The Wayfinder Diaries Podcast

A wayfinder relies on her own inner compass to navigate life. She unapologetically trusts her innate wisdom to guide her.

Wayfinder Diaries shares stories of transformation and offerings of wisdom to help guide you through difficult journeys and live a deeply soul-aligned life.

An uncensored, & heartfelt dive into:

Living from a place of deep integrity

I’m talking about living in integrity with your soul, where doing what you know you must sometimes comes at great personal cost.

Living in alignment with your soul's purpose

You were put here for a reason. You have a dharma. Will you fulfill it?

(Re)connecting with the sacred

You are sacred, and sacredness surrounds you. Life gets instantly and infinitely more amazing – ecstatic, even – the moment you experience this.

Reframing hardships as opportunities (seriously)

Want to transform your life experience? Have the courage to seek out the opportunities present in your hardships.

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A must for mindfulness!

I am always seeking connection and thoughtfulness; I felt both when I  tuned in to this podcast. The first episode resonates and provoked higher thinking. You will definitely be left wanting more, like I did.
– @Madshenn


Deeply heartfelt, intuitive guide

Kristi has a calmness and clarity about her that puts me in touch with my own inner wise person. I love her brave honesty with sharing her story of getting back in tune with her true nature. This podcast gave me a lot to think about!
– @bakerlady539


An Eye Opener

I didn’t expect to relate to the storytelling in this episode but I can honestly say that I’m in my own zone of excellence and trying to figure out my zone of genius. Kristi’s insight has now given me pause for thought. I’m going to focus on figurine out where I’m meant to be in order to enrich my own life and hopefully contribute something positive to society. I used to journal consistently but lost it when battling my own health challenges. I’m going to try to re-incorporate that back into my daily routine. It’s worth saying that Kristi has one of those voices that I could listen to forever. I look forward to learning more about myself by way of Kristi’s storytelling and personal experiences. Thank you for this!
– @smhennen

Meet the podcast host

Hey! My Name's Kristi

Here’s the quickie version: I almost died by suicide before radically changing my life thanks, in part, to a dead Indian yogi’s teachings, my mentor’s wisdom and guidance, deep spiritual work, and meditation. I’m now a sacred coach and story teller who helps clients uncover and fulfill the purpose that they were put on Earth to make.

You can learn more about me via the “my story” posts or pretty much any blog post🖤.

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