Successful CFA-Turned-Coach Adrienne Grace On Setting Big, Beautiful Goals

Welcome to this episode of the Wayfinder Diaries podcast! Today, mindset and high-performance coach Adrienne Grace and I have a conversation about setting OMG goals. There are so many great nuggets of wisdom here, so I do hope you’ll tune in! Just a quick note that if you enjoy this episode, please subscribe to my podcast and/or YouTube channel and consider leaving me a review. Also, please like the video! Doing these things helps the algorithm so that it can reach a wider audience. Thank you! 

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In this episode, mindset and high-performance coach Adrienne Grace and I talk about goal-setting, her mentor Bob Proctor, and all kinds of “woo” things that you wouldn’t expect to hear from a former VP of sales in the investment world.

Speaking of, Adrienne is a CFA (for all of you non-finance folks, that’s like a gold-standard achievement in the investment management industry) who left her lucrative career to become a coach. Within a year, she built a 6-figure coaching business by applying the principles that she coaches on – a business where she helps her clients set & achieve their own big, beautiful OMG goals.

I hope that you enjoy this episode!

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Kristi Amdahl 0:02
Hi, my name is Kristi Amdahl, and I am the host of the Wayfinder Diaries Podcast. I’m also a life coach, a blogger and a Soul Seeker. This podcast is for anyone who prioritizes living from a place of integrity, regardless of the personal cost. It’s for my sisters who know that they were put on this earth for a reason, even if they don’t yet know what that reason is. And it’s for those who are inspired by stories of personal struggle, perseverance, and transformation. This podcast is my platform for sharing the lessons that I’ve learned throughout my own very unconventional life, and for providing an opportunity for others to do the same. If you’d like to learn more about me apply for life coaching, or be a guest in a future episode, please visit my website at

Kristi Amdahl 1:01
Hi, everybody, Kristi with Wayfinder Diaries. If you’ve spent any time on my website or listened to this podcast before, you’ll know that I’m insanely inspired by people who, when they realize that the life that they’ve been living wasn’t aligned with them, like on a soul level, when they choose a new path as a result. And that’s because it takes courage to trade what I’ll call successful uncertainty or sorry successful certainty for the unknown, but because it often requires setting boundaries with people you care about because it takes a leap of faith that things are going to work out in the end. And so I’m really excited today to have Adrienne on the show. And I wanted to start by reading her bio. Adrienne grace is a mindset and high performance coach, consultant and speaker. She helps high achieving financial sales professionals become leaders in their field, bring in more business with less effort and stress and design a life they love. Adrian spent 16 years in the finance industry as a successful high performing VP of sales and under prestigious CFA designation, the highest distinction in the investment management industry. She is a certified Proctor Gallagher consultant, it was mentored by Bob Proctor, the world’s foremost thought leader on personal performance coaching and mindset. She enjoys speaking to the media about success mindset, the importance of setting goals and the laws of the universe. Adrienne left her successful finance career to start a business that she is passionate about and helped be a change agent in the Financial Services. She was able to hit six figures in under a year and replicated her prior monthly income in month 12 by applying the principles she coaches on.

Kristi Amdahl 2:50
That’s pretty cool. And so before I officially welcome Adrienne on, I need to tell you that she and I met recently to chat about this episode. And even though it wasn’t like a coaching call, I left that conversation feeling inspired. And you know, I had a couple of action items. She was like, What are you doing about this? Or what are you doing about this? And it was like, Oh, my gosh, I had never thought about that. How do you do that? And like I walked away from that conversation with way more than I expected. So anyway, I just I can only imagine what it’s like to be her client. So with that, welcome to the show, Adrienne. So glad you’re here.

Adrienne Grace 3:28
Thanks for having me. And I love hearing that. So glad that you got something out of our last call.

Kristi Amdahl 3:35
I did and it like it push my comfort zone just a little bit, which I think you were aware of when we were talking. But it’s, you know, I’m doing it. So and I’m tweaking and refining it. But yeah, it was a big deal. So I really appreciated that it was kind of like the kick in the butt that I needed. So anyway, I would love to hear a little bit about your backstory, like what were you doing? When did you realize that something wasn’t aligned?

