Djali Vesela On Trusting Your Inner Wisdom Using Energy Tools

Welcome to the eighth episode of the Wayfinder Diaries podcast! In this episode, Clairvoyant Master Healer, Teacher, and Energy Coach Djali Vesela shares energy tools for accessing your intuition. Just a quick note that if you enjoy this episode, please subscribe to my podcast and/or YouTube channel and consider leaving me a review. Also, please like the video! Doing these things helps the algorithm so that it can reach a wider audience. Thank you! 

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About this episode

Clairvoyant Master Healer, Teacher, and Energy Coach Djali Vesela and I have a fascinating conversation about how she got into energy work, how you can access your intuition using energy tools, and more. Energy work is a fascinating field, and this episode has something for you whether you’re new or have been around the proverbial block.

Djali lives in Prague and emanates a kind of confidence that I rarely see in women. She’s warm, playful, and inviting. She laughs, doesn’t take herself too seriously, and is very transparent. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did! If Djali didn’t have another commitment, we probably would have kept going for another hour!

Oh, I have to tell you that I attended one of Djali’s energy clearing sessions the day after our recording. Friends, it was amazing! I highly recommend checking this low-cost offering out. Link below.

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Kristi Amdahl 0:50
Hi, I’m Kristi with the Wayfinder diaries, and I have a hunch that today’s guest is going to fascinate you. Her name is Djali, and I’m going to read her bio in a moment. What I want to share with you is that we met a couple of days ago to chat about this episode. And I found myself wishing that I could just go to Prague and spend a weekend just being in her presence to absorb even a wee bit of some of her wisdom and knowledge. And I’m gonna just add to that that like we just did this grounding, breathing exercise a second ago before we went on and it was her idea and like now I really want to go spend some time with her and Prague. So anyway, our conversation left me really impressed and wanting more and I’m excited to introduce her to you. So here’s here’s her bio. Djali Vesela is a clairvoyant Master Healer and mindful energy coach, using cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, compassion and clairvoyance studies. Djali helps. Djali helps personal development enthusiasts discover their intuition and improve mental health through energy and mindfulness tools. Djali has changed the lives of stressed executives and entrepreneurs by healing their insomnia and body pains, guiding them to true intuitive power and teaching them to find happiness and purpose. With their signature energy clearing group and clairvoyant intuition workshops. She supports her clients through the pitfalls of being more intuitive so that they are in alignment with their purpose and in their personal and professional lives. Djali’s clients have included high ranking individuals who work for Fortune 500 Companies such as Guerlain, Council of Europe, and Google. She has partnered with Gaia TV star Dr. Lauren Cielo on his Golden Rose Psychic Services, teaching clairvoyant and energy clearing and healing classes for the internationally renowned school. Djali is on American time and lives in Prague, Czech Republic. So welcome to the Wayfinder diaries, I am so excited to have you here.

Djali Vesela 0:50
Thank you, Kristi. I’m so happy to be here. I’m so happy to connect with someone like you being so transformational. I’m doing something as wonderful as giving the world a podcast of stories and tools that people can learn from and hopefully enjoy the time while listening to it as well.

Kristi Amdahl 3:31
Oh, well thank you for that. And I have a feeling that people are really going to get some incredible insights from our conversation today. I mean, just based on what we were talking about the other day, and just witnessing you before hit the record button. And I’m just I’m blown away by you. So I would love to start out by having you tell us a bit about your background and how it led into your line of work.

Djali Vesela 3:57
Yeah, how much time do you have? Yeah, okay. I never know, like, where to start because there’s so many points in my life that led me to where I am. And since recently, I’ve been listening to loads of podcasts as part of knowing what to say and also getting my publicity out there. I’ve realized so many similarities with people in my line of work that I don’t mention, actually. But you know, I mentioned different things and there is way more. So let me say what comes to my mind right now. So I was born to a mom who is half-Persian. My dad died when I was six years old. It was a really happy marriage. We have a really happy household. But when my dad died, my mom that was emotionally destroyed. She just couldn’t emotionally function that well. On the outside. She was really good. She was a superhero looking for new jobs because she was half stay-at-home mom back then. Also, she had this privilege job of being a kind of scientist assistant. And that wasn’t paid well. And then she had to go into corporate world and use her languages and become the superhero breadwinning mom, and I was her shoulder to cry on. And I was her shoulder to cry on, I didn’t really let my emotions come out, because I didn’t feel there was space for that. So the way I compensated was by studying. Now if this is me, six, seven years old, I think it was probably when I was eight, I hit the library. And I went looking for books love, sociology, psychology, philosophy, those with my three main kind of

Kristi Amdahl 5:47
When you were eight?

Djali Vesela 5:49
Yeah, I was eight years old. Yeah. Wow. Wow. Yeah. And it was only when I was 10. I started understanding what these books were talking about that. When I remember reading it, sometimes I was literally like reading the books and you know, knowing the words but not knowing what they were meaning. And I think something was happening in me in a while, because what I often say to my clients, and the students of the groups I do, it often isn’t the actual content of what we do. But as the atmosphere we bring ourselves into. Reprogramming that energy and in turn the brain for the next step that you are going to be in for the environment that you want to feel good in. So that’s, you know, even though I couldn’t understand the books, they brought me into this mindset, like, I’m the smart person who can figure out the world. And this is my way of doing it right now. So I went on with the books until I was about 13. And then I decided to go and study something. So I was by then I was at primary school, we have 10 grade – nine grades – here. And I decided to go and study psychology, and actually went to like a pre-university course. There wasn’t for me, there wasn’t for the people of my age. And I went there to go and become a psychologist. I was a four year off of me, I actually extended it, I took as many courses as I could, and I was going to these hangout places where my teenage peers were sitting and drinking beer often, like it’s illegal, right, but they did it. And I would be coming with actually kind of notebooks like this, like a hardcopy looking like hardback notebooks, full of the notes, and I wanted to share it.

Kristi Amdahl 7:54
They were like, no, just give us another beer.

