Sacred Coaching

Where Spirituality, ritual, and
Life coaching Intersect

You are an embodiment of the sacred. If you feel stuck, unfulfilled, or called to fulfill a higher purpose, sacred coaching can help you gain clarity, connect with your soul, and facilitate profound shifts in BEing so that you can powerfully transform both your life and the world.

Are you ready to make the impact that you were born to make?

Your life has immense meaning, and despite spending years conforming to cultural paradigms, something deep inside of you is stirring to come forward. To be seen. To do the work that you’re being called to do in this lifetime.

You’re now being summoned by either your soul or the collective soul of humanity to courageously emerge from the shadows without apology and fulfill your unique expression of your purpose. To embrace the sacred woman – the goddess – that you are, for the benefit of the world. Rise, sister.

What if you honored your soul?

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You have a purpose that’s unique to you. And, you were NOT put on this earth to merely survive as a cog in a soul-sucking life machine! But instead of fulfilling your soul’s calling, have you been sacrificing your inner peace and integrity for others? Are you putting your best life on hold until…? Until what, sister?

Do you feel stuck or trapped? That by honoring your calling you’ll upend your life? The truth is that you might! But isn’t living out of integrity with your soul far more painful?

"Her voice was a divine guidance inside my body and heart allowing me to create a new healthy story within me."

“My coaching session with Kristi was powerful, beautiful and peaceful. During my coaching session, she guided me to scan my body in a way I never experienced before. Her voice traveled inside my body connecting me with an important emotion I was needing to feel; a stuck childhood trauma that has been extremely heavy and painful in my life. I felt safe with Kristi thanks to her loving and compassionate presence.

Her connection, patience, and safe space allowed me to see and feel how that event has been affecting my life and health. Her voice was a divine guidance inside my body and heart allowing me to create a new healthy story within me. She always brings to my sessions a heart full of compassion and dedication to help me create a positive change. She is a coach with a sweet and loving heart with the power to transform a painful emotion into peace.”

— Ritvika Radha Devi

You're not alone.

I've spent my life navigating this path.

Not living my dharma (soul’s purpose) has caused me tremendous pain throughout my life.

From attempting suicide to dropping out of college to choosing homelessness. From becoming an activist to participating in sacred Indigenous sweat lodge ceremonies to herding sheep for a Diné elder. From hopping freight trains to becoming a union spy to being recruited by the CIA. From getting multiple college degrees to walking on red-hot coals to completing 500 hours of yoga teacher training. And most recently, from leaving a stable “good” job that caused me intense pain.

Embracing rituals that keep me deeply nourished, connecting with the sacred, and working with a coach have truly transformed my life, and they have the power to transform yours as well. 

Peace and fulfillment come from living in integrity with your purpose.

Imagine how your life would change if you lived in integrity with your purpose.

What if you definitively knew what your soul’s purpose was and embraced it? What if your entire life became an expression of your purpose? What if you came to experience life from a place of mesmerizing wonder? (Because that’s what happens when you nurture the sacred.) What if being at profound peace was your natural state? What if your paradigm became soul-aligned and you experienced a profound shift in BEing?

Imagine feeling fulfilled each and every day, knowing that you’re doing your life’s work. Imagine the impact you’ll make once you gain clarity of your path and purpose. Imagine having the tools to tap into your innate wisdom at any moment. Imagine the joy you’ll feel and how your life will change when you start living in alignment with who you truly are. Imagine the ripple effect that your transformation will have on others.

before Sacred Coaching...

after Sacred Coaching...

All Of My Clients Receive:

Direct Access To Powerful self-coaching tools

Choice of ceremony, ritual, or practice (optional)

Whatsapp or Voxer Support Between Sessions

Here's What Happens When You Apply

Check your email

I’ll respond to your inquiry within 1-2 business days.

Schedule Your Call

I’ll email you a scheduling link or schedule with you via WhatsApp.

We Meet

We have a conversation & see if our energies work!

What Happens As The Result Of Our Work

Your life changes.
Your way of BEing changes.
Your heart cracks open and your light shines bright.

You see things about yourself that were previously hidden.
Things that have kept you from experiencing your own brilliance.

You learn who you are.
You deepen the relationship you have with yourself.
You create new connections with soul sisters.

You reinvent areas of your life that are craving transformation.
You leave or renegotiate or set boundaries in relationships that aren’t working.
You move…or maybe you stay.
You transition careers.
Or quit.
Or stay, with adjustments.