Adrienne Grace 4:03
Yeah. So like you said, in my bio, I worked in finance for 16 years. And the last like seven years, I was in a really high performing sales role. That was just a lot of stress, like, so I was selling mutual funds to financial advisors, and it just required a lot of a lot of demands, and a lot of travel, a lot of entertaining, a lot of presentations, and I was just kind of like, go, go go. And I think I always had somewhat of like an undercurrent of feelings of like unfulfillment or that I was meant for more but I really just squashed a lot of that down. And when you are so busy like in the thick of life, it’s easy to kind of get lost and all that right and not take a minute to pause and breathe and really think about what you want and where you’re going. So when 2020 came and we went into lockdown. And, and I couldn’t travel and I couldn’t be taking clients out and had to really spend some time alone with myself, I realized how unhappy I was in that role and how much it really was taking a toll on me like mentally and physically, and just really was not aligned with what I wanted to do. And so I actually had hired a coach a business coach to like reconnect me to my career that year, because I just was not motivated to do anything. And it did kind of the reverse where I didn’t, I really had to come to come to terms with myself, and that it wasn’t what I wanted to do. And there was nothing that I could do that was going to help me like feel motivated again to do that work.

Adrienne Grace 5:51
So I started thinking about, like, you know, I’d always been interested in coaching, I’d always been interested in like mindset and spirituality and mindfulness and things like that, that is so foreign to the financial services industry. But I was like, Okay, maybe how can I bring this into finance, and I still at that point, didn’t think I was going to leave my job. But then I found the program that I now coach on, which is called Thinking Into Results by Bob Proctor. And I went through that program myself. And that was where, like, the huge transformation really happened for me. And I found the confidence and the conviction through that to just completely leave my job to start my own business. And I feel like, it’s my duty, and I’m on a mission now to share that material with as many people as I can.

Kristi Amdahl 6:40
I love that. I love that. So, so what was it like being in that program?

Adrienne Grace 6:48
So it was scary, actually, right. Because once you realize what you want, then you have to have the courage to go after it. And that’s the scary thing. So I think a lot of times, what I find with a lot of my clients is that people don’t even know what they want, because we don’t allow ourselves to even want it because it seems too big, too unrealistic. And when you don’t know, you don’t have to take action on it once you know and become aware that, you know, that’s really where your heart’s desire is, you’ve got to face that. And and so it was a little scary at first to be like, Wow, am I going to really do this? But also empowering at the same time, because it really helps you realize how much potential we have, and how much we limit ourselves with just our mind.

Kristi Amdahl 7:40
And so how did you do you did, were there any, like, I don’t wanna say tricks. I don’t like that word. But like, were there anything, any specific things that you employed to kind of help you get the courage to take that action to leave your job?

Adrienne Grace 7:54
Well, there’s one whole module in the program called Trampling the Terror Barrier. And and it’s really all about why we feel fear, what it is physically, like in our body, and like how to manage it, and going through that whole process. And when you start to understand, like, what that fear is, why it’s happening in your body, and like the understanding of all that, it actually becomes a lot easier to take the actions that you’re scared of. And to really like just having a different relationship with the fear. And then also just the whole program really helps you develop a deep sense of faith in yourself and in kind of the universe and, and that if you are keeping your mindset, right, that you’re going to be successful no matter what, but you just have to really train your mind. So I just felt like this material was going to if as long as I had it, that that was going to help propel me forward.

Kristi Amdahl 9:05
Ah, is it like a kind of like a snowball effect to when you start taking actions that are scary, like, the more you take that a little bit easier, they get to take…

Adrienne Grace 9:13
100% Yeah. And now I really try to push myself like every week really to do something that’s a little uncomfortable. You know, whether it’s just something small or something bigger, but it definitely becomes easier. The fear doesn’t go away. You just learn to like relate to it in a different way and you learn to almost like get excited about it and be like, okay, like, here it is bumping up against that fear again, like let’s push through it and see what’s on the other side. So it definitely gives you momentum and confidence.

Kristi Amdahl 9:45
You know, that reminds me I saw somewhere. Maybe it was a TED talk. I think it was somebody famous. I can’t remember who now though, was saying that, like anxiety or fear has like a very similar maybe even the same physiological effect is expressed in the same way by the body as excitement and that there might be totally butchering this, but, but it’s just like part of it is about a mindset of your mindset of like how you relate to it. You know, are you fearful? Are you excited? And

Adrienne Grace 10:16
Totally? Yeah, so like Neale Donald Walsch says that fear stands for feeling excited and ready. And I love that.

