Transformative Life Coaching

Are you ready to make the impact that you were put on this earth to make?

You’ve followed the rules, achieved success, and gained the respect of your peers. And yet, an extraordinary, soul-aligned life filled with peace, purpose, and fulfillment eludes you. Why?

You're here for a purpose, and your heart knows this deeply.

But, is the life you’ve created a reflection of your heart’s true calling? Did you instead follow society’s formula for success or cave into familial pressures? 

Are limiting paradigms or beliefs blocking you from living an authentic, fulfilling, and soul-aligned life?

What if you chose to honor your heart’s calling, despite your fears? Think it’s impossible? Consider the alternative. As your days draw to an end, will you look back on your life with painful regret or profound inner peace?

What if you honored your calling?

You have a purpose that’s unique to you and your gifts. But instead of fulfilling your higher calling, have you been living your life for others? And have you been sacrificing your inner peace and integrity along the way? If you have, has the tradeoff been worth it?

Do you think that it’s too late to change the trajectory of your life? That by honoring your path you’ll create chaos within your family, sacrifice your financial stability, or lose the respect of your peers? Do you feel torn?

"Kristi is a beacon of light helping to guide you along when there may be darkness, confusion or lack of clarity."

Kristi holds a compassionate space for her clients. She listens deeply, reflects what you explored back to you and she asks for more detail in the spirit of someone who cares deeply and wants the best for you.

She is relatable, grounded in her own spiritual practices and she invites you to explore your own circumstances more deeply. I was able to come away from our sessions with a renewed perspective, a sense of hope and personal agency for making decisions or taking actions moving forward. Kristi is a beacon of light helping to guide you along when there may be darkness, confusion or lack of clarity.


You're not alone.

I've spent my life navigating this path.

Not living my dharma (soul’s purpose) has caused me tremendous pain throughout my life, and I’ve responded to this pain in a variety of unconventional ways.

From attempting suicide to dropping out of college to choosing homelessness. From becoming an activist to participating in sacred Indigenous sweat lodge ceremonies to herding sheep for a Diné elder. From hopping freight trains to becoming a union spy to being recruited by the CIA. From getting multiple college degrees to walking on red-hot coals to completing 500 hours of yoga teacher training. And most recently, from leaving a stable “good” job that caused me intense psychosomatic pain to creating a life coaching practice.

I knew that I had a purpose, but I ignored the signs. It took working with a coach and enrolling in Martha Beck’s life coach training for me to finally embrace my purpose and muster up the courage to fulfill it. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been worth it.

Peace and fulfillment come from living in integrity with your purpose.

What if you Made the impact that you were put on this earth to make?

What if you discovered your soul’s purpose and created a plan to fulfill it? What if you lived in alignment with your calling while bravely setting boundaries? What if you came to find humor in your limiting beliefs and watched as their death grip withered away? What if residing in a place of profound peace came naturally to you? What if your paradigm became soul-aligned and you experienced a profound shift in being?

Imagine feeling fulfilled each and every day, knowing that you’re doing your life’s work. Imagine the impact you’ll make once you gain clarity of your path and purpose. Imagine having the tools to tap into your innate wisdom at any moment. Imagine the joy you’ll feel and how your life will change when you start living in alignment with who you truly are. Imagine this work getting easier…and being so worth it!

before Coaching...

after Coaching...

Transformative Life Coaching

Your life has the potential to change powerfully if you’re willing to do the work. I only work with those who are committed to investing in themselves, doing paradigm-shifting work, and fulfilling their potential. Those who yearn to be of service to the world. Are you one of them?

Two Ways To Work With Me 1:1

I currently offer two ways to work with me 1-on-1. Regardless of which offering you choose, we’ll use tools that are most appropriate for your circumstances and our time together. 

Potential tools include: a transformative coaching approach, guided meditation and/or body scan, “turtle” (action) steps based on where you’re at in the change cycle, dream and/or body and/or symbol analysis, thought work to tackle limiting beliefs, boundary-setting mentoring, EFT (“tapping”), my own method for discovering your unique dharma, and so much more. 

The Wayfinder

Ongoing 1:1 Coaching

This is my signature offer and is perfect for you if you’re seeking ongoing coaching, support, and accountability. It’s also perfect if you’ve already done The Deep-Dive and want to keep going. Click here for details.

The Deep Dive

Half-Day 1:1 Intensive

We’ll do a deep-dive into whatever led you to this offering. We’ll tap into your innate wisdom, work through your limiting beliefs, and craft a plan for you to take powerful action. Or, we’ll dive deeper and do some truly transformation work at your level of being. This is a great option if you’re dealing with a multi-faceted issue that you’d like to spend some serious time with in one sitting or if you’re ready to take serious action and don’t need ongoing accountability. Click here for details. 

Direct Access To Powerful tools

Zoom Recording (optional)

(for ongoing 1:1)

Email & Telegram Support

Transformative Life coaching Offerings

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One-time payment of*


One-time payment of*


*These are very low, introductory rates. Availability at these rates is extremely limited.

Feedback from my sisters


“I am fortunate to be able to get coached by Kristi on multiple issues and situations. Kristi is extremely patient and gentle while guiding me through every single session. I feel completely safe sharing my concerns, questions, and problems with her. 

