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Wayfinder Coaching

Trust your soul to guide you home

Wayfinder life coaching for highly sensitive, purpose-driven women

Sister, something deep within you knows that you were put here on Earth to serve humanity in a way that brings you deep joy and fulfillment. Maybe your service is through your vocation, parenting, volunteer work, or simply a joyful life.

I don’t know your specific path, but your soul does. As a Wayfinder Coach, I’m here to help you get clear on what you were put here to do, chart your course, and overcome obstacles so that you can actualize your soul’s mission. 

Have you believed the lie?

That you don’t have a purpose…or your purpose is a label or job title.

That you’re in some way broken or deficient.

That the gurus and authority figures are more trustworthy than your own inner guide.

That life happens to you rather than for you.

That your external circumstances shape your reality.

Wayfinding involves unraveling your lifelong conditioning that’s kept you believing this bs so that you can live in glorious alignment with your true Self.

What do you want?​

To actualize your potential?

To know without a doubt whether you should stay…or leave?

To feel happy and peaceful instead of resentful and stressed?

To find out what your soul’s purpose is?

To gain the courage to pursue your dreams?

To stop people-pleasing…without guilt?

These are some of the wants that women like you have brought to Wayfinder Coaching.

Is Wayfinder Coaching for you?

Purpose & Destiny

Need help seeing what truly wants to be birthed by you…your purpose, your destiny, what you’re being called to do? Worksheets and assessments rarely help, but wayfinding will.

What's Possible

Can’t fathom how you can possibly fulfill your soul’s calling when you have real world responsibilities? The wayfinder acts despite the lies its mind creates about what’s possible.

"Normal" problems

Forget the existential stuff! Feel stuck in your current circumstances…like a job you hate or a relationship that’s not working? Again, wayfinding’s your ticket to a glorious life.

Peace is your Soul's home

& integrity unlocks the door.


Client Love

Investment & Availability

Total investment


2 openings

(Available mid-June)

One payment of


2 spots

(Available now)

All Clients Receive:

Direct Access To Powerful self-coaching tools to amplify your results

Light Breath work and/or meditation to begin your session(s)

Limited Email + Voxer Support + reflection between sessions

How it works:

1. You apply

Wayfinders: apply for coaching. [Pathfinders: purchase session.]

2. We Connect

Wayfinders: we’ll hop on a call to explore whether we vibe. Then >>

3. You Decide

You’ll decide…and there’s no pressure to do so during our call.

Are you ready + Willing

to live in integrity w/your soul?

Client Love

What's Possible As The Result Of Our Work:

You get to the root of why you people-please.

You learn who you are, what your purpose is (if you’re seeking it).

You reclaim agency over your own life.

You make decisions that others don’t always support, and you’re okay with that.

You feel inspired and purpose-driven.

You reside in a state of peace.

You make changes that you’ve been avoiding: renegotiating a relationship, leaving a job, starting a business, WHATEVER! 

You show up in the world from a place of service and love (seriously).

You practice radical self-care.

This is BIG: you stop settling in your life.

You come to not only trust and follow your inner guide, but you come to rely on it.

You live a soul-aligned, fulfilling AF life. It doesn’t get any better than this!

What's The Cost Of NOT Taking Action?

You stay stuck.

You continue to (barely) tolerate your job.

You feel resigned to the hand you’ve been dealt.

You continue to self-medicate…with substances, shopping, food, or screens.

You remain unfulfilled, unhappy, and unsatisfied.

Your friendships remain surface-level and don’t inspire growth.

You keep telling yourself that you’ll start…tomorrow.

Client Love

Hey, beautiful sister!

My Name's Kristi

Ever since I had a spiritual awakening following a nearly successful suicide attempt (circa 1996), I’ve felt the call to listen to and honor my soul. This has undergone many iterations over the past 25+ years and today it’s about helping others change the trajectory of their lives & feel fulfilled, purpose-driven, & wildly alive.

I’ve been immersed in personal development & spiritual growth since the late ’90s, which led me to do things like study yoga, sacred circling, ceremonial cacao, & life coaching under one of the world’s greatest teachers.

My soul’s work is to help you access your innate wisdom and overcome your cultural conditioning so that you can reclaim agency over your life, make soul-aligned decisions with ease, and resolve your problems with peace.

My Refund Policy + Guarantee

I guarantee to show up, be fully present, and hold space for you. To coach you powerfully, to the best of my ability. I do not guarantee specific results. You’ll get out of coaching what you put into it. Aha! moments and breakthroughs are bound to happen, but lasting change requires a commitment to “doing the work” and your own readiness to change at a soul level. Are you game?

Your progress and satisfaction are very important to me. So is my time (and yours). I don’t offer refunds, but I’m open to restructuring sessions to meet your needs.

Is Wayfinder Coaching A Good Fit?

It won't be a good fit if..

It may be a good fit if...


Please review the Q&As below. If you don’t see your question, drop me a line at [email protected]. I’ll do my best to respond within 1 business day.

I’m a Martha Beck-certified Wayfinder Life Coach, and my approach is heavily influenced by my training. The primary objective is to live in integrity with our souls, and we use our bodies as gauges.

I also evaluate where you’re at in the Change Cycle so that our work is appropriate. For example, if you’re feeling completely lost, we’re not going to launch into setting big goals for your future. To my knowledge, the Change Cycle is something that my mentor developed and is therefore not something coaches who were trained elsewhere are likely using.

My favorite part about my coaching style – and what really sets me apart from many other coaches – is that I emphasize practices and rituals to help you connect more deeply with your soul. Maybe we’ll take a walk together (virtually or in-person) instead of sitting behind our computers. Maybe we’ll breathe together…or move through a few nourishing yoga poses or do a journeying meditation or walk through a thorough body scan or drink sacred Mama Cacao or…

Yes! While I love Zoom, there is something deeply intimate contained within the nuances of chatting on the phone. Let’s discuss!

And, if you live in Chicago and want to travel to me for in-person sessions, we can discuss this during our discovery call.

Yes! Actually, this is an area that I’m very excited about. It’s the very thing that I was looking for when I signed with my first coach.

If my work resonates with you and you’d like to work with me, please apply. This goes for anyone, regardless of your pronouns.