Kristi Amdahl 10:25
I love that. I want to remember that later. Put on a post-it note. Yeah. And so. So when you coach clients, are you follow it? Like, with Bob Proctor’s program? It’s mostly on goal setting? Is that the gist of it? Or is there a lot more to it?

Unknown Speaker 10:45
It’s definitely a lot more to it. I mean, the goal setting is just foundational, because it really is just about, okay, like, what do you want in your life, what’s your heart’s desire and then reprogramming your mind to achieve it, basically. And so that’s kind of more of the meat of it is like understanding how your mind works, and reprogramming it with what you need to achieve, because most of what I’ve learned is that our subconscious mind is so powerful, and it’s dictating like 96 to 98% of all of our behavior, and our results are driven from our subconscious mind. And so if you want to change, you actually have to change your subconscious mind first. So that’s what it’s all about changing the programming in your subconscious mind. So that you can achieve whatever it is that you want, like that goal that you set.

Kristi Amdahl 11:32
So how do you do that?

Adrienne Grace 11:36
There’s really only two ways that you can reprogram your subconscious mind. One is through emotional impact. And that usually is something negative, it’s like, kind of like something happens and bam, your mindset totally shifts. So that’s usually like, you’re maybe you’re diagnosed with a disease, or you go through a big divorce, or you lose a loved one or something that just totally changes your mindset. And you usually don’t want to wait for that to happen. The other way is through repetition with coaching. So I say with the coaching, because you need that accountability, because you’re just…it’s difficult to do on your own when you’re kind of going through that river of change and feeling uncomfortable, and it gets a little crunchy, and you kind of need somebody to keep guiding you along. But it really is all about repetition of these new concepts. And the things that you want being embedded into your mind over and over and over again.

Kristi Amdahl 12:30
My teacher, Martha Beck, she I don’t think she owns this, or like she created it, but she talks about the change cycle. And it always starts with a catalytic event, which sounds like what you’re talking about, it’s like something happens to do something big, something that’s going to like, things aren’t going to be the same after it happens. And then there’s like a process for working through it.

Adrienne Grace 12:49

Kristi Amdahl 12:52
And so I like somebody questions, and they’re all over the place. Trying to stay a little bit coherent in my head. So, So, when your clients…who are your clients, primarily? And how did they find you?

Adrienne Grace 13:11
Yeah, so mostly my clients are from finance, just because that’s where my network lives, right. So they’re mostly financial sales professionals. But as I’ve kind of been growing my social media presence, and just my network of clients, I’ve been getting more referrals, even like outside of that. So I’ve been I have a bunch of business owners, and some salespeople in other industries. So it’s just more about I really believe that this material can help anyone. But that’s just because of where my network is. That’s where most of my clients have come from. And really a big goal of mine in I always had said this, even before I started this business, like I said, I wanted to bring spirituality and mindfulness into the finance industry. Because I believe it’s an industry that really can use it. Because it is very ego-driven. And so that’s why I love working with people in that field to kind of bring this other level of consciousness to them.

Kristi Amdahl 14:16
So I would love to dive into that. Actually, I knew my there was something there I wanted to talk about, so Okay, so you’re like finance professional. You’re a CFA my boyfriend’s a CFA. I know what that means. It means you studied really hard doing it’s like a gold standard for your industry. And, and you also seem to have a bit of woo in you. If that if that maybe not the right word, but there’s it’s it’s just there’s two things that just don’t seem to you don’t seem to like you. They don’t seem to go hand in hand. So how do you how do you bring that the spirituality, the that sort of stuff into your coaching?

Adrienne Grace 15:00
Yeah, I love that question. Because for a long time when I worked in finance, I never expressed that part of myself, right. And I always felt like, and that was why it wasn’t aligned with with who I was because I was being somebody totally different when I was in my finance career. And I felt like I needed to be this like hard charger go getter, I needed to like fit in with the boys club and be a certain way. And it was very inauthentic. Once I started, even when actually when I started my business, and I started talking to people about this stuff, I didn’t really talk about kind of the woowoo stuff. And I didn’t really I was hesitant to bring up like law of attraction and universal laws. And then I was like, You know what, forget it like I don’t I want the people that resonate with me. And if somebody thinks that all that stuff is crazy, then fine. They’re not the right client for me. But actually, what I find is that, like, the things that what I love about Bob’s program is that Bob is a businessman. And so I feel like people can relate to him in the finance industry, you know, he’s always in a suit, and, and he’s helped a lot of financial companies actually. And so I like it. But though, that he does still have that spiritual side. So that was actually why I loved the program, because I felt like, it can resonate with a lot of people and resonate with the finance industry. And what I’ve learned is that when you’re talking about, like, these fundamental truths about, you know, the way our mind works, and how our mind is creating our reality, they anyone everyone agrees with it, when I talk to people, people who I never really thought would buy into this stuff are like yeah, I totally believe that I do believe that. And so I love that because it’s like I’m having these, like different types of conversations with past clients and colleagues that we never were able to have before. And and yeah, I feel like a lot more people are open to it than I thought they would be.