Djali Vesela 7:56
Yes, they weren’t interested, it was, you know, hardly ever I could catch anyone’s attention. There was I realized often story of my life that I had, this needs to be with the cool kids. But at the same time, I wanted to study the smart things. And the cool kids, they didn’t really want to be smart, most of the time. They were like, Let’s do the cool stuff. You know, let’s go out yeah, do skateboarding or, you know, there were those that actually did graffiti. And, you know, they were DJing.

Kristi Amdahl 8:27
Right? They weren’t studying existential stuff, or psychology or whatever.

Djali Vesela 8:31
Exactly! Because that existence was fine, right? They didn’t really have to figure out why why people commit suicide and you know, like how to help the world not to. I remember when I was little, and my dad had died, I would be visualizing how you can help people not to not to die not to commit suicide to be exact. And I was picturing these big inflatable mattresses popping out from you know, the ground the moment someone actually wants to plunge and go down. I was thinking like, why don’t we have that? And then I realized, well, maybe because the rate of people doing it is not so big, and the investment would be too big. Right? So my way was learning about the world, right? And then, when I was about 18, I wanted to go and study the university and do psychology. Back then I had a teacher of Psychology at my high school, who I clicked with really well as I usually clicked with loads of teachers that were kind of into teaching into learning new stuff, not the tired ones, you know, they’re like, oh my god on a day at school with these kids. So those I didn’t like those that were into. I kind of hung out with and this lady goes telling me Djali you you’re not ready to go and do psychology really. And I was like what I was so my mind was so sad. From that, I knew I was going to help people. And I saw that carrier in front of me. I knew so many things by then already, right, maybe more than the kids that were going for the admission exams. And she’s like, No, you first need to heal yourself.

Kristi Amdahl 10:15
Wow, what powerful insight and words of wisdom from your teacher that you were able that she was able to get that to?

Djali Vesela 10:24
Yeah, yeah. And it was amazing. And I was in denial for a bit. And then I decided to discard the whole plan to study psychology as the first thing. And I started thinking, Okay, what else can I study and there were so many things I liked. By then, I had done painting, photography, I was still interested in philosophy. My descent is called a Persian. So I thought I can do Persian studies, maybe I was, my native language is not English. So you know, I could have or like, it is partially but I live in the Czech Republic, right? So I could have gone and studied English studies. And I was thinking, okay, so what do I do, and then I thought about, again, I was still in the mindset of like, I need to take care of my mom all the time. And it wasn’t fully true, maybe. But I had a thing, because, you know, she was able to take care of yourself, like a grown up person most of the time, but it was the emotional bond, that we had me feeding her, from the energy perspective, we call it cords, she had these cords plugged into me, which I was allowing, which we do in energy studies, when you have someone who needs support, it’s a kid and elderly person or someone who’s going through something if you allow them to help it might help with. So you they plug these cords either into your heart your solar plexus, it could be somewhere else as well. And I was trying to figure out how I support this emotional setup, long term. And I figured out if I do linguistics, if I study English as the language to help people with, then I can be anywhere. And I can always help my mom.

Kristi Amdahl 12:19

Djali Vesela 12:20
So So I did that. And I even open a business, I had a, I had an agency that where I was helping translate things and teach and do communication workshops, I worked for the Czech National Bank and for loads of big names. And then when I was 25, and broke up with my boyfriend at the time, and always when I broke up with someone, which is loads of times because you know, I was that hurt kid having lots of failures. And I was like, let’s do something new, let’s do something challenging. Every time I broke up with someone, I was like, let’s do something new, let’s do something challenging.

Kristi Amdahl 12:59
So what did you do that was new and challenging this time?

Djali Vesela 13:03
I contacted one of my Indian friends. And I was like, I want to go and meditate.

Kristi Amdahl 13:09
All right.

Djali Vesela 13:11
And this Indian friend, the funny thing I didn’t know, most Indians don’t meditate. It is in the culture, but they don’t meditate.

Kristi Amdahl 13:20
I have been told that through my yoga studies. i This is not the first time I’ve heard that.

Djali Vesela 13:25
Right? It’s so weird like that we have this concept of cultures.

Kristi Amdahl 13:30
Right? They’re sitting in the Indian yogi and Lotus and you know, the Buddha and all of that. But the reality is that well, from what you know, we’ve been told by people who like live there is that that’s not if you go to India, you’re going to be maybe a little bit surprised that that is not what you’re gonna see.

Djali Vesela 13:50
Yeah, right. It’s just so much other stuff. And I wonder how many percent of Indians actually do meditate, I would think is something 10 to 20% tops. From my experience, so this guy, even though he didn’t meditate, he was a friend I made when I was the first time in India. Maybe it was 26. And already cut, I think it was 25 or something. And he said, I’ll find you the best call, finding the best place to meditate, which Indians and some other Asian countries do like to tell they you know, they do like to tell you like I find the best thing for you the best. Is this wonderful, you know, they want to have the good reputation of dealer. Well, so So they tell you, I’ll promise you the world. And I was thinking, Okay, let’s see, you know, let’s let’s see what he comes up with. So he gave me this contact for a wonderful meditation school. And I went, went on my own this time. I went to Bangalore, and that was the first time I realized what mindfulness was. I back then I didn’t know I was called mindfulness and this school is really based on breath work, loads of breath, work daily breath, work, breath work retreats, along with meditation. So the way they get you into the body is by the breathing that has beautiful benefits besides, once you get them in meditation, because you meditate easier. I wanted to sign straightaway. And they were like, No, you just do it. Just do it. Just do it. And I was like, Wait a second, what’s going on here? Because this one is kind of like kapalbhati this firebreath where you hyperventilate, and you know, as you go, if you go fast, you kind of hyperventilate, you don’t have enough oxygen. And I’m like, so how is this magic happening? Is it true to hyperventilation? And they’re like, I’m not sure they even know what I was talking about.

Kristi Amdahl 15:57
Right? If there was love kapalabhati, that’s one of my favorites. I actually use that quite a bit. And it’s powerful. But yeah, I’m curious what the, what the mechanism behind it even is, in terms of how it like, has amazing effects that it does. So that’s interesting. So you’re asking them about that. And they’re like, Just do it. Stop asking questions, do it.

