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Work with me & I'll help you...

Meet Your truth (hint: it's love)

Whether you need a sounding board, help healing a toxic AF resentment, or highly personalized themed yoga, I’ve got you covered. My offerings are like a Venn diagram for your soul.

woman with yoga mat

Meet Your Soul on Your Mat Yoga™

This is NOT your typical yoga class

Highly targeted theme-based, trauma-sensitive yoga that connects your soul to your practice & stays with you AFTER you roll up your mat. 

Adi Shakti, Founder of SoulWork

"She's called to be the practitioner's teacher."

I loved the theme [of her yoga class] and how she was really ‘living it’ as she shared her story. Her vibe was informed and wise, and I could feel her vulnerability. I feel that she’s called to be the practitioner’s teacher.

Holding Space

NOT your typical life coaching

This is like your life coach*, best friend, & fur baby all rolled up into one person – ME!! These are currently offered as single sessions & are highly targeted to meet you where you’re at. Need a shoulder to cry on from an empathetic soul who’s removed from the situation? Need a kick in the ass because your life kinda sucks and you’re finally ready to take ownership of it? Love this site & want to learn how I customized it myself (yep)? Whatever you need, I’m here for you and ready to hold space for you.

women holding space