Kristi Amdahl 16:57
I think that’s just fascinating. And I think part of that, I mean, just, I mean, just like, like looking at you, you radiate this professionality. Like you, I mean, you look very professional, even right now your setup, the way your dress, and we carry yourself, you’re very professional that way, you don’t look like a like a weird person, per se. But, um, but yeah, I can totally see that spark in you. And I love that I just feel like that, you know, it’s like, you might be like this bridge that sort of, you know, bridges the gap between those two worlds that don’t normally connect, like with my boyfriend, for example. I just, he loves me to death, but like, he just is like, Yeah, whatever Kristi, like, we’re not talking about this stuff. But I feel like if you and him were to have a conversation, he would be able to hear it from you. So I think that’s, that’s really amazing how you’re doing that, how you’re bringing that into it.

Adrienne Grace 17:52
That is my goal is to bring this into the industry. And I think the fact that I, I have the CFA designation, and that these people knew me as a professional person who was, like, knowledgeable about financial markets. And I think the fact that, that I’m now coming to them with this other thing, I think that that’s what’s intriguing them because they’re like, Okay, I respected you as a colleague and and now you’re talking about this, like, and you were able to walk away from that high paying career because of how much you believed in this, like, okay, like, let’s hear it. And so that’s what makes me even, like more excited about it is that people are open to hearing it and and yeah, so that’s what my passion is bridging that gap for

Kristi Amdahl 18:39
You just you lit up in this part of this conversation came up. So it’s obvious to me that that is the case. So, so how does it come up with like, like, with with a client with say, a make believe client, like when you’re talking about when they hire you? And they’re like, I want to work on this issue or whatever, I want to set this goal like how does it often come up with them? Like the the more the more spiritual elements? Like is it just sort of naturally progress? Or just sort of kind of it goes there on its own? Or do you introduce certain ideas like law of attraction type ideas, like specifically how does that what does that look like?

Adrienne Grace 19:24
Yeah, so I would say I mean, it happens usually even before they sign on as a client, right? Because I, my job is to sit down with them and I always kind of lure them into you know, like, I can help you bring in more sales and work less and you know, have more peace of mind and be more present and whatever it is that you want, but I really tried to hone in on you know what it is that they want and they want mostly more success, right? And I find that most people want just more freedom, more time freedom, more money freedom. So then I go into it Yeah, how the mind works. And I do start talking about some of these things. So they kind of know that that is part of the program before they come into it. But then, you know, Bob does a great job of just kind of subtly talking about those things, right. And, you know, he talks about the law of vibration all the time about how we’re all energy, we’re all vibrating. You know, it’s funny, I have this one, financial adviser, and he started talking to me about this. He’s like, I have no idea what you mean, when you say vibration, and your vibration, like that is like totally lost on me. But he was already a client at that point. Oh, and so. So you know, it’s like, I forget that some people are, it’s so far to some people that we really had to have to take some baby steps to get there. But again, like, but like, once you understand, but people do understand that we are all energy. And we are always kind of like radiating something and like, you know, I tell people, like you ever have like a gut feeling that something’s off or, you know, you think of a friend and all of a sudden that friend calls you like, that’s, you know what this means? And so I do try to have to simplify things in a basic way for some people, but but everybody can relate to it for sure.