Djali Vesela 16:18
Yeah, that’s, you know, what, honestly, that’s logic of loads of people, right? You kind of we are getting out of it, especially in a western culture now Indians as well. But the original thing is, when someone’s teaching you, you go and follow it kind of blindly. That’s also why we have the whole you know, medicine doctors, we just go and follow them blindly. That is the original programming we have when someone knows more, you go to them, you ask how they do it, like what you should do, and not really the steps of where it comes from. So so they they have this even the more I remember, back in the day, when I was studying in the Netherlands, it was where I first went studying those stuff, linguistics and the English language. It’s a weird place to go. I live in England after that. I had these two Indian resident hall mates or you call them dormitory in the US, and I was talking to them all the time after learning about a culture knowing nothing about India back then, or very little. And I asked them so how do you call a fridge in Hindi? Only later, I found out that wasn’t true. What I told me with the language part, but the logic of it was great and how people think and they’re like, You Europeans, you have loads of ego. You have so many bloody languages. You know, like you call it one thing in German one thing in the Dutch you call it another thing and Czech, you know, in English. Someone just came to us and they said, This is a fridge. That’s fridge.

Kristi Amdahl 16:18
I love it.

Djali Vesela 16:36
And actuallly later I realized there is a word for fridge in Hindi. Because you know, I had retold this story more times because I thought it was so I’m using the logic of someone bringing you something and you’re like, This is it don’t think about what it is. It cools things.

Kristi Amdahl 18:18
Yeah. Right.

Djali Vesela 18:21
So yeah, me being in India doing the breathwork and doing the meditation and kind of brought me into the world of what I was supposed to be doing to start with no one told me when I was 18 the healing was supposed to go through the body, not through analyzing everything.

Kristi Amdahl 18:43
Now that’s very, that’s a powerful observation to eventually make and you’re so right. It’s like we’re, you know, we look for outside things to fix us. But really, you know, it’s, it’s not about that.

Djali Vesela 18:59
No, it’s really about being in the body with what’s what happens. Whether it is a sad story that you kind of identify with, or if it’s the joy of every day, if you are not in the body with it, if you don’t stay with the emotions, take those even tiny moments to go like, this is how I feel okay? You can’t really process and benefit. I often like to make this metaphor of sex because people remember it. If you’re thinking during your sex that you need to buy milk tomorrow. Or that you still have loads of work to do. Maybe it’s Sunday evening and tomorrow you are doing something it’s not going to be as fun as you want.

Kristi Amdahl 19:45
Right when you when you’re making your grocery list at inopportune moments. Yeah.

Djali Vesela 19:57
Right. It’s it’s only if you bring yourself back into the body. Oh, wow, this is amazing what’s going on here? Or if it’s a sad thing, okay, this is sad. This is sad when I was going through those tormenting teenage years and you know, mine were worse because I didn’t have a worse they were horrible for me I’m you know, how can we measure right? But because not only I was a teenager growing into this body and with all the chemicals and hormones changing, also I didn’t have the people to relate to all the psychology. And I still didn’t have the trauma tools to really figure out what happened to me or what I can do about it. So during those times, I would do coffee, I would do weed, I would do speed out all kinds of drugs and painkillers, so that I would not be in the body. So that I would escape from what was going on there. Because I didn’t know that not analyzing is the way to get through something and heal. So that’s why the beautiful breathwork and meditation that we can do every day, and it’s something really simple, as long as you know how to that can heal you beautifully.

Kristi Amdahl 21:20
Yeah. So I’m curious, like, you know, this is I think it’s probably a good tie-in to this right now what we’re talking about, from our conversation the other day, you were sharing with me, you know, we were talking about inner wisdom and how it expresses itself through the body energetically. And I feel like this might be a good time to kind of shift into that. So what do you have to say about that? Do you want to share about that?

Djali Vesela 21:50
Yeah, I think the first thing so maybe I should say that, you know that my path was a little further than the meditation.

Kristi Amdahl 21:56
Yeah, okay. Right.

Djali Vesela 21:58
So afterwards, you know, I did actually a study, I’ll finish my psychology, that I opened a practice and the practice just didn’t seem like it was giving enough. I thought it was more the people were super happy. I had like full schedule and everything. But I knew there was more to do. And that’s where I tapped into the energy world as well, and the mindfulness coaching world, so I kind of merged it. And then I still felt with a mindfulness and the energy back then I was doing Pranic Healing, I would live from the energy thing, it felt a bit too deep. I felt like it wasn’t deep enough, I knew there was more. This metaphor I like to give is a dream when I’m standing on a hill, and the hill has a trail, and you don’t see behind a corner. And I know that there is something amazing around the corner, there’s a valley full of flowers and greenery and maybe some houses. But I don’t see if I know about it. And then in those dreams, I decided to go and have a look. And I’m always like, wow, but why didn’t I come here before? It’s just behind a corner, I always go to the corner. And then I don’t go further like is it really so far. So that’s how I felt with my development and what I can give to the world. I knew I was giving something wonderful by then. But I knew there was more behind the corner. Right? So then I bumped into, as you said, up to Lauren Cielo at the Golden Rose Psychic Services. And I went through clairvoyance training with him. And then he kept me on the team to go and teach clairvoyant tools and energy. And with that, I have been able to tap into the inner wisdom way more, it’s insane.

Kristi Amdahl 23:54
Tell me about it.

Djali Vesela 23:57
So the first thing as you said, What is the inner wisdom, right? So most of the time the body knows. And the mind is only to me, it feels a bit like a tiny window like, you know, think about the portion of how big the body is, and how small your eyes are in proportion to the rest of the body. So that’s what a mind bet feels like to me that the mind is only the size of the eyes. And the wisdom that we have is all the rest. And the mind is just a navigator. But really retarded one in a way because it’s so small compared to the rest of the body and energy field. Small peeking hole.

Kristi Amdahl 24:48
Right, right. It’s like a periscope.

Djali Vesela 24:51
Yeah, it’s a periscope going like let me try to see the whole world through the periscope right so far First, we need to realize that what we see with our eyes, but our mind is thinking, that is not the full wisdom, that is just some lid on aid or some kind of analysers box so that our human can understand it. Because from the energy studies I work with, the human we are in is just a well sleeve if you want that we live in. And there is way more of us there is a higher self that we are part of, and the higher self pours, what is possible to pour into this body. So the body is yeah, like, you know, like that metaphor with the eye. So you just see part of what is out there.