After each and every session, I have walked away with a new insight or more clarity or peace. I truly appreciate her presence and intuitive guidance during coaching sessions. I would recommend working with Kristi if you are interested in getting real results.”

— Nirali Dubal, MD, MPH

What was going on for you before our coaching session?

I was struggling with fear of failure.

What was your experience during our coaching session?

Kristi walked me through some tools to use when I begin to feel like this. She was knowledgeable and caring. She could see the affects of the tools as we were going through them.

Did you have any insights, aha! moments, or other internal shifts as a result of our coaching session?

Those fears will always be there. It’s what I do with them that counts. Not allowing them to rule choices, but using the tools I have to make decisions based on truth, not what my mind has made up.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience?

I love meeting with Kristi!! She has a sweet calm presence that instantly makes me feel at ease. She’s knowledgeable but also leads me to the answers that are within myself.


“I look forward to my sessions with Kristi. She’s a great listener and asks powerful questions. Kristi allows me to think through the situation being worked on in the session, and helps me come up with new and creative solutions. I love partnering with her in our sessions. Her kindness and instincts shine during our discussions. It’s always a pleasure.”

— Sylvia Cortes, Wayfinder Life Coach In Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the Q&As below. If you don’t see your question, drop me a line at [email protected]. I’ll do my best to respond within 1 business day.

Absolutely! If you’re interested in ongoing coaching, please complete the application (click the apply now button) and if I believe that we’re a potential fit, I’ll invite you to schedule a discovery session.

If you’re ONLY interested in a single-day intensive, please click here to schedule a call. Please DO NOT use this link if you are interested in ongoing coaching. Thanks!

If you’re applying for ongoing coaching and would like to pay in installments, please indicate this in your application. 

I do not offer payment plans for single day intensives.

First, there are different types of coaching, but most (including life coaching) tend to be transactional.

As a life coach, my job is primarily to partner with you to achieve some objective. To this end and using a transactional approach, I’ll ask you powerful questions and use other coaching tools to help you uncover what you need from our sessions. But we’re not focused on shifting your way of being or adopting a new paradigm. In many ways, what you ask for is what you get.

For example, if you’re trying to lose weight and want to create a “fool-proof” plan for doing so, we might discover that you have a limiting belief that dieting “just doesn’t work for you” or that you “can’t stop eating when you’re stressed.” With your permission, we’d use inquiry to dismantle those beliefs and replace them with more empowering ones. Then, we’d identify what my teacher (Martha Beck) calls “turtle steps” to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

As a transformative life coach, I’m still partnering with you to achieve some objective. But, instead of breaking out a bunch of cool coaching tools or asking powerful AF questions, we’re going to dive deep. The objective you bring to our session provides us with context for deeply exploring the gap between who you are and who you need to become in order to bring your objective to life. The transformative element is uncovering what it will take for you to bridge the gap and embody the person you’ve decided to become.

Let’s revisit our example – that you’re trying to lose weight and want to create a “fool-proof” plan for doing so. With your permission, we’ll explore what’s driving your desire beyond the surface level; beyond the “I want to look good in a bikini” or “I want to feel healthier” reasons. Through inquiry and an exceptionally deep level of holding space, a shift in being comes about.* Limiting beliefs dissolve on their own without the usual coaching tools. A commitment to becoming the person who embodies a healthier relationship with food occurs, and through this commitment your objective has been reached.

*Important note: a shift in being cannot be forced or guaranteed to happen. My job as a transformative life coach is to help facilitate this shift…if it’s ready to happen. If it’s not, we’ll simply employ a more transactional approach during the current session.

First, know that I’m here to meet you where you’re at. While I love and often gravitate towards transformative work, I also know that it’s neither for everyone nor is it the most sensical approach to use in many situations.

During our discovery call, we’ll get a better sense of whether we’re a good fit for each other. That is why it’s a required step for working with me!

Just keep in mind that we’ll always partner together throughout our coach-client relationship. And, that I’ll always ask for your permission before I break out a specific tool or approach.

Beyond the initial free session, and The Deep-Dive offering, I do not offer single sessions.

Regardless of which (if any) gender you identify with, if this site and my offerings resonate deeply with you and you’d like to explore working with me, please submit an application! 

My Refund Policy + Guarantee

I guarantee to show up, be present, and hold space for you. To coach you powerfully, to the best of my ability. That being said, you will get out of coaching what you put into it. Aha! moments and breakthroughs are bound to happen, but lasting change and especially shifts in being require commitment to “doing the work”. Are you game?

Your progress and satisfaction are very important to me. So is my time (and yours!). I don’t offer refunds, but I’m open to restructuring sessions to meet your needs.

Is Transformative life coaching for me?

This May Be perfect for you if:

This is NOT for you if:

Meet your coach

Peace, Radiant Spirit!
My Name's Kristi.

I worked with a mentor weekly for seven years. She held space for me. She saw me, heard me, cried and celebrated with me. She didn’t see me as broken. She helped me by listening, sharing her experience, strength, and hope, and supporting me when I did hard things. Through this beautiful soul, I learned how and felt called to hold space for other women. Since then, enrolling in a coach training program and working with my own coach have been two of my greatest investments.

If you’d like to learn more about me, please check out my About page, Media page, or My Story posts.