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Kristi's Bio

Kristi Amdahl is a Chicago-based personal empowerment guide who helps women set boundaries, banish resentments, live life on their own terms, and uncover the gold in their struggles. She’s been on this path since 1996, when she radically changed the trajectory of her life after narrowly surviving a suicide attempt. 

Her approach blends trauma-sensitivity with personal accountability and is influenced by yoga teacher training programs, seven years of mentorship, her intuition, and extensive self-study. She’s also the creator of Meet Your Soul on Your Mat Yoga – a complementary practice for women who seek to connect more deeply with their true nature and/or need help releasing energetic blockages.

Kristi lives with her teenage daughter, boyfriend, his kiddos, and rescue kitties “Killer Del” and “Nicky Boy.” She meditates most days and cultivates unconditional compassion, love, and gratitude towards all beings and situations. You can find her online at KristiAmdahl.com or walking barefoot in Gompers Park near the lagoons.

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Kristi's Expert Topics

Kristi’s expertise comes from her own experiences, extensive work with her mentor/sponsor, intuition, deep introspection, holistic study of yoga, & personal growth trainings she’s attended. Instead of teaching others her “hacks”, she generally shares the wisdom of her own experiences while encouraging her audience to “take what they like and leave the rest.” 

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