A few days ago, I completed a tiny marketing course. This course had a module that had me reflect on what in my business wasn’t aligned. The answer? My blog.


I began this particular blog – an online journal of sorts – back in 2017 after separating from my then-husband. There was little purpose to my blogging other than to function as a creative outlet, but I kept at it.

Over the years, my little blog has evolved into Awakening The Heart, LLC – the umbrella for my Wayfinder life coaching, Sacred Sister circling, and Mama Cacao journeying.

As this evolution occurred, I began deleting old blog posts that no longer seemed relevant. And, I began sharing some of my favorite tools from my life coach training and yoga teacher trainings.

Despite my posts’ relevancy and useful detail, something about them always seemed foreign to me. I never really placed my finger on it until I took Dani Gardner’s tiny course.

The aha! moment occurred when we looked at whether our content was aligned with our Human Design type, strategy, and profile.

In that moment the reason my blog felt off became crystal clear.

I had adopted the role of a teacher, but my role – according to Human Design – is to reflect and share. #differencesnoted

Human Design’s role

My Human Design type is Reflector. I’m here to reflect back to you who you are; I’m not here to teach you directly! And yet most of my blog posts have been focused on teaching.

My Human Design strategy is to wait a lunar cycle before making decisions of importance (a seemingly dismal strategy, no?!). There’s nuance to this – it has to do in part with transits and my own deep connection with Moon – but the short of it is that I’ve been ignoring the lunar cycle and transits in my blogging and business. This has been to my detriment.

My Human Design profile is 1/3, or investigating/martyr. This means that the way I navigate the world consciously is through understanding it and unconsciously/subconsciously by living life on my own terms. In terms of blogging, when I tell you what to do rather than share with you what I’ve learned, I’m not honoring my design. The results always feel misaligned.


The time has come for me to fully – not just superficially – reinvent this blog.

My intention is to pull every single blog post that teaches. For those that are aligned with my Human Design but feel off in some way, my intention is to update them so that they feel right.

My overarching intention is to offer blog posts regularly that are written through my Reflector lens, as that is what I was put here to do. It’s kind of scary pulling nearly everything – especially the high-value posts I’ve written over the years – but it feels right at the soul level.

Thank you for supporting me in this endeavor, and I look forward to sharing with you new (aligned!) content very soon.