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Meet Your Essential Self (Meditation, PDF, + EFT)

Your Body Compass
(Ebook + Body Scan)

Compassion Meditation
(Meditation + PDF)

Boundary-Setting Guide

Boundary Goddess Quiz
(fun quiz)

Riding the wave
(Short PDF)

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Make the impact you were meant to make

Transformative Life Coaching


I’m here to help you understand your unique calling and create the impact that you were put here on this earth to make. To help you work through your beliefs and thoughts that keep you stuck so that you can instead create a deeply inspired and purpose-driven life. To help you set boundaries, navigate complicated relationships, and catalyze radical transformations.

Experience the power of holding space

Sacred Sister Circles


Holding space is one of the most powerful ways that we humans can show up for each other and is an antidote for the constant disconnection that we experience in our lives. It’s in these sacred circles where we hold deep space for – where we truly see and hear – our sisters.

All sacred circles are live, and most are conducted via Zoom. Please click the button below to learn about and register for current and future circling opportunities. Please note that in most cases, these sacred circles require at least 4 participants and are capped at 12.

for coaches, yoga teachers, + healers

Website Audits

$150 - $225 (SALE PRICE)

Is your website encouraging your ideal clients to book discovery calls, sign up for your list, or engage with you the way you want? If not, it could be because your site is beautiful but confusing or overloaded with information. Or, it could be because it lacks structure, looks too DIY, or is missing key features.

My Site Audit offers provide actionable insights for you to improve your site so that your ideal clients want to engage with your content and take action.