Disclaimer #1: if you’re a fantastic coach who doesn’t believe in or identify with unicorns, please ignore this post’s title. It’s nothing personal.

*Disclaimer #2: it was brought to my attention that in some circles, a “unicorn” is also a reference for a woman who joins an established couple in the bedroom. Or something like that. Perhaps that explains some of the message requests that I’ve been fielding on Instagram! Ha. Anyway and in the event that it needs to be stated, “unicorn” services are not included in any of my coaching offers. So don’t ask.🦄

Disclaimers aside, let me introduce myself. 

Hi! My name is Kristi, and I’m a transformative life coach. 

My purpose is to help successful women like you create lives filled with abundance and purpose. 

A sampling of my credentials includes:

  • Dropping out of college four times and graduate school once.
  • Getting knocked up from breaking up sex.
  • Nearly dying by suicide on my 20th birthday.
  • Going bankrupt.
  • Losing two jobs.
  • Failing at the marriage thing. Twice.
  • Getting sued.

Oh and by the way, I’m currently self-employed. But, that’s because I quit my job two weeks ago and not because I have more clients than I can handle, just begging me to take them on. (Yet – if I learned anything at my last job, it was to maintain a growth mindset.)

If the above hasn’t convinced you of how awesome a life coach I must be, reading one of my 3,000 word yawn-inducing tutorial-style posts ought to do it.

Which leads me to pose a very important question:


Self-deprecating humor aside, I have a hunch that it’s because I continually show up with integrity and vulnerability.

My life is anything but enlightened. 

But, it has been unconventional and – dare I say – courageous. 

My own coach has even called me a unicorn. More than once. I’ll take that!

Now, back to my story…

You see, two weeks ago I quit a “good” corporate job that was aligned with my strengths and paid me relatively well, but that “good” job wasn’t aligned with my soul. That “good” job I had – where I worked for a “good” boss at a “good” company and did “good” work was killing my health. And, my sanity.

So, I quit this “good” job without having any guarantees that I’d be able to replace that “good” income…despite having a paltry bank account balance. Yikes!

It was a decision that some probably called idiotic. But to me, there is nothing more courageous or liberating than doing what your soul calls you to do, despite immense societal pressure to do otherwise.

In my case, I’d been doing something that I was good at – data analysis – work that was in my zone of excellence. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please pick up a copy of Gay Hendrick’s book “The Big Leap”). But I was miserable because building kick-ass spreadsheets isn’t my zone of genius.

My soul expected more from me. She had for years and had given me ample opportunities to follow my calling. When I failed to heed her guidance, she finally said fuck it – I’ve got to get your attention somehow!

And by God, she did. My hair fell out at an alarming rate. I developed debilitating shoulder pain with no known cause or fix. And, I nearly had a mental breakdown.

All because I was doing work in my zone of excellence rather than my zone of genius.

My zone of genius is holding powerful space for women and helping them see what they currently cannot.

It’s the most amazing work in the world, and the best part is that the less guru-like I am and the more I just show up without agenda to whatever presents itself, the better I am at my job.

Being a unicorn helps, too, since it helps me to see possibilities that others can’t.

Women who work with me aren’t looking for a guru, a know-it-all-teacher. They aren’t even looking for a mentor.

That’s because they’ve experienced that the most powerful insights by far come from deep within themselves. I ask questions. I hold space. Aha! moments happen. Rinse and repeat.

What matters isn’t whether my life followed a linear path of success but rather whether I can show up for my clients as a catalyst to help them change their own lives.

Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve been told that I’m pretty damn good at it.

If you’d like to explore coaching with me, click here to view my offerings.

Sending you peace, love, and tremendous gratitude.