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Nourish Your Soul

Wayfinding & Sacred Circling

Wayfinder Coaching, Sacred Circling, and Soul Rewilding

For highly sensitive women…and especially those who’ve had it with our get more, do more, be more cultural paradigm and are committed to living in integrity with their souls.

Feel Fulfilled + Wildly alive

Embrace sacred sisterhood

Gain Clarity + purpose

Your soul's pinging you.

Did you get her message?

Nourish your soul & heal humanity...

Our lives are deeply shaped by our external environments. How often do you find yourself settling, playing small, conforming, or people-pleasing because it’s what’s expected of you?

It’s how the vast majority of us live, and yet it’s left us feeling deeply anxious and depressed, restless, and unfulfilled. It’s left us doing things like self-medicating with alcohol, overeating low-quality food, overspending, and escaping via screens of all sizes…all in an attempt to fill a seemingly insatiable void.

My experience has shown me that the antidote is to reclaim ownership of our life experience and commit to living in integrity with our souls. When we choose to live in integrity with our souls – and when our lives becomes more joyful and fulfilling as a result – we become an inspiration for others…and maybe (just maybe!) the ripple effect of our own transformations will be enough to help heal humanity and Mama Earth.

Hello radiant sister!

My name's Kristi. I'm a soul re-wilder, sisterhood instigator, & divine lover.

⅓ Reflector. Quad Left. HSP. INFP-A. Martha Beck-Certified Wayfinder Life Coach. Sacred Circle Facilitator. Embodiment of Love.

My offerings are designed to help you experience and embody your divine worth, rewild your soul, and embrace sacred sisterhood.

You're a great fit here if...

Your soul's restless

Your soul’s restless; it yearns to feel wildly alive, purpose-driven, and free.

Your crave sisterhood

You crave soul-nourishing sisterhood with women who love you for being you.

You feel called to love

Your soul’s calling you to love…love yourself, humanity, Mama Earth. 

My current offers:

Wayfinder Coaching

For highly sensitive women who feel stuck in lives that don’t nourish their souls.

Sacred Sister Circling

For women to gather in sacred circle…for a communal and deeply nourishing soul experience. 

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