Kristi Amdahl 21:16
Yeah, that’s, that’s really interesting to me. And just, I mean, everyone is, I mean, we’re all like, sort of bound by the same things, whether we appreciate it or not, or whether we recognize it or not, we’re all you know, subject to gravity, for example. And, you know, and just the way that the workings of the universe. I just, I’m really impressed at how you’re able to, like bring that in and what you’re able to bring in and then recognizing of course, when it’s not hitting like the vibrational thing and being able to take a step back. Yeah. Okay. So I guess the question that I like to ask now is, what words of wisdom would you offer our listeners who’s like, life’s look successful on the outside? Like, you’re looked successful, you were making really great money. You were really good at what you did, and well-respected in what you did. But something was off inside, something wasn’t right. What would you what words of wisdom would you offer to someone whose life looked like that, but who feel stuck, and maybe they recognize something important’s missing, but maybe they don’t even know what that is?

Adrienne Grace 22:25
Yeah, I would say trust that feeling that something’s off. Because for so long, I avoided it right with like, just with busyness with work, or with drinking, and with bad habits, right, like escapism. So when you feel that something’s off, you’ve got to get honest with yourself. And for me, a huge part of my journey was like investing in myself and getting mentorship and coaches and, and that was when I was really able to start digesting a lot of this. So when you, we think a lot of times that we can do it alone, or sometimes we think that if we, you know, hire a coach, or go to a therapist, or something that it means that we’re like, I just think there’s some kind of a stigma around it. But it’s not, it’s like, somebody can really help you get out of your own way, and can show you the path. So trust that feeling. And don’t be afraid to ask for help about it, you know, and start journaling. That was another big thing for me, right? It’s just getting stuff out of your head and onto paper and, and tapping back into that, like imagination that we have that we’ve shut down and really think about what you want your life to look like and and something that I tell people to do, which sounds a little morbid, but write your eulogy. Right? What do you want to leave behind? You know, what kind of legacy do you want to leave? And what kind of life do you want to live? What do you want people to say about you? And are you living up to that right now? And if you’re not, then you got to make some changes.

Kristi Amdahl 24:12
Hmmm…I love that. I love that. You know, it’s funny, you brought up journal, journaling, because my Instagram reel for today was about a journaling practice that I used to have to tap into my innate wisdom when I’m looking for answers, and I don’t like my brain does not work in that way. So it’s really powerful stuff. And so you brought up a couple of times being you know, investing in yourself investing in coaching. And I know that a lot of people think black people don’t understand what coaching is, first of all, and or they haven’t heard of it, or it’s like it’s for athletes, or you know, executives for example. And, and that’s it and then and I mean coaching is an investment. It’s not cheap, usually to work with a coach and if it is it’s probably Not might not be the right coach. So how do you do you ever overcome? Do you have to help people overcome, you know, that block to invest in, in hiring you as a coach?

Adrienne Grace 25:11
For sure. Because I mean, I find that, yeah, a lot of people are unwilling to invest in themselves. And that actually, I think, really goes back to like, your self image, right? Why won’t you invest in yourself? Like, our self, our mind, that’s the most important asset that we have. You know, so why wouldn’t you invest in that? And any peak performer, like you were saying, like, the athletes, executives, like the most successful people all realize the importance of having a coach. And if you want to be successful, you want to get to another level, like, why wouldn’t you, you know, hire a coach or a mentor to help guide you to that. Amazing things started happening in my life, when I started investing in myself, I almost believe, believe that it sends like an energetic sign to the universe that like you’re ready, you’re really serious about up leveling, because trying to change on willpower alone, is not going to work. I think, you know, you have some skin in the game, you have that accountability, that’s really how you get the results that you’re looking for.

Kristi Amdahl 26:25
Yeah, I know that, like, I’ve signed up for courses and programs, even when I can get that same information, like for free and other, you know, if I’m willing to spend the time with, you know, with Google, but I do that, because I know that I’m like, once I pay for it, you know, once I drop a few grand on something for to improve some area of my life, you better believe I’m going to show up. If I don’t, I’m being an idiot, because there’s skin in the game, like you said, and you know, I’ve invested in coaches, I’ve, I had my spiritual business coach, I adore her. She’s in Denmark, and like, that was one of the best investments I feel like I ever made in my own in my own life. I mean, in recent years, just because it led me to the path, like led me to where I’m at now. And, and like, I think another thing that people often don’t think about when they’re thinking about the, you know, the investment is that, you know, especially with when it comes to like career related coaching or that stuff, I mean, like, look at the potential ROI, if you make the investment?