You honor your calling.
You live with purpose and intention.
Your entire way of BEing shifts, and your outside BEcomes a reflection of your inside.

You feel empowered to be seen, without apology.
You own your beautiful uniqueness, quirkiness, and soul expression.

You lean into uncertainty with grace, curiosity, and maybe even appreciation.
You seek out opportunities to turn hardships into gifts, gifts that spark genuine gratitude.

You come home.
You feel more alive.
You live in perpetual peace.
You experience the sacredness of life.
You rise.

Feedback from my sisters


“Kristi Amdahl is a gem of a healer and teacher… and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I have been going through significant professional trauma, so she did a body scan to help me get in touch with where and how the pain was manifesting in my body. In just a short session, she helped free me of carrying this weight in my lower back, stomach, shoulders, and hips–enabling me to let go and trust that I have the fortitude and strength to move forward. She truly restored my faith in my ability to overcome adversity.

Her compassion, insight, and talents are unmatched.  Do yourselves a favor and schedule with her today.”
— Courtnery Wennerstrom, Director of Content, American Association of Pet Parents

“I am fortunate to be able to get coached by Kristi on multiple issues and situations. Kristi is extremely patient and gentle while guiding me through every single session. I feel completely safe sharing my concerns, questions, and problems with her.

After each and every session, I have walked away with a new insight or more clarity or peace. I truly appreciate her presence and intuitive guidance during coaching sessions. I would recommend working with Kristi if you are interested in getting real results.”

— Nirali Dubal, MD, MPH

“Kristi holds a compassionate space for her clients. She listens deeply, reflects what you explored back to you and she asks for more detail in the spirit of someone who cares deeply and wants the best for you.

She is relatable, grounded in her own spiritual practices and she invites you to explore your own circumstances more deeply. I was able to come away from our sessions with a renewed perspective, a sense of hope and personal agency for making decisions or taking actions moving forward. Kristi is a beacon of light helping to guide you along when there may be darkness, confusion or lack of clarity.”

After each and every session, I have walked away with a new insight or more clarity or peace. I truly appreciate her presence and intuitive guidance during coaching sessions. I would recommend working with Kristi if you are interested in getting real results.”

— Marisa Colón

What was going on for you before our coaching session?

I was struggling with fear of failure.

What was your experience during our coaching session?

Kristi walked me through some tools to use when I begin to feel like this. She was knowledgeable and caring. She could see the affects of the tools as we were going through them.

Did you have any insights, aha! moments, or other internal shifts as a result of our coaching session?

Those fears will always be there. It’s what I do with them that counts. Not allowing them to rule choices, but using the tools I have to make decisions based on truth, not what my mind has made up.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience?

I love meeting with Kristi!! She has a sweet calm presence that instantly makes me feel at ease. She’s knowledgeable but also leads me to the answers that are within myself.


“I look forward to my sessions with Kristi. She’s a great listener and asks powerful questions. Kristi allows me to think through the situation being worked on in the session, and helps me come up with new and creative solutions. I love partnering with her in our sessions. Her kindness and instincts shine during our discussions. It’s always a pleasure.”

— Sylvia Cortes, Wayfinder Life Coach In Training

What It's Like To Work With Me

During our discovery call, we’ll partner to identify the ceremony, ritual, or sacred practice that will inform the exact structure of our sessions.

As for your sessions, maybe you have an ongoing area of focus, or maybe you come to each with something new.

We’ll begin our coaching piece by identifying what you’d like to work through that day and what you’d love to take away from the session.

Maybe that’s an action plan.
Maybe that’s clarity.
Maybe that’s dreaming and scheming.
Maybe that’s simply to be witnessed.
Maybe that’s something else.

We’ll create a sacred coaching container.

I’ll ask you questions. You’ll do most of the talking.

I’ll hold powerful space for you, interjecting sometimes.

Maybe we’ll do some guided journeying together.
Maybe we’ll time travel to offer support and love to your younger self.
Maybe we’ll time travel to meet your older self – your wise woman.

I may challenge you gently but powerfully, and always from a trauma-sensitive approach.

But, I’ll encourage you to lean into the discomfort that’s bound to arise.

If transformation seems imminent, I may seek your permission to create a special container for it to occur. Or, we may just go with the flow.

Transformations are interesting, and each is unique.
It’s not a transformation if the underlying change doesn’t stick.
Your transformation may require absolute stillness at just the right moment.
Your transformation may require dissolving limiting beliefs through inquiry.
Your transformation may require significant debrief or nearly none.
We’ll work with whatever arises.