Kristi Amdahl 25:52
Yeah, that reminds me of, in my yogic studies, we talked a lot about the code shows the different sheets of the body, and like there’s, you know, the wisdom sheeth, and then there’s a physical body sheeth, and there’s mental and there’s like so many different different sheeths. And it’s like peeling back the layers of an onion, so to speak, like, I’m losing my train of thought now of like, where I was going with that, but it just reminded me of that, I guess,

Djali Vesela 26:23
The wisdom Yeah, It’s way bigger than what we realized, right. And the sheeths also go holding with them. You could also be looking at aura as sheeths, because there are seven layers, and every one of them relates to one of the chakras. So the information that we have in the chakra is very similar in those aura layers. And unless we realize there is something like that, or we you know, because often a week off from a program programming from our parents, the environmental schools are like our there is nothing beyond this body. Now, unless we realize there is more, we can’t really tap into it easily.

Kristi Amdahl 27:03
But I definitely want to come back to the chakras and auras because that I find that stuff super fascinating. But I don’t want to lose sight of I don’t want to get go down that rabbit hole just yet. So what do you think blocks us from accessing our inner wisdom? Or any wisdom?

Djali Vesela 27:24
I would say it’s a programming that we are not aware of which you know, it’s insane, right? I know, how about you, I often see it with the people who are aware like like you that they do have this realization, they had it only when they were like little kids already going. Okay, so wait a second. So this is how I see my hands. This is how I see my world. But doesn’t mean the world sees it the same way. Right? And you can’t really step out of the body easily. Okay, there are certain techniques, you can kind of step out of the body. But from the physical perspective, you cannot step out from the body. So you don’t really know what you don’t know.

Kristi Amdahl 28:07
Right? Right.

Djali Vesela 28:10
You don’t really know how it feels if you step out of body, because you can’t do it until until you die pretty much. And then it’s still not a physical stepping out of the body. You can’t really have your eyes. Your eyes suck it. So there’s the you know, the first realization so if you don’t lose sight of that, and it’s beautiful, if you have small kids, and you already start teaching them meditation energy, maybe they just hang out with you during some kind of evenings where you do it with your friends or you listen to some music. And then you don’t go suppressing when they go saying, Oh, this thing looks blue. And you say no, it’s gray. But you know, the kid may be seeing energy because kids until the age of 12 have way more developed pineal gland, the organ in the center of our brain that helps us with intuition. And that is able to enable healing because it also processes our hormones. It goes releasing melatonin, the sleeping hormone goes to releasing serotonin and so on. And they have it way more developed until the age of 12. They really have the inner sight. There are these trainings where completely blindfolded. I didn’t actually believe it. I was like, isn’t there? You know, some way they are not blindfolded. They can see under the blindfold completely blindfolded. They can read what you wrote.

Kristi Amdahl 29:37

Djali Vesela 29:38

Kristi Amdahl 29:38

Djali Vesela 29:39
Yeah. Yeah. The school I did the first like the series of meditation and breathwork trainings out of living has their own. They call it intuition program for kids. The program goes basically teaching the kids until the age of 12, that they’re able to do this. So and then they can take it Further, you know, wherever they want.

Kristi Amdahl 30:02
Wow, that’s amazing. Right seems like something that everybody should have exposure to when they’re a kid. Yeah.

Djali Vesela 30:09
And we don’t you know, it’s quite the opposite. I literally remember. So, you know, in my family, my dad was the kind of psychic that was suppressed. And that’s why he committed suicide in the end because he manifested schizophrenia, which I often see with my clients or any kind of tendency to it a suppressed psychic tools suppress kind of psychic ability. And then my mom was kind of the more analytical person that more or less is the reality. And that said, very mindful, though loving to reality, my boo, beautiful flower, I love this dog and very cheerful from morning to night. Annoying in the morning, sometimes, you know, because I originally wasn’t a morning person. But she worked when I had a feeling that were being said, our bodies in my room, which the regular world calls ghosts. And it was a Monday someone here just like known as no one here. Because she didn’t have any training and education that would tell her that’s possible. The program is this is not possible. For most of us, we live in the physical, the heavy meta reality. And if we go doubting ourselves, and second-guessing when we think we somehow feel some intuition or some hint, some poking from the outside of what we could be using.

Kristi Amdahl 31:34
You know, I know my teacher, Martha Beck, my mentor, she’s, she has her PhD from Harvard, she’s very smart woman, and uses science quite a bit. But one thing that she like, loves to emphasize with her students, and even in her books, I think, maybe or podcast or whatever, is that just because science hasn’t proven it doesn’t mean it’s not true. And and, and she also goes into like, how science actually has proven some of these things that seem improvable that have that she’s a stickler for a well designed study, you know, especially with her education she has to be and you know, she shared with us some studies that do show that like some of these sort of paranormal things, or the stuff that we view as being paranormal are, in fact, like that they have been scientifically proven, it’s just our the way we view science just generally, discount that or isn’t willing to look at it.

Djali Vesela 32:32
Yeah, because it’s not convenient often as well. Right? And that may be fewer papers on it. So then yeah, you go like, okay, so how do I argue this? So most of us don’t, most of us just go, Okay, let’s just go with the main path. And then what’s in my body, it’s in my body that you know, what I can prove is there. This makes me think, you know, back in the day, when people didn’t know the physiology of the body, because that they hadn’t opened the dead body just yet. They thought heart is in a different place, you know, didn’t know that we had so many organs. And they would be arguing that it’s not there, even though they hadn’t opened it.

Kristi Amdahl 33:17
Right, right.

Djali Vesela 33:19
So I think it’s the same with you know, our intuition, the inner wisdom and going further with it. Just to emphasize, you can start working on your intuition and inner wisdom without having to know how fully energy works. Using the tools I teach. That’s kind of when you’re more interested, the first thing you want to do is to go and not doubt yourself, when you kind of get you know, maybe you are invited to go to a friend and you get a poking kind of like I’m not supposed to go. And then you go thinking, Oh, but the analytical part of yourself looking at your agenda, but I haven’t seen this person maybe in I don’t know how long is appropriate for you three months, half a year, they may not like me, if I don’t go any more. There may be other people, I’m supposed to see there as well who may not consider me being a good social person, and you go analyzing what you are supposed to do. Rather than getting into the simple intuitive answer of am I supposed to go or not? And that’s the first thing that comes to you. The first thing that comes to you want to ask these questions is the intuitive answer. And that’s something you can do easily without having to tap into the whole energy tools world.

