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Is your yoga serving your soul?

Are you looking for more than your garden variety vinyasa class?

Don’t get me wrong – a great vinyasa does a body good & leaves you all blissed-out. But, does your soul CRAVE more than just an awesome sweat-inducing sequence?

& What happens when you roll up your mat?

Do you struggle to “take your yoga with you” throughout the day? Your favorite teacher radiates that whole Zen yogi vibe, & you want what she has. But you have no clue HOW TF she does it.

Do you wish your teacher wove more relevant yogic insights into class? You dig the intention-setting part at the beginning but then…crickets. You’d dig to understand the interconnectedness between the intention, sequencing, & transferability between class & “real life.”

I feel you - You're so not alone

Are You Ready to take your practice deeper?

I get it. In fact, the only time I do yoga through studios anymore is when I’m looking for a workout. 

If I want to sweat and stretch to music for an hour, I’ll go to studio X. If I want to do “vigorous” yoga peppered with some arm balances, I’ll go to studio Y. 

But, if I want to address a mental or energetic block, I’m pretty much on my own. Which, isn’t a bad thing because I have the training to do this. But I know that’s not most Western yogis’ experience.

Imagine having highly personalized theme-based yoga made for you

What if your yoga classes targeted exactly what your soul craved?

Maybe you’re nervous about an upcoming presentation and need your yoga practice to help you regain your center. It becomes clear that your fears stem from imposter syndrome, so your targeted theme-based practice focuses on supporting your throat chakra & includes breath work and affirmations that you can take with you into the conference room.

Or, maybe you’re angry at your partner & can’t seem to work through it on your own. Your targeted theme-based practice will probably include powerful-yet-gentle reclined heart openers and (my favorite!) a compassion meditation…


Meet your soul on your mat yoga

Highly targeted theme-based, trauma-informed yoga that connects your soul to your practice & stays with you AFTER you roll up your mat.

1-on-1 Sessions

What you'll get

At least 24 hours before your session, you’ll submit a super brief questionnaire telling me what’s going on or what you’d like to focus on so that I can plan a sequence that’s unique to your needs. If you don’t have anything in particular you want to address, that’s totally cool too.😉

Your sequence will be either 60 or 90 minutes & held via video (multiple platform options available). 

If you live in/near Chicago & want to do an in-person session in Gompers Park near the lagoons (Pulaski & Foster), we can arrange for this, weather-permitting.

low lunge

Yoga style Option #1

Hatha yoga

You might sweat a teeny bit, and you’ll get a physically well-rounded practice that incorporates a lot of poses. This is a great option when your body craves movement, you want to generate strength (mental & physical), or just because! Choose either a 60 or 90-minute duration.

Yoga style option #2

Yin yoga

Yin yoga is LUSCIOUS. We might only do 6 poses during a 60-minute class! It’s great for really working the deeper fascia and for invoking a soul-experience. Choose either a 60 or 90-minute duration.

childs pose

Yoga style option #3

Yoga + Meditation

This is a 90-minute class and can be either a hatha or yin style.

Bonuses (value $100+)

Sign up as a new client now, & you’ll also get these 3 bonuses totally FREE!

A $50 value

Email Recap

All sessions come with a recap emailed to you of what we did & why, plus possible commentary.

A $25 value

Stick YogA

I’ll send you a pic of stick yogis doing your sequence so that you have a visual to do on your own.

A $25 value

Referral $

Send a new client my way & I’ll take $25 off of your 1st session following theirs (not transferrable).

Adi Shakti, Founder of SoulWork

"She's called to be the practitioner's teacher."

I loved the theme [of her yoga class] and how she was really ‘living it’ as she shared her story. Her vibe was informed and wise, and I could feel her vulnerability. I feel that she’s called to be the practitioner’s teacher.

Choose your class

Yin or Hatha Yoga


Yin or Hatha Yoga + Meditation


Is theme-Based Yoga for me?

This is perfect for you if:

This is NOT for you if:

How it works

Here’s what happens when you buy

Sign up now

You’ll (1) select a time from the scheduling app & (2) pay for the session. Please contact me re: questions BEFORE signing up.

Check email

You’ll receive an email within 24 hours with a waiver & questionnaire to be completed at least 24 hours before your session.

Show Up

Please show up on time. Your session will start & end promptly. Scheduling changes for any reason require 24 hours notice.

About your yoga guide

Namaste! I'm Kristi

I completed my 200-hr yoga teacher training in 2015 through Nature Yoga (at Reach Yoga in Glencoe, IL). Paul Weitz was my primary teacher, & his style was strongly influenced by the Sivananda Yoga lineage.

I’m currently enrolled in a trauma-informed 300-hr training through SoulWork (based out of Indianapolis & Costa Rica), & will receive my Yoga Alliance 500-hr RYT certification come June. SoulWork’s founder Adi Shakti comes from Himalayan Master Yogrishi Vishvketu’s Akhanda Yoga lineage and has styled her own teachings to include an emphasis on honoring the Divine Feminine.

I’m also currently enrolled in SoulWork’s 130-hr Yin Yoga continuing education program. If you’d like to learn more about me, please check out my About page.


You've got questions? I have answers!

I LOVE beginners! We were all there at one point, right? Newbs to yoga are awesome because they’re like sponges eager to learn but humble enough to accept correction.

If you’re super new & choose to explore a Hatha yoga style, we’ll spend some of the time in our first sessions devoted to learning the basics. If you choose to explore a Yin yoga style, we’ll probably dive right in. Your answers to my survey will help me to gauge how I can make our time most beneficial to your needs & goals.

During one of my 300-hr practicums, my teacher shared that she saw my calling to be the practitioner’s teacher.

I’m not here to help you nail handstand or scorpion. I’m also not here to cue you into picture-perfect “full expression” of any pose (for starters, this verbiage is not inclusive & won’t be used in my instruction). I’m here to help you dive more deeply within and support yourself where you most need it – the poses are just the vehicles for this.

I’m for any student of yoga, no matter how new or experienced they may be, if what I’ve shared resonates.

First, I sequence our sessions around your needs & not what I think a diverse student base might collectively need (or what I feel like teaching on a given day). 

Second, I weave the theme throughout our session. For example, if you’re needing to gain confidence in sharing your message, we’ll focus more strongly on supporting the throat chakra via poses that target it, cues & language that bring attention to it, and insights that show its relevance.

Third, most studio yoga follows a vinyasa flow structure, where smooth transitions initiated by the breath connect poses. Vinyasa classes can be incredibly diverse & many are very “fitnessy.” My sessions are the antithesis to this. 

There are no refunds. If you must reschedule a class for any reason, you must do so with at least 24 hours advanced notice. “No shows” and cancellations made within 24 hours of your scheduled time are classes forfeited. Thank you for understanding.

chilling out

Ready to get result like these?

Choose your session length

Yin or Hatha Style


Yin or Hatha + Meditation


Contact me

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

Have questions that I haven’t covered? Drop me a line and I’ll do my best to respond within 24 hours. Thanks!