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About Me & This Site

Hey! I'm Kristi.

I’ve lived an unconventional AF life. My journey began when I barely survived a suicide attempt (circa 1996) & has involved some pretty wild adventures in the areas of boundary-setting, forgiving others, embracing uncertainty, & developing the courage to live life on my own terms.. 

“One day you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through & it will be someone else’s survival guide.” -Brene Brown

After I nearly died, something extraordinary happened,  & the depression I’d succumbed to for a decade instantly vanished (not kidding). I’ve since had my share of some serious struggles (who hasn’t?) but I’m now more resilient & my heart has expanded infinitely because of them. If you’re struggling, it’s my hope that this site offers you solace & inspiration. You are NOT alone🖤.

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Adi Shakti, Founder of SoulWork

"She's called to be the practitioner's teacher."

I loved the theme [of her yoga class] and how she was really ‘living it’ as she shared her story. Her vibe was informed and wise, and I could feel her vulnerability. I feel that she’s called to be the practitioner’s teacher.

*Coming Fall 2021*
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