Kristi Amdahl 34:43
So how do you think someone can find out those answers? I mean, without going too deep into the energy work, like if they have a if something’s kind of, you know, nagging at them, like there’s something that’s making them question whether they want to do what they committed to do already. How can they basically feel confident that they shouldn’t do it? For example?

Djali Vesela 35:08
Yeah, I think the important thing to highlight as well is that if you are living a life that is running adrenaline, it’s running the fight or flight mode, when you are drinking coffee all day, and then calming yourself down with alcohol, let alone of painkillers or anything like that, by the way, I don’t do any of that anymore.

Kristi Amdahl 35:30
I didn’t think you did. I don’t think you’re gonna be able to access this part of you.

Djali Vesela 35:37
But, you know, but it was a path for me right not to because of trauma I had it was so much easier to just go into the analytical world by being caffeinated and calming myself down in the evening with something else. So if you are in the space of this kind of world, where basically adrenaline, cortisol, the stress hormones are running all the time with you, then it’s really hard for you to access your intuition. Because your brain goes constantly switching into let’s analyze, let’s analyze, let’s do let’s analyze, right, so the first step, if you want to get out of it, you know, you actually want to be present where you are, enjoy that time with your partner with your maybe with your parents who repeat the same stories. But if you stay present, you can actually enjoy them repeating them not all the time, but more often. So the first thing would be for you to cut down on coffee, if you want to know you know what to do about it. And yeah, let me know I do loads of decaffeinating people for this empowered path. Meditate if you don’t meditate yet, do breath work. And then you can sit down with that question, you can close your eyes, let me close my eyes here to feel into our virtual person who is asking, which is by the way, what I do in the sessions, I close my eyes and tune into the people physically. And we feel how we feel first, first we go take a breath through the nose by which we bring the energy into the body. Pause there, hold, breathe out through the mouth. This takes way shorter when you do it on your own right. And then you go, maybe you take two more breaths like this, when you get a little more used to it you can do with your eyes open as well. And then you go, this is how I feel right now. Now, you often feel some kinds of stress being processed in the center of your chest, you may be feeling some pain in the shoulders, because we do so much work with the computers and sitting wrong. You may be feeling some pain in your lower back. Those are the kinds of most chemical prayers of how we feel. Maybe you’ve digesting something. Maybe you are sad or excited, all of which goes usually somehow manifesting itself through some tension, or even some bliss in the center of your body around your heart center your abdominal cavity. This is how I feel. And now that you have taken that second to feel that I’m here, I’m in this body. We actually are energy beings and bodies. You can ask that question. And you can go a couple of ways about it. So you can literally ask for yes or no asking your energy field. What we are part of to give you a yes or no. So we can try that first. So should I go to this party? Maybe? And the first thing you get is yes or no, that’s your answer. You can also go into let me bring myself into that party virtually. And picture yourself being that. As you may know, our body doesn’t know time. It ages but the emotion and the mind just goes by what you are thinking so if you told the body we are right now at the party thinks it’s there. Unless the analytical part comes in. That’s why it’s so important not to be caffeinated comes in Well, no you aren’t. So we are at a party. How do I feel at this party? Do I feel calm happy? Do I feel any tension? And is the tension from me not stepping beyond my comfort zone because that’s It’s often something we need to pay attention to as well. Or is it because I don’t like the energy of this people or their situation is not good for me right now. And if you’re still not sure after this people who are not really used to this, they often come to me back saying, Yeah, it feels the same, it feels the same. If I’m home, if I pitched myself home or at a party, I say, picture yourself after the party, either home after or in the morning. Are you happy you went? Is it a good feeling in the body? There you go, and you open your eyes, and you’ve got your answer.

Kristi Amdahl 40:50
That is, still reminds me so much of what my own teacher calls the body compass. And it’s basically we pull into, we really pull into our awareness and imagine like engaging all of our senses and imagining being in this situation that we have to make a decision about, and then checking in and see what shifted in our body. So we started out by doing us a body scan, just to see what’s going on in our bodies anyway. And then, and then we bring this in and see how are the physical sensations of our body change in response to it, and it just reminds me so much of what you’re just talking about, I like the way you’re you’re doing it, though, it’s it’s like it’s a little different, but it’s very similar.

Djali Vesela 41:35
Yeah, that there is also your muscle testing thing or body testing, that I know that you do. So that’s really simple. As far as the muscle testing, the body testing doesn’t work fully if you’re not vibrating high enough. And that’s pretty much the same logic as if you drink too much coffee, or you know, you pollute the body with other things. The body is just not connected to the energy enough, so it’s not able to give you the answers. So your muscle testing, you know, can go with kind of your work like a pendulum to yourself asking yes or no. If you get a yes, you go forward, if you go if you get no, you got a big backwards, if you can’t get an answer, you’re supposed to have some water because the body may be within what is a dehydrator and say dehydrated. But if you’re getting nothing, it could be that really, you are not connected to the body enough.

Kristi Amdahl 42:32
You know, you mentioned human pendulum, it’s I got my first pendulum recently, like an actual one. And I was just I was at one of those store metaphysical shops, and I saw it and I was like, it’s pretty, and I’ve never tried it, but I’m curious. And so I brought it home, I read up a little bit how to use it. And then I was freaking blown away. You know, just like I’d be holding, it wouldn’t be doing anything, asked question. And then it’s thinking, it’s not doing anything, it’s not responding. And then, like, 30 seconds later, it’s going like violently in one direction. And I’m like, what is happening here? Because I’m not doing anything. I don’t even know what to do. I wouldn’t know how to do it, you know? So

Djali Vesela 43:23
You had not learned it yet. And you just started playing with it. Is that what you were doing? And all of a sudden it started going?

