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Kristi Amdahl is a personal transformation coach and boundary-setting guide. She helps women who’ve been in toxic, manipulative relationships set boundaries and empathic seekers discover and fulfill their souls’ purposes. 

Kristi is a graduate of SoulWork’s trauma-sensitive 300-hr yoga teacher training, student of Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Life Coach Training, and enthusiastic explorer of the opportunities hidden in life’s greatest challenges.

She’s also a storyteller who draws from 20+ years’ experience engaging with her “spiritual sandpaper” to help her clients establish unwavering boundaries, free themselves from unhealthy connections, and create lifestyles that deeply align with their souls’ purposes.

Kristi lives in Chicago with her boyfriend and his two kiddos, her daughter, and a couple of rescue cats. When she’s not working with clients, you can find her meditating, meandering around the neighborhood lagoons, or laughing at the silly squirrel antics happening at her bird feeders.

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Kristi's expert topics

Helping you design a life that's aligned w/ your Soul's purpose

Overcoming limiting beliefs that Trap you in Toxic relationships

Setting boundaries, especially in toxic, Manipulative relationships

Accessing your inner Compass & using it to guide your life

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