Feeling Restless Because You've Been Settling For 'Good Enough'?

I’m a certified Wayfinder life coach, and I’m here to help you develop a deeply intimate relationship with your soul. From this connection, I help you do things like overcome your tendency to settle, play small, and people-please so that you can reclaim agency over your life, make soul-aligned decisions with ease, and feel peaceful, fulfilled, and wildly alive. 

Hello, Radiant Sister!

My Name's Kristi.

Ever since I had a spiritual awakening following a nearly successful suicide attempt, I’ve felt the call to help others change the trajectory of their lives & live with fulfillment, purpose, & peace.

I’ve been immersed in personal development & spiritual growth since the late ’90s, which led me to do things like study yoga, sacred circling, ceremonial cacao, & life coaching under one of the greatest teachers in existence.

Now, I’m called to help humans who feel stuck, restless, and unfulfilled – sisters & brothers who are being summoned to create deep change in their lives – connect deeply with their inner guides. Using this connection, I help them overcome their tendency to settle, play small, & people-please so that they can reclaim agency over their lives & create more fulfillment, peace, & purpose.