purpose is to contribute to the elevating of humanity’s collective consciousness and bring healing to Mama Earth.

And for the sister who craves soul-nourishing community and sisterhood.

Choose Your Journey

My great vision is to contribute to the elevating of humanity’s collective consciousness. I believe this will happen when we (1) come to remember who we truly are, and (2) live in integrity with our true nature. This vision and belief underpins everything I offer.

If you’re new to this site and would like to learn more about me before exploring what I offer, I invite you to keep reading (or check out my “About” page or “My Story” blog posts).

Wayfinding Coaching

Get deeply intimate with your divine nature and actualize your purpose, with me as your skilled guide.

Sacred Sister Circles

Join our sisterhood! Gather with us in sacred circle, mostly in Chicago but occasionally via Zoom.

Sacred circling course

Learn how to facilitate transformative sacred sister circles via this short, no-fluff tiny course.

Actualize your purpose

Join our sacred sisterhood

Guide transformative circles

It's about remembering who you truly are.

Actualize Your Purpose As You
Elevate the Soul of Humanity.

My greatest longing is for humanity to wake up. I believe that if those of us who are awakening committed to embodying who we truly are, our way of being would have a ripple effect beyond comprehension. And as more and more people are actively waking up, it’s possible we’ll reach this tipping point – where reversing humanity’s destructive trajectory and bringing healing to Mama Earth is possible.

This is no small undertaking. Most of us have all but severed our connection with our true nature, desire to be of service, and wise inner guide.

The result is a bottomless void filled with restlessness and dis-ease, a place lacking any semblance of fulfillment, sense of greater purpose, inner peace, or ecstatic joy.

It’s no surprise, then, that we distract ourselves to oblivion in an attempt to fill this void. We do this with things like screens and booze and low-quality food and sensory overloaded environments and shopping and more, but none address the root cause of our deep discord. And so any relief we feel is temporary and often has consequences…like debt or hangovers or health issues or loneliness or more emptiness.

The answer to this discord is not more distraction; it’s to align our lives with what matters most to us, to live in integrity with our true nature, to embody the Love that we are.

Everything I offer is designed to help you remember who you truly are and live in a way that inspires the holy fuck out of you. Wayfinding Coaching involves deeply exploring your true nature, what you’re here to do, and honoring the wisdom of your inner guide; sacred circling offers soul-nourishing sisterhood and an invitation to take up space; tiny courses prepare you to facilitate transformative experiences for others.

In my heart, I know that the only way we’re going to save humanity from its seemingly unstoppable trajectory of destruction is by returning to who we truly are en masse, by being the change. And this begins with you, with me, and with others who are waking up.

I see you. I hear you. I hold space for you. I love you.

Beautiful human, my name's Kristi.

And I'm Here to help humanity remember.

My work here on Planet Earth is to help elevate the collective consciousness of humanity by helping awakening humans remember who they truly are.

I do this by gathering women in sacred circle around my fire pit (Chicago), Wayfinding with clients at Gompers Park, LaBagh Woods, and Zoom, and sharing wisdom via my blog, newsletter, and other content.

Me in a few labels: Gen-X Tree-Hugging Hippie. Mystic. 1/3 Reflector. Martha Beck-Certified Wayfinder Life Coach. Sacred Circle Facilitator. Recovering Protestor.

You're a Great Fit Here If:

You're a seeker

You yearn to “find” and actualize your purpose and explore the existential.

You crave sisterhood

You crave soul-nourishing sisterhood with women who love and see you.

You're called to love

Your soul’s calling you to love and serve  humanity and Mama Earth. 

Ways you can work with me 1:1

Wayfinding Coaching

Check out my Wayfinding Coaching packages with ongoing support or single Wayfinding sessions.

Sacred Circle Mentoring

Single sessions for those who’d like to facilitate sacred circles and would like 1:1 mentoring support.

Client Love

It starts with you.

Remember who you are.

be the change.

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