Wayfinder Life Coaching

You have one life. It's time You Truly Lived it.

Stop settling

for an unfulfilling life

It’s time to stop listening to those who benefit from your complacency and conformity, playing small, and following our culture’s superficial playbook. It’s time to start listening to your inner guide, doing the things that make your soul feel most alive, and – as a byproduct of this transformational work – helping to heal humanity.

If you find yourself thinking “Yes, but…”, you’re not alone. It can be downright scary to go against cultural or familial expectations in the pursuit of living your most authentic, soul-aligned life.  This is where I come in.

Are you connected with your inner guide?

We’ve been indoctrinated to believe that our rational minds trump everything – that we can’t trust our intuition, our inner guides. We’re taught how to quantify our options using matrices, relinquish our agency to “experts”, and analyze the hell out of things in order to make “good” decisions. I recall the years I studied economics; relying on intuitive decision-making was never an option.

Rather, decision-making involved quantifying costs and benefits and relying on math or statistics to determine the optimal outcome. Think about it…is this so different from how YOU make decisions? Using logic and pros and cons lists all the while shutting out your inner voice that’s trying to guide you to YOUR best decision?

As an economist by education who’s been trained to quantify the value of any and everything, including the ‘unquantifiable’ (e.g. a human life), it may seem odd that my discernment comes from asking myself not which choice has the most pros and fewest cons but rather, “How do these options feel in my body?” But, it took many years of struggle for me to finally get to this place.

Sometimes I didn’t notice my inner guide, and sometimes I’d downright ignore her. Like when I got married – I knew that it wasn’t the right choice. A few years later, I got divorced. Twice. In another case, it took chronic pain for me to finally leave a career I’d worked hard to build. But eventually I began listening to my inner guide.

I'm here to Help you trust your inner Guide

Wayfinder Coaching

As a Wayfinder life coach, I’m here to help you develop a deeply intimate relationship with your soul. From this connection, I help you overcome your tendency to settle, play small, and people-please so that you can reclaim agency over your life, make soul-aligned decisions with ease, and feel peaceful, fulfilled, and wildly alive. In more woo terms, I’m here to help you courageously embrace your destiny and embody the sacred within.

Byproducts of our work together may include becoming a more loving and compassionate human, being blissful for seemingly no reason, fostering sisterhood, and experiencing the sacred in everything and everyone.

Start honoring

your wisdom

Wayfinder life Coaching entails...

Soul Alignment

Developing a sacred connection with your inner guide, your soul, your compass. Living in deep integrity with it.


Claiming ownership over your life. Dropping any semblance of victimhood. Letting go. Owning your shit.


Charting your Hero’s journey. Courageously entering the inferno. Slaying your demons. Embracing love.

Fulfillment + peace

are your birthright

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Wayfinder coaching Can help you:

Get crystal clear on how you truly want to spend your precious time here on Earth.

Stop second-guessing yourself.

Confidently make decisions from a place of ease, knowing from the depths of your soul that they’re the right decisions for you.

Create fulfillment, peace, and purpose in all areas of your life.

And so much more…




My Current Coaching Offers

Payment Plans & partial scholarships are available


Single 60-min. session. Use for coaching, visioning, or to just pick my brain.


6 x 60-min. sessions scheduled within 6 months. Payment plan available.

All Clients Receive:

Direct Access To Powerful self-coaching tools to amplify your results

Light Breath work and/or meditation to begin your session(s).

Limited Messaging Support for 1 week (single session) or between sessions (packages)

How This Works

1. You Buy/apply

You’ll either purchase a single session or apply for a package.

2. You Respond

You’ll receive an email with your next steps (scheduling, etc.).

3. We Connect

We’ll meet via Zoom or phone for your session or a discovery call*.

*Discovery calls are for packages only. I do not offer discovery calls for single sessions.

Are you committed

to living in integrity w/your soul?




What's Possible As The Result Of Our Work:

You get to the root of why you people-please.