Adrienne Grace 27:33
Right, exactly. Yeah, I mean, even with, like my clients, I mean, especially like, with sales people, it’s a no brainer, because you’re gonna be able to make up it, make it make up for it with your increase in sales. I mean, that alone, I mean, it’s just, it’s gonna pay for itself, shortly after. So I think people just, again, I think it kind of goes back to like, their self image, like maybe they don’t feel worthy of like investing that type of money in themselves. Or, I’m not sure, I think just people maybe have blocks about it, because they just haven’t ever done something like that before. But I really believe it’s like one of the most important investments that you can make.

Kristi Amdahl 28:16
I totally agree with that. I need to sign up for another round with my coach. That so I guess I guess I’m wondering if there is, I feel like we had our conversation the other day, and I feel like there’s so much I’m leaving out. And I’m wondering if like there’s anything that you’re picking up that I should have been asking you that I haven’t that you would like to share? And that’s weird question, but

Adrienne Grace 28:48
That’s a big question. Well, I will actually maybe talk about goals because Like, I think it’s so foundational. And if I can just get this message across to anybody. It’s the importance of having a big, beautiful goal in your life. Because without that final destination, you’re just lost, really, you’re drifting through life, you’re letting life control you. Our brains actually have a goal achieving mechanism set in them. But what are you putting into that? What’s the input that’s in there, right? If you don’t have a goal, then you’re mostly focused on like, what you don’t want and and you know, you get into the car, you drive to work in the morning, you hit traffic, you’re like, I don’t want to be in traffic. It makes you feel a certain way that you get into the office and maybe you have an encounter with your boss and it makes you feel another way you get a call from like a client that doesn’t go well. And then you just are feeling that with, with all of your being, you’re actually summoning more of that into your life when You feel that negative. But when you have that big, beautiful goal, you can like change your state instantaneously just by thinking about it just by like tuning into, like the frequency of what it would feel like to achieve it. And if you’re struggling taking action on anything in your life, it’s because your goal is not inspiring you enough, right? Because that goal should be springing you into action, you should be springing out of bed in the morning, because you know what you’re working towards. And so if I can just impress anything upon somebody, it’s about digging deep and finding that heart’s desire, figuring out what it is you really want out of life, that kind of life you want to lead. And then just focusing on that, and thinking about it every day and creating that burning desire and just getting really connected with it.

Kristi Amdahl 30:48
So how big is like, if you don’t feel that connected, you don’t feel that inspired with your goal? Like how big should you shoot for, like, what are we talking about here?

Kristi Amdahl 31:00
Yeah, I’m big. So. So there’s three types of goals, I call them the practical the stretch, and then the OMG. A practical goal is something that you already know how to do. So that’s something like, Okay, you gained 10 pounds, you want to lose 10 pounds, you bought a new car five years ago, you want to buy another new car, there’s zero growth attached to it, you’ve already done it once in your life, it’s really more of like a task. Then there’s the stretch goals. And these are the type that I always used to set before I knew about this. That’s something that you think that you can achieve. So you think like, if everything were to align, maybe, if it’s you want to buy your first house, you think, Okay, well, if I save enough money, or if I land that client, or if prices come down, or whatever it is, I’ll be able to buy that house. So the practice or the stretch is what you think you could do. So the practical is what you know how to do the stretch is what you think you can do. But then the OMG goals, those are really your heart’s desires, and they come from the effective use of your imagination. And I truly believe that we’re never given a, you know, a, a want, that we don’t have the capacity to fulfill. So when we have a desire, it’s ours to take, but it’s just a matter of getting the courage to go, go for it. And so it should be something that equally excites and scares you at the same time. And you have to grow into a different version of yourself in order to achieve it. Because you know, my mentor, Bob would always say, a goal is not to get it’s to grow. It’s about who you become on your way to achieving it. It’s about drawing more of that potential out from you. And so it should be something big and we all get really hung up in the how. Well, like how are we going to do this? This seems impossible. No, you don’t worry about the how you just start from wherever you are with whatever you got. And you take baby steps and you don’t worry about the how you just have to have the faith that the How will be revealed over time. You don’t know how it’s gonna happen. You just know, it will, you don’t know when you just do your part and keeping focused on it and taking steps towards it every day.