Kristi Amdahl 43:28
Well, I asked it a question. I don’t remember what the question was, you know, like that I was looking for? A Yes. No answer to and. And in so I asked it and it started doing that. I was like, wow. So then I asked another one that had that had the opposite response. So like I was expecting so like, I think it was actually the question I asked was, I think it was something that I knew the answer to already. I was like kind of calibrating it so to speak. And so I asked it, yes/no, that I knew the answer to it was like a yes. And then it did one thing. And then I was like, wow, because I was sort of expecting something like that. But I still I have this little doubt in my head. And then I asked it a question. I had a no response. And then I’m watching it and I’m like, It’s not doing anything. And then suddenly it starts doing the other, you know, starts circling the other direction or whatever it was doing. I don’t remember exactly, but it was a very deliberate shift. And I was like it it blew my mind. I mean, it sort of did part of it didn’t because like I do believe in this stuff, but

Djali Vesela 44:33
like, but still seeing it physically. It’s just Yeah,

Kristi Amdahl 44:37
it’s like it’s like I have proof here because I wouldn’t know how to manipulate it if I wanted to. Yeah,

Djali Vesela 44:44
yeah, yeah, it’s crazy. I think that’s really what those what you call the bullets you use for the desk people. But you know, you ask you ask them you know, you bring a person to a bit out the body goes in and then you know it goes it goes moving around

Kristi Amdahl 45:00
like the Ouiji board.

Djali Vesela 45:01
Yeah, the Ouiji. Yeah. Yeah. So you know, I’ve never used it myself just seeing it on TV. But I literally believe it does move if you know if the situation is set up, right. And, and a doubt in us, like, you know, I’ve been working energy now for years. Like I was just thinking about the podcast today, how long it is, like four or five years, I’ve been doing these things that you just couldn’t explain easily. I mean, I was scientists getting there. But yeah, I’m just you know, able to heal someone’s knee in like, you know, a couple of sessions and, and they go like, wild, it felt like I had a surgery on it. I don’t need to remotely Imagine that. Right. I live in Prague, they do come to see me, but most of my people are in the US. So this guy, you know, goes like, I felt like a surgery on my knee. It’s so amazing. Right now. I can’t believe it. I’m like, Yeah, that’s what I do. I still can’t believe I do that. Wow. So getting things like a pendulum or yeah, getting you know, other stuff that goes changing energy in your place. I think it could be affirming kind of validating for you that the energy world exists, and we can tap into it.

Kristi Amdahl 46:15
I like that. I like that use use of it to like viewing it that way.

Djali Vesela 46:20
Yeah, yeah, I’m still like, you know, because I do so part of the coaching I do is clairvoyant reading. So the the most common session I have is clairvoyant coaching with healing. And what I do I get into the person I’m reading first the energy in them, and I’m kind of saying so you know, here like it looks like you have some issue with your mum. Now, I often don’t know two people or you know, I don’t see them for a month, because that’s how powerful my sessions are only to see me really often when they go on a journey with me. So I don’t know what’s really happened. I remember the readings. I remember some of the stories, but I don’t remember any details. I’m really bad with details. And I get in there and I’m like, looks like you’re some problem with your mom. And they go like, yeah, she really annoyed me yesterday, she didn’t want to give me the baking tray back on something like that. And I’m like, wow, okay, how did I know that? Right? I didn’t know that. That’s like, there’s no way I could have known that they had mums annyoing them yesterday, right. And that’s, you know, but still, this part of me, I do with it. Within the Golden Road Psychic Services School, we do something called Reading clinics where people who have learned how to read energy, they go practicing every week, if they want for free for a lifetime, once they have done all that training, reading each other’s energy, and part of that is aligning the energy as well. And if the people are odd, because you know, they sign up, they turn up is all audio thing. And I see that there is an odd person, I have to go and read with someone. And that was wonderful student by now he’s also a healer, who goes reading with me. So sometimes I get a reading from someone as well. And he goes, blah, blah, blah, there is this doubt a little doubt in you still that what you do is not real? And I’m like, Yeah, you’re right. It’s just so weird. Right? So he did some healing on me, which you can do as part of the energy reading, I also teach people how to heal and heal themselves. And yeah, you know, like, of course, it’s, you know, the placebo effect too, but something is strong in me, I believe it’s two days after. So that’s another thing to observe the doubt in us about our inner wisdom, intuition. And kind of go and play with that with a narrative. So first, any narrative that you know, you would know from cognitive behavioral therapy that we have goes programming the body and the emotions. So we first want to become aware of it, you know, this part of me goes like, oh my god, did I really heal his knee or was it you know, like, coincidence or whatever. We acknowledge the narrative came did I really heal this knee? Because brushing it under the carpet is what doesn’t really help you process things. You want to acknowledge what’s happening in you. Maybe there was an emotion maybe there’s some kind of sensation in the body a little anxiety in the center of the chest of your doubt. That’s what comes there. You acknowledge it and then you go suggesting to your mind hahaha amusing yourself first because amusement is the highest vibrating energy. And also it makes us aware that we take this life too seriously.

Kristi Amdahl 49:46
I had no idea that amusement was the highest vibrating energy. I never heard that. I don’t know much about that. The energy stuff but what I

Djali Vesela 49:54
would argue that also the golden, blissful energy, divine love or neutral law of unconditional love is the highest vibrating energy. Amusement is up there with it. And that’s because it can really transform this serious situation by that, you know, it doesn’t mean you’re supposed to go and laugh about someone dying. But it’s really a kind of be you know, I’m doubting, you’re doubting that that’s what you’re doing there. You’re kind of bringing, you’re kind of zooming out getting the perspective, what I also work with is detached mindfulness, it’s what it is, really, it’s you detaching yourself from it going like, oh, this human this Djali, that identifies as human. She goes, doubting that she just held the knee. Ha, ha, ha, that’s, you know, even if it’s fake, you know, you’re amused that it still works. And then you go suggesting to the human Djali, which is the sillier part of my energy being, because she has this limited brain and those little eye sockets. So you go telling her well, how about we believe in jelly? How about we believe that, you know, you can heal a knee because if besides you being able to do it, you get a validation as well. Wow. So and that’s how you play when they’re active. Of course, in your real life, it’s way shorter than how I just explained it. But that’s how you can reprogram the doubt and you the disconnect from your inner wisdom.