You learn who you are, what your purpose is (if you’re seeking it).

You reclaim agency over your own life.

You make decisions that others don’t always support, and you’re okay with that.

You feel inspired and purpose-driven.

You reside in a state of peace.

You make changes that you’ve been avoiding: renegotiating a relationship, leaving a job, starting a business, WHATEVER! 

You show up in the world from a place of service and love (seriously).

You practice radical self-care.

This is BIG: you stop settling in your life.

You come to not only trust and follow your inner guide, but you come to rely on it.

You live a soul-aligned, fulfilling AF life. It doesn’t get any better than this!

What's The Cost Of NOT Taking Action?

You stay stuck.

You continue to (barely) tolerate your job.

You feel resigned to the hand you’ve been dealt.

You continue to self-medicate…with substances, shopping, food, or screens.

You remain unfulfilled, unhappy, and unsatisfied.

Your friendships remain surface-level and don’t inspire growth.

You keep telling yourself that you’ll start…tomorrow.




Hey, beautiful sister!

My Name's Kristi

Ever since I had a spiritual awakening following a nearly successful suicide attempt, I’ve felt the call to help others change the trajectory of their lives & live with fulfillment, purpose, & peace.

I’ve been immersed in personal development & spiritual growth since the late ’90s, which led me to do things like study yoga, sacred circling, ceremonial cacao, & life coaching under one of the greatest teachers in existence.

Now, I’m called to help sisters and brothers like you develop deeply intimate relationships with your souls. From this connection, I help you do things like overcome your tendency to settle, play small, and people-please so that you can reclaim agency over your life, make soul-aligned decisions with ease, and feel peaceful, fulfilled, and wildly alive.

My Refund Policy + Guarantee

I guarantee to show up, be fully present, and hold space for you. To coach you powerfully, to the best of my ability. I do not guarantee specific results. You’ll get out of coaching what you put into it. Aha! moments and breakthroughs are bound to happen, but lasting change requires a commitment to “doing the work” and your own readiness to change at a soul level. Are you game?

Your progress and satisfaction are very important to me. So is my time (and yours). I don’t offer refunds, but I’m open to restructuring sessions to meet your needs.

Is Wayfinder Life Coaching A Good Fit?

If you identify with the list on the right AND my words resonate with your soul, I invite you to apply for coaching. If you identify with the list on the left, Wayfinder life coaching is not going to be the right fit for you.

It won't be a good fit if..

It may be a good fit if...

My Current Coaching Offers

Payment Plans & partial scholarships are available


Single 60-min. session. Use for coaching, visioning, or to just pick my brain.


6 x 60-min. sessions scheduled within 6 months. Payment plan available.


Please review the Q&As below. If you don’t see your question, drop me a line at [email protected]. I’ll do my best to respond within 1 business day.

OMG YES!!! Many of the humans I serve don’t have a “big” problem they’re looking to solve. Some areas we can explore could include: getting intimate with your soul (well, that’s a given!), deepening your connection with the sacred, visioning, becoming more resilient and resourceful, mentoring…like, let’s talk!

Yes! In fact, it’s required for first-time potential clients who are interested in purchasing a package.

Yes! While I love Zoom, there is something deeply intimate contained within the nuances of chatting on the phone. Let’s discuss!

And, if you live in Chicago and want to travel to me for in-person sessions, we can discuss this during our discovery call.

My current rates and payment options are listed in the coaching + mentoring application.

I do offer limited partial scholarship opportunities. These are intended to make coaching accessible to those who would not otherwise have the means to pay for coaching. 

To be considered for a scholarship, please first complete my coaching application (there’s a box to check to request a scholarship application). Thank you!

Yes! Actually, this is an area that I’m very excited about. It’s the very thing that I was looking for when I signed with my first coach.

Yes! If my work resonates with you and you’d like to work with me, please apply. This goes for anyone, regardless of your pronouns.