Kristi Amdahl 33:16
I love that. That’s my teacher, Martha Beck she talks about WIGs. So she calls WIGs wildly improbable goals. And it sounds like the OMG goal. And one of the things that she talks about quite a bit is you have to have both eagle and mouse vision. And by ego vision, you don’t lose sight of your overall goal. But mouse vision you take the next step that’s in front of you. And you don’t get bogged down in trying to do like you don’t get like lost or overwhelmed by thinking about everything that you have to do or even you don’t even have to know what it is like a mouse doesn’t see the whole thing. They see the blade of grass and they have to go back.

Adrienne Grace 33:51
Exactly, yeah. And that’s what I help my clients do once they come up with that big OMG goal. We call that like the summit goal and then we do like a mid camp and a base camp. And we make the base camp something that maybe they can achieve in the next year so that they can take actual small actionable steps every week or every day and come up with like a plan to get there because yeah, when you have that just that like gigantic goal. It feels overwhelming. You’re like I don’t even know where to start. So you definitely have to check it out. So I love that eagle and mouse vision.

Kristi Amdahl 34:21
Yeah. Do you celebrate wins along the way? Is that part of it?

Adrienne Grace 34:27
100% I start all my coaching calls with everybody sharing a win. I think it’s really really important.

Kristi Amdahl 34:37
Yeah, I’m so glad you brought up goals because I was just blanking on our conversation and I that was a big part of it before and I was that was like so amazing to me. I just I’m really fascinated by it. I need to I need to go out and read more about that read more about Bob Proctor because I’ve heard of him but I haven’t like followed him. So I’m really glad you brought that up. Is there anything else? that, that I should have asked you that I didn’t that you’d like to share? anything coming up for you? Besides that?

Adrienne Grace 35:08
Well, I guess I’ll just share that in order to start figuring out what your goal is. Because like I said, I think that’s the biggest problem is that people don’t really know what they want is that you need to start spending some time letting tapping back into your imagination, because we’ve squashed our imagination, so much that like, you know, as kids, we will use it all the time, and then we kind of lose sight of it. And it’s such a beautiful gift. It’s like one of our higher mental faculties that we’re gifted as, as human beings. You know, Albert Einstein always talked about the importance of imagination. And really, when you think about it, everything’s created twice, right? Once in the mind, and then in physical reality. So you know, this computer, or even zoom or our phones, or, you know, this, where you’re living, somebody thought it first before it came into physical existence. So you need to start exercising your imagination. So to do that, you need to, like sit in a quiet place, let your mind relax, and let your mind wander, I say go through, do the lottery ticket exercise, right. So a lot of times, like, we buy a lottery ticket when like, you know, the Powerball is up really high or something and you start thinking like, Oh, if I were to win, like, this is what I would do. That’s like the type of energy I want you to tune into, right? You have all the time, all the money, all the resources, what would you really be doing with your life. So I have a whole process for this, I do have a goals workbook that, you know, if somebody wants to start working on their goals, they can download that workbook and help them get in touch with what it is that they want.

Kristi Amdahl 36:41
Thank you I’ll have to get that link from you will definitely get it into the notes for the show. So people can do that. And if people want to work with you, how should they reach you?

Adrienne Grace 36:52
Yeah, so they can head over to that website where it’s And you can download the workbook there. And you could also schedule a call there. So, you can do both of those things. And you know, even if it’s just they want to set time to talk about goals and help kind of uncover the process, a lot of times I can tell what subconscious blocks that they have just from the words that they use, and things that they’re saying. So I can a lot of times tell you, what’s holding you back from what you’re getting to where you need to go. So if anyone wants to do that, I’d be happy to have a goal setting call with them.

Kristi Amdahl 37:37
Awesome. Well, thank you so much. I will put all those links in there in the show notes for this. And I am it was wonderful having you on the show. I just I love how you’re able to articulate the goal setting process and just what you’re doing is just being that bridge in so many ways. It’s just I don’t know that stuff gets me so excited. The more people that are inspired and living like more in line with who they are just in this world. I just that’s like the thing that gets me excited every day just thinking about that. So thank you for what you’re doing. Thank you for coming on my show. And yeah,

Adrienne Grace 38:20
thank you for having me. I’m glad I found you.

Kristi Amdahl 38:24
I’m glad you did too. Thank you. Okay, signing off.

Kristi Amdahl 38:32
Thank you for listening to this episode. Please subscribe to my channel and leave a review so that others can find it via the algorithm. If you’d like to learn more about me apply for life coaching, or be a guest on a future episode. Please visit my website at With peace gratitude and love.