Kristi Amdahl 51:26
I’m gonna, that’s, that’s, that’s really fascinating. I had never, you know, thought of it that way in terms of like, just the way you were describing it with the with the energy and with the doubting the amusement. I had never thought about that before. But I really really liked that and, and my coaching, one of the things we do we use, like ACT tool sometimes and, and, you know, one of them is that we use it’s like singing a silly song to this narrative that we’re telling ourselves or like, or making a comical title to this book of the story of our life, our sad story, or whatever it is just. And but it sounds like that’s like a very similar similar thing. It’s like we’re getting ourselves to laugh at some of the ridiculousness

Djali Vesela 52:18
and ridiculous really, yeah, do that as well. I don’t know, how about you, but I get that and lots of my clients do lots of my clients do come either with like a transformation in their life, anxieties, or they want to get into the energy business. And the anxious ones have these moments when they can’t stop the mind. Right. So maybe in the middle of the night they wake up, which by the way happens when you drink lots of coffee. When you be an anxious person, like you make yourself an anxious person with this type of lifestyle. So they go to the bathroom at night and they’re thinking oh my God, I need to still do this tomorrow that tomorrow we have this much money in the account and so on. And then my mind doesn’t really go anxious. But it goes saying things in the middle of the night goes like So yeah, this client did I give her all the notes. Yeah. Yeah. Tomorrow I’ll wake up. So I do with me and with them is what I say why don’t you tell your mind? Lalla Lalla Lalla. And we have a thinking now we are peeing now, it’s the middle of the night and we go to sleep faster. Okay.

Kristi Amdahl 53:23
Nice. Okay. Yeah. Does that work?

Djali Vesela 53:28
Does that help you? That works? Yeah, totally. I mean, okay, if you want anxious person, it takes time to reprogram, right? Yeah. And it’s really, it’s a long path. I’ll be honest with you. When I get the clients who are like you aware and they come to me they want to work on intuition. They stay with me just a few months, if they you know, want to work on like broadening their carrier getting more clients, maybe they say a year, the anxious class, they stay with me a couple of years at least because there is loads of reprogramming to do loads of self love loads of validation. So it works. But you need to have the patience with that. And anxious people don’t have the patience. But that’s you know, that’s a vicious cycle there.

Kristi Amdahl 54:08
Right, right. That’s true. That’s true. I want to be mindful of time but I also want to see like if if you have more time to go we’ve been talking for a while. But I if you have more time to stay with us I have I would love to keep talking and if if if you have other commitments then I guess we’ll be signing off but

Djali Vesela 54:33
I’m good for a little longer. So I have the next session about a next step. I often do next step sessions with people in half an hour so I need only about 20 minutes to reset.

Kristi Amdahl 54:46
Okay, okay, so I guess then I would I’m curious. Like all the questions that I have coming up in my head, you kind of already answered Um, but how do you tap into a client’s energy field? I am curious about that when I mean, so we tap into our own and we can, but how do you tap into somebody else’s.

Djali Vesela 55:09
So I didn’t realize until a few months ago, the way I do it is different than most people in my school do it. And it’s apparently something I should be teaching as well, because other teaching we follow in my energies school is following this lineage of Berkeley Psychic Institute, which is pretty much the same lessons, we adjust them or tuning in to the students and the world environment, but they’re very similar. And we basically go closing our eyes go listening to the sound and vibrations of their name as they repeated three times. Then in front of us, we see a metaphorical rose. And then we go asking the energy field and being without a body that we call a healing mass that is assigned to every clairvoyant in our school to give us information about that row. So the rose goes, representing what the highest self has for message for us to date right now. Now, this is how we teach it in the school. And I’ve gone somehow further as I like to do in my nerdy mind and my new world. So what I do I because I’m very empathetic as well, fortunately, in a way, I’ve managed to set boundaries and not be sad or hurt when people are, I guess that’s what I used to be. It’s what I used to do those, the coffee and the other drugs, I like to call everything you know, sugar, to call them drugs, because that gets you out of the emotions into the brain often are just very short spurts of emotions. So since now I can work in a neutral space, what I do, I overlay the energy field of my client onto my body as they say their name three times, then what we do we ground ourselves or something we did together, we go and attach or drop if we have one, a grounding cord, something that feels or looks like more in our minds are like a hollow like tube that we attach to the buttocks and grounded into the earth. And then we run energy into the body from the earth and from the [??]. Now, normally, we do this in the school just as part of readings or when we kind of get into the space when we start a lesson. But I do it as a technique where I overlay my client’s body when he’s doing it on me. And I feel their chakras as the energy goes bubbling up because we go feeling the cosmic energy going down that the head along the spine, both sides all the way into the crossbone, then into the first chakra, and the earth energy goes up the legs into the first chakra it mingles with the cosmic and you get this earth and cosmic energy in the first chakra, it bubbles up bubbles up into the second and goes on every chakra I stop. And I have a look what’s going on there as well. So normally, in our other sessions that we teach the classes and it just helps to get into the body fully. The person just feels every energy center the chakras are responsible for certain tasks and emotions such as the thirst being the food, shelter, clothing identity, your second emotion sexual life, they don’t need to analyze it, it’s really not a task to analyze it it just to be with or is there a get here, but when they do it, either really consciously or not, depending on how advanced or where they are, I’m getting deep into them looking clairvoyantly and overlaying the energy on me. And then I go through the whole body all the way to crown chakra and I have a look at their aura as well. Because our aura often has congestions or depletions depending on how we are doing when we are really stressed out often congestions because the body think about heart attack, right? So when you get a heart attack, the body is so congested because yeah, like so much happening. I can’t do this anymore. Right.

