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Kristi's bio

Kristi Amdahl is a Wayfinder life coach, sacred circle facilitator, and cacao carrier. She helps humans who feel restless, stuck, or unfulfilled – those who feel like they’re being summoned to fulfill some higher calling – connect with their souls. From this connection, she helps them overcome their tendency to settle, play small, and people-please so that they can reclaim agency over their lives, make decisions with ease, and create more fulfillment, peace, and purpose in their worlds.

Kristi has completed a BS in economics, extensive postgraduate study in applied economics, and an MPA. She seamlessly weaves breath work, soul-connection practices, and journeying into her coaching approach. Kristi is a certified (Martha Beck) Wayfinder life coach, and she’s received continuing education through the Center for Transformational Coaching, SoulWork, and Lynette Allen. Kristi’s been strongly influenced by her first (unofficial) life coach, who spent seven years guiding her by example on how to hold space, mentor, and coach others.

Kristi lives in Chicago with her boyfriend, their blended family, and two rescue kitties. When she’s not coaching, you can find her meditating, developing spreadsheets, or devoting herself to her own growth.

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Topics that Kristi can speak to

Setting boundaries & ending people-pleasing in Difficult relationships

Unearthing & breathing life into the current expression of your purpose

Connecting with your inner guide & using it to make soul-aligned decisions

Creating a fulfilling, joyful life by swapping victimhood for ownership

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