Are You Searching For Your Purpose Or A Job Title?

Welcome to episode #5! This episode is more or less an unscripted conversation from my heart to you about purpose. The first minute or so after the intro is a little slow, but I promise that it picks up! Just a quick note that if you enjoy this episode, please subscribe to my podcast and/or YouTube channel and consider leaving me a review. Also, please like the video! Doing these things helps the algorithm so that it can reach a wider audience. Thank you! 

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Have you ever “searched” for your purpose? Like, have you asked yourself the question “What is my purpose?” Well, I’ve spent more than 20 years of my life pondering this question, and I have some thoughts about it that I share with you in today’s episode.

The biggest takeaway is that I believe strongly that every single one of us has a purpose. And, that even the most committed of us on this journey to fulfill our callings will likely express them in different ways throughout our lives. And so, today’s episode is about the difference between purpose and its current expression – its “job title.”

Now, these are my current ponderings on this subject, and they may change over time! One benefit I see to holding the belief I share today is that it reduces the pressure to find our one “right” thing; that it gives us permission to explore different ways we can fulfill our callings. And, that by differentiating what our purpose is from its “job title,” we free ourselves to honor our callings even when we’re doing work that doesn’t speak to our hearts.

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Hi, my name is Kristi Amdahl, and I am the host of the Wayfinder Diaries Podcast. I’m also a life coach, a blogger, and a Soul Seeker.

This podcast is for anyone who prioritizes living from a place of integrity, regardless of the personal cost. Its format my sisters who know that they were put on this earth for a reason, even if they don’t yet know what that reason is. And it’s for those who are inspired by stories of personal struggle, perseverance, and transformation. This podcast is my platform for sharing the lessons that I’ve learned throughout my own very unconventional life, and for providing an opportunity for others to do the same. If you’d like to learn more about me apply for life coaching, or be a guest in a future episode, please visit my website at

Hi, my name is Kristi Amdahl. And I’m a transformative life coach and host of the Wayfinder Diaries podcast. Today’s episode is about purpose. And I’ve already tried recording a few different iterations of it and wasn’t happy with any of them. And so this time, I decided to turn inward, I got grounded, I closed my eyes. And I asked – or called – on myself, to only share what is in my highest purpose to share what could be most useful for you, my listeners. So we’re going to see what comes out, I have nothing prepared.

But I do want to talk about the difference between, like what your purpose is and how your purpose is expressed, because they are not the same thing. Or usually they’re not.

I’ve been searching for my purpose since the 90s, late 90s. I first sort of got interested in this subject around the time that I started taking philosophy classes at Purdue University. And then I discovered Jiddu Krishnamurti, who is now a dead Indian philosopher. He was dead back then too. But he had this book, this compilation of some of his teachings called Think On These Things. And that book changed my life. And I was on a mission to find and fulfill my purpose.

Now, he doesn’t talk about purpose. I don’t think in that book, that’s just kind of a takeaway I got from it. And even back then, I knew…I had this awareness that my purpose was to bring more love and light to the world. But that easily got kind of clouded over and I started looking at instead an answer to a different question. And that is the question of, well, it still, it still seems like the same question. That’s what’s my purpose?

But really, the question that I was asking is, what’s the what’s the job title for my purpose? What does my purpose look like in action? Like I was looking to see if that meant I was to be an activist, is my purpose to be an activist? Is my purpose to be an artist? Is my purpose to be songwriter? Is my purpose to be a yoga teacher? What is my purpose in those terms? From that perspective, I was looking for a job title, a nice, neat little way to categorize what my purpose was.

And it turns out that my purpose is to bring more love and light to the world. And it’ll express itself throughout my lifetime in probably very different ways. And it was only more recently that I really understood the difference between what my overarching purpose is, and how I can express my purpose right now. And this was a really big aha moment for me when, when this happened, I think, and perhaps it’s a new thing to think about for you as well, especially if you’re looking for your purpose, you’re trying to understand it.

Are you getting in your own way? By looking for that job title? That you’re – that comes with your purpose, like I was? What is your purpose at the core of your being? What is your purpose? And this is an answer that you already have, you already have this answer deep inside of you, you’ll maybe have to turn inward to access it. Maybe that comes through meditation, maybe that comes through walking in a park, maybe that comes through working with a transformative life coach like me, but you already have those answers deep down.

And then once you discover what your purpose is, again, for me, it’s to bring more love and light to the world. Once I discover that I can start looking at the “job titles” that might help to do that. And a lot of times, it’s not even about the job title. It’s about how we show up in our lives right now. Today. So my purpose to show up in the world to bring more love and light to the world – I can do that no matter what my career is. Sometimes I forget that. Especially when I’m in a career I don’t, I don’t enjoy you know, I forget that.