Djali Vesela 59:43
So that’s why the energy does on the right, you can tell that there are some bulges and when there’s some kind of like emotional depletion, not enough emotional support, you often get a kind of depleted areas that look like little bits that are missing. So I go looking at that asking what it is. And depending, if that’s really rich, because I always asked my healing master the being without body to helps me heal, to give me just what’s relevant right now. So sometimes very quick, this body kind of energy around us path. And sometimes it takes most of the session. And sometimes when it doesn’t, I go further, that’s often the case into the astral energy field and how we connect to the rest of the world as well. And that’s when I see that rose that our students learn about and read work, and readings. And that’s what I may give message, I may see where you’re supposed to be moving, or maybe there’s something really simple you go and smudge your place. So I just give you information that you know someone’s coming into your life. So first, I overlay the energy onto my body. And then if there is more information to be told, which I know by the healing mass and of being with our body, I have I go into looking further around them, and how they connect to the world if there was a message about it.

Kristi Amdahl 1:01:15
Thank you so much. Yes. Oh, my gosh. I mean, I wish we had another hour, because so many questions that are popping up from that. We only have just a couple minutes. So I guess I’m curious if there is this question, I asked everybody, is there anything that I didn’t ask you that I should have? Anything you want to leave people with?

Djali Vesela 1:01:38
Yeah, maybe something that would be like the powerful beginner’s tools to get into intuition. So I would say is definitely the observing the doubting and playing with that, and then grounding yourself. So whether it is true, the grounding cord, I had just given you instructions on how to we also make in our mind’s eye a button just below buttocks where it attaches, and we press it with our pyschic finger and let the energy, it’s not us, that we pick up all the time we see it as black but Black is not bad just not us, leave. So that’s one way. The other way, if you want to go very easy, very beginner, like go and feel your legs on your buttocks. They can moment and feel that your legs and your buttocks are there. And maybe if you feel like you are not present enough, go and touch them as well, just with a simple kind of stroking, touch, Okay, moving my hands onto, okay, I do have the legs. I’m here, I’m here and here is okay. So there will be where you can start. And the funny thing is about what I teach what I work with, it’s a bit like yoga. Because yoga is good for you, for the beginner, the beginners class is good, even for the advanced people, because it brings you into the space and you’re also into your body. And you also realize that there are always things you need to work on. And it was the same with all the tools I teach. So of course, when you are with me for a while you will know most of them. But when you come into my group sessions, you still enjoy them, you still will find some new perspective on how to do them every now and then. Because that’s what being mindful is about is just continuously bring ourselves into the present. Not skipping to the next thing. The next thing is ultimately death.

Kristi Amdahl 1:03:43
Right, right. Right. I love the image that you did this with me before we started with the button and about x and releasing this energy that’s not yours. I love that I I’m going to be using that from now on it’s, it’s great and Okay, so before we sign off, is there anything you would like to promote? And also how can people work with you?

Djali Vesela 1:04:09
Okay, so you can find me either on Djali that’s like Djali dot solutions. And you can also find me on Instagram @Djalisolutions. I’m right now doing the something I’ve been doing for a couple of years. every other Friday I do a signature thing that you mentioned in the bio, those are my energy clearing tools. It’s a beautiful hour with meditation breathwork working with energy. It’s a way how we increase our vibrations. It’s twice a month which I have figured out it’s kind of the best frequency for people to get cleaned of the crappy stuff. Also, you learn a bit through there but it’s in trance, you are in deep meditation so it doesn’t feel like hard work. So that’s something I do every he usually is every other Friday. Sometimes I’ve put two Fridays next to each other if I’m traveling, it’s 1pm. Pacific time, I called everything in Pacific time because our energy School is in San Diego. But you can do from replay as well is set beyond space and time I go collecting the energy for with my I don’t have to just one of those guests have more. So I go collecting it for three days is really powerful. And it’s just $15. And those guys who have subscription, most of them that have been there, guy for a while they have subscription is just $13. So you can everybody is able to attend it. So go ahead and try that. You can find it either on my website, or also I have a link tree link. And let me have a look what it sounds like I think it should just say link dot O yeah, LinkTR dot E, and it’s slash Djalisolutions.

Kristi Amdahl 1:06:02
We’ll put all of those links in the show notes just so everybody can get them.

Djali Vesela 1:06:06
And you can also grab some free stuff there. I have, of course, some freebies that you can sign up for. And then I do once a month, I just started that the Lauren Cielo who is the boss of the school, suggests every now and then I do something new. So he’s like, why don’t you do once a month a workshop on the energy tools. So that one is not relaxing, you really go learning a tool. And the next one I’m doing is on the 21st of no third of July Sunday. And let me think I think it’s like 11am 10am Pacific Time, it’s an hour. And we are going to be learning a manifestation tool that we call mock ups very powerful. And that’s cheap as well for what you get is $27. And we have made it so cheap, so that the students who are already taking classes, they can afford it as well, because they’re already paying for the classes. So those are two main things that I’m doing right now. And if you feel like you want transformation, you don’t want to be anxious, or you want to pimp up your energy business and book a one on one with me or you can just book first, a free info call to find out what we do together.

Kristi Amdahl 1:07:19
Thank you so much. I’m not sure this is going to air in time for the July beginning of July thing, but I’m gonna put all the notes into the or all of the links into the show notes. So people can connect with you. And thank you so much for being on. You were fantastic. I could just listen to you share about this stuff for like hours. And just hearing you today. I mean, I want to sign up for sessions with you. So

Djali Vesela 1:07:49
I’ll send you a pass the tools ones. There’ll be every month there’ll be every month on a Sunday, I did it I don’t like working weekends. But you know, since I have the people all around the world, the time zones kind of work best if I want to do group things on Saturdays and Sundays. So then Friday evening is kind of okay, especially if since their replay. But anyway, I decided to do one Sunday a month for an hour as well. And also I’m on Facebook on the Djali Vesela v e s e l a and I’m very happy to talk to people on Messenger until I become too big of a celebrity I won’t have time for it!

Kristi Amdahl 1:08:28
Well, thank you for that invitation. And you know, I can imagine that coming sooner than later. So let’s see once the world sees more of you.

Djali Vesela 1:08:36
Thank you so much Kristi.

Kristi Amdahl 1:08:39
Thank you so much, Djali. Oh, it’s been wonderful. It’s been wonderful. Signing off, y’all.

Kristi Amdahl 1:08:51
Thank you for listening to this episode. Please subscribe to my channel and leave a review so that others can find it via the algorithm. If you’d like to learn more about me apply for life coaching or be a guest on a future episode. Please visit my website at with peace gratitude and love.