You Are a Magnet

You are a magnet, and what you embody you will attract right back.

If you embody stress, you will attract more opportunities to be stressed.

If you embody gratitude, you will attract more opportunities to be grateful.

And those opportunities to be grateful may not always involve sunshine and rainbows…
An Opportunity to Be Grateful
Last week, Sage and I were driving northbound. It was rush hour.

A southbound driver turning left failed to yield.

The impact was unavoidable. My old car – totaled.

The woman who…

Lies I Tell Myself

Fall – being the season of transition, death, and decay – inspires me to turn inward, to recalibrate my compass.

As I’ve shared in this post, I’ve been struggling for a while now.

And as I’ve shared in this post, I’ve realized that it’s not anger that will destroy my spirit – it’s how I choose to channel it.

Now, my focus is on finding the balance between honoring my truth and surviving in a world that expects soul-crushing conformity.

But what is my truth?


I’m Angry

I’m angry.

For years, I wasn’t. And the times that I witnessed injustice or some other blood-boiling incident, I took Gandhi’s directive to heart. I was the change. Or so I thought.

My weapons were love, compassion, integrity.

And silence. You know, because I chose to live by example…quietly.

Except that no one noticed.

When you’re quiet, you are effectively accepting things how they are, at least in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Yoga and Alanon taught me to accept what is…

The Struggle Is Real

Life has become extraordinarily difficult lately, and I’m struggling.

Big time. With so many things.
I’m facing the greatest financial uncertainty and stress that I’ve ever faced, and things are about to implode.

And, the person who matters more to me than anyone else in this world is struggling so utterly deeply that it’s terrifying.
Those are the tangibles.

And then there are the intangibles – the internal struggles about what I’ve done with my life, the stands I have (and haven’t) taken, the…

Love, Part 2

“You must be the change you wish to see in this world.” -Mahatma Gandhi
Lately, I’ve been embracing vulnerability. My heart is consumed by the yearning desire to express love – love that intoxicates my spirit so deeply.

Often the expressions are subtle. Maybe I’ll be warm with someone who I sense is struggling, or maybe I’ll combine “I see you” eye contact with a genuine smile.

Sometimes the expressions aren’t so subtle, and I’ll share outright with someone what he/she means…

Love, Part 1

Despite this site’s alleged focus on compassion and love, I haven’t said much about either up until now.

Most of my posts are inspired by some sort of internal struggle that I’ve been dealing with. In fact, I’ve pretty much treated this blog like an online journal.

The downside to this is that I don’t really share much about the “ordinary” everyday stuff – the stuff that both drives and reflects my entire existence.

The stuff that defines the essence of who…

An Evolution of Meditations

I’ve had a daily meditation practice for quite some time now, and sometimes my sits can get pretty intense.

There was that time when the Universe literally dictated to me what I was to do with my life, and It sealed the deal with a spectacular show of light.

Then there were those out-of-body experiences. Needless to say, I now neither fear death nor the means of my demise, regardless of what it may entail.

Sometimes, I see things – lights, images,…

A Story About Surrender

Once upon a time, a woman met a man who would teach her many important things. Eventually, the man’s teachings finished and so they parted ways.
Many moons had passed when the woman dreamt of the man. She knew that dreams were sometimes omens that were best not ignored, and so she reached out.

A romance began, and both the woman and man discovered a shared connection on many important and satisfying levels. This excited the woman, as she had nearly…


It’s been a while since my last post, but I haven’t forgotten about this blog.

Things have been a whirlwind lately, and I’ve felt a bit lost.

Can you relate?

I’ve been contemplating the direction that my life’s taken – particularly regarding the opportunities cloaked in “bad things” – and this post pretty much sums up what’s been on my mind.
2017 was a year filled with stressors:

My position was eliminated in late 2016 due to revenue declines, and I rang in…

photo credit: Toby Wong

When I Was NOT the Change I Wished to See in this World

After dropping Sage off at her dad’s last Friday, my maps app told me that driving through some of Chicago’s less-than-stellar neighborhoods was the fastest way home to my very safe, sheltered, affluent white community 25 miles north of the city.

No problem.

As I was driving north on Fullerton, I drove past an overlit viaduct and noticed “garbage” strewn throughout and an erect tent. Clearly, this was a home for the homeless.

As I drove past, I quickly assessed what I…