But showing up being love being light, being the change, being a magnet of or like a light bulb of love or whatever. Luminous – like heart filled with love – that just wants to shine everywhere and wants to like uplift humanity. I can do that no matter what I’m doing job-wise. No matter what, label whatever job title I’ve given to my purpose.

And so, of course, I still want to do something that is fulfilling to me. But right now, my expression of my purpose is through transformative life coaching, is through the Wayfinder Diaries podcast. And it’s through the sacred women’s full moon circles that I just started hosting last month. And these are ways that I’m currently expressing my purpose in terms of like job titles, or whatever.

But I express my purpose every day when I come back to the awareness of what it is. And so what I mean by that, so even if I’m not coaching somebody, even if I am not in circle, with someone, if I’m not holding space for somebody, specifically, even if I’m not doing any of those things. If I am showing up, if I have the awareness inside of me that yes, my purpose is to bring more love and light to this world. And then I hold that in my presence, in my awareness, in my consciousness, and I bring that with me – that expression of love of light with me and I take that – I don’t let it separate. I don’t let it kind of go away. I am living my purpose.

I was doing this the other day, actually. I was walking in the park around the lagoon, that’s my favorite place to be. And I noticed that like, I was feeling so good. I was feeling like so much love for humanity for just this glorious, beautiful world we live in. Like, I probably had tears coming down my face from the beauty of it all because I’m very sensitive person, highly sensitive person, that happens a lot for me. But I noticed this time when I was walking through the park, I mean, there’s not a lot of people that I crossed paths with, because I go pretty early in the morning. But there are some, and like almost every single person I encountered, smiled and greeted me. I know, that’s not a normal occurrence. I mean, I live in Chicago, I live in a big city, this is a city park. I mean, people oftentimes, like just mind their own business. And to me, I realized that people were doing that was because I was a magnet, I had become this magnet in that moment, I was living my purpose, I was sharing my love with them, I was radiating love, and they felt it in some way. And they were drawn to it. And they, you know, interacted with me engaged with me as a result of it. I truly believe that’s what happened.

So if you are looking for your purpose, you’re trying to understand your calling, you’re wondering what it is. I’m really going to invite you to kind of ponder, go inside, go inward and ponder at a more existential level. Is it to bring more love and light to this world? Is it to Inspire, inspire humanity to do something? What is your purpose on that kind of a level, I believe every single person on this planet has a purpose. I truly believe that, and I believe every single person on this planet has a unique expression of their purpose.

And so once you figure out what your purpose is, and you can access this from working with a coach, or I shouldn’t say that you can access this working through a coach like coach, a good coach, especially one who’s focused on deep transformations can create a sacred container for you to explore these things, and can help you uncover it. But it’s still it’s something that comes from within you, you have to do the work. So coaching can help you to understand what your purpose is. Channeled writing can as well. And that is where you hold an intention. So maybe your intention is to understand what my purpose is. And then to put my pen on a piece of paper and then start moving it and letting it flow. It’s not about thinking; this is not about journaling on a prompt. This is about letting whatever your hand’s going to do, like whatever your pen is going to tell you. It’s whatever your soul is going to express through your pen. You just let it happen. And then when you feel called to stop, you stop and then you look at what you’ve been given. And then you can you know, you can there’s a lot of times, there’s some really valuable information in there. So those are ways you can like have a better understanding of what your purpose is. Getting out in nature is one way.

I do have a free meditation and workbook on my site. It’s called Meet Your Future Essential Self. And this is a powerful meditation where I I guide you into this journey of meeting yourself in the future and to find to basically be receptive to the gift that your future self wants to give you. And then there’s a lot of journaling prompts in it. And there’s also some tapping that can help break thought patterns that are that are not helpful or useful. Whatever, you can get that on my website at Kristi, I’ll put that in the show notes.

So, anyway, this podcast, I feel like I’ve expressed everything that needs to be expressed right now about this. I guess I just want to leave you with this idea that your purpose and your expression of your purpose right now are two different things. Try not to get caught up in the expression of your purpose. Because it’s so easy to get overwhelmed by not having the perfect idea of what your purpose is meant to be. What what job title, your purpose is, how it’s meant to be expressed.

Instead of just having a better understanding of the more existential, what is my purpose? question. And then living your life from that standpoint. Because the answer is if you are in alignment with your purpose, with the truth of who you are, and you are, like, embodying that, you’re embodying love, if your purpose is to love, if you’re embodying these things, things fall into place. They fall into place beautifully…on you know, maybe not the timing you want, but you know, it’s still it’s the Universe’s time is perfect. So I hope that this gave you some good food for thought or left you just feeling, I don’t know, like more connected to your purpose in some way. If you would like to work with me that link will be in the show notes as well. And thank you.

Thank you for listening to this episode. Please subscribe to my channel and leave a review so that others can find it via the algorithm. If you’d like to learn more about me apply for life coaching or be a guest on a future episode. Please visit my website at Kristi with peace gratitude and love.