Many sessions aren’t transformative. This is completely normal and not indicative of any sort of failing.

We’re not always looking to transform our lives. And even when we are, transformation will come when it’s ready to be birthed.

So, our sessions will conclude with the closing of our sacred coaching container and a debrief.

Just a note that it’s important to me to respect both your time and mine, and therefore sessions will begin and end promptly.

If we agree that extending the session would be in our highest interest (and we have the capacity to do so), we’ll do just that.

You’ll also be invited to receive limited, between-session support from me via a messaging app between sessions.

And, I’ll invite you to reflect on how you’ll integrate the insights you’ve received into your daily life, your way of BEing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the Q&As below. If you don’t see your question, drop me a line at [email protected]. I’ll do my best to respond within 1 business day.

Anyone who’s considering working with me must first apply for a discovery call. During your call we’ll explore whether we’re a good fit for each other and your level of commitment to doing this work (because sometimes – no judgment! – we just aren’t able to).

Yes! Calls via phone (US only), WhatsApp, and FaceTime all work for me. 

My current minimum rates are listed in the discovery call request form.

Yes, with the caveat that all coaching is effectively pre-paid. We can discuss payment plan options that work for your circumstances during our discovery call.

Coaching is often transactional, which basically means that the client comes with an issue and the coach helps them map out a course of action. This may be extremely helpful, but it doesn’t inspire a lasting change in terms of how the client shows up in the world.

At the other end of the coaching continuum, there is transformative coaching. This is where sustained life-changing shifts in BEing occur.

Somewhere between these two ends of the coaching continuum lies the kind of coaching that produces aha! moments and breakthroughs that result in powerful change. But, these changes aren’t always permanent. Clients may get caught up in a loop where they find themselves revisiting some variation of the same problem over and over again, wondering why they can’t seem to make lasting change. 

Sacred coaching is a term that (to my knowledge) I’ve coined and extends past the transformative end of the coaching continuum. As a sacred coach, I’m a conduit for helping you to connect deeply to the sacredness of your BEing and then doing our coaching work together from this powerful space.

During our discovery call, we’ll discuss the different modalities I offer and which are most aligned with where you’re currently at in terms of the change cycle and your tastes and preferences.

We’ll integrate this (these) agreed modality (modalities) into our sessions – the exact placement will depend on the modality. As a result of this work, you’re likely to experience heightened mental clarity, deeper connection with your spirit, and/or greater feelings of love and Oneness with life. Receiving coaching from this place can be profound. 

First, know that there’s no one-size-fits-all for this kind of work. For those who want to experience sacred coaching but are soooo not into anything remotely spiritual, we can open our sessions with breath work or a basic meditation that just gets you grounded in your body. It doesn’t have to be all mystical and woo!

Second, I’m here to meet you where you’re at. If you want to skip this stuff altogether and focus exclusively on (non-sacred) coaching, no worries!

Yes! Regardless of your gender or pronouns, if this site and my offerings resonate deeply with you and you’d like to explore working with me, please submit an application! 

My Refund Policy + Guarantee

I guarantee to show up, be present, and hold space for you. To coach you powerfully, to the best of my ability. That being said, you will get out of coaching what you put into it. Aha! moments and breakthroughs are bound to happen, but lasting change and especially shifts in BEing require commitment to “doing the work” and your own readiness at a soul level. Are you game?

Your progress and satisfaction are very important to me. So is my time (and yours). I don’t offer refunds, but I’m open to restructuring sessions to meet your needs.

My name's Kristi.

Peace, Beautiful Sister!

I worked with a mentor – my first (unofficial) coach – weekly for seven years. She held space for me. She saw me, heard me, cried and celebrated with me. She didn’t see me as broken. She helped me by listening, sharing her experience, strength, and hope, and supporting me when I did hard things. Through this beautiful soul, I learned how and felt called to hold space for other women. I’ve since followed my soul’s whispers to study under one of the greatest teachers in existence to become a coach myself.

Now, I help women who feel restless, stuck, or unfulfilled – women who feel like they’re being summoned to fulfill some higher purpose – facilitate profound shifts in BEing using a blend of ritual, ceremony, or other practices with transformative coaching so that they can create the powerful and lasting transformations that their souls crave.

If you’d like to learn more about me, please check out my About page, Media page, or My Story posts.