A Conversation About Human Design With Life And Energy Coach Megan Seamans

Welcome to the Wayfinder Diaries podcast! In this episode, life and energy coach Megan Seamans and I have a conversation about a lot of things, but most of it focuses on doing that thing that your heart’s telling you to do and also on Human Design. Just a quick note that if you enjoy this episode, please subscribe to my podcast and/or YouTube channel and consider leaving me a review. Also, please like the video! Doing these things helps the algorithm so that it can reach a wider audience. Thank you! 

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About this episode

In this episode, ICF certified life coach and energy coach Megan Seams shares with us how she went from crisis mode to building an inspired and beautiful life. Megan’s traveled the world, started three businesses, and just bought a one-way ticket to Scotland! This is a conversation you won’t want to miss!

We cover a lot of ground in this episode, but I really want to highlight the part of our conversation that dives into Human Design (HD). I’m fairly new to HD, but I recently had a reading and it blew my mind just how well it described me, my personality, and my life! I felt understood in a way that I never before have, and so to have a guest who’s so well-versed in HD and integrates it into her life and coaching is a serious treat! You’ll definitely want to skip down to the bottom of the show notes for a link to Megan’s free Human Design roadmap.

About Megan Seamans:

Megan Seamans is a Certified Life & Energy Coach and Human Design Guide. Megan supports women to tap into their magic and confidently lead their life; without people pleasing, fear or doubt standing in the way.

After navigating the loss of her brother in 2018 and facing burnout on the thing she was the most passionate about, she changed the way she looked at purpose.

You’ll find Megan sharing her joy and wisdom on places like Tiny Buddha, Elite Daily, and numerous podcasts. She’s currently rooted in Winter Park, Florida but is often found catching a one way ticket to somewhere new!

You can connect with Megan via her website: https://www.meganseamans.com.

Also, be sure to download Megan’s “Roadmap To Discover Your Unique Human Design”: https://www.meganseamans.com/purposebydesign.

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Kristi Amdahl 0:02
Hi, my name is Kristi Amdahl, and I am the host of the Wayfinder Diaries Podcast. I’m also a life coach, a blogger and a Soul Seeker. This podcast is for anyone who prioritizes living from a place of integrity, regardless of the personal cost. It’s for my sisters who know that they were put on this earth for a reason, even if they don’t yet know what that reason is. And it’s for those who are inspired by stories of personal struggle, perseverance, and transformation. This podcast is my platform for sharing the lessons that I’ve learned throughout my own very unconventional life, and for providing an opportunity for others to do the same. If you’d like to learn more about me, apply for life coaching, or be a guest on a future episode, please visit my website at KristiAmdahl.com.

Hi, I’m Kristi Amdahl with the Wayfinder Diaries and today in this episode, I’m really excited to be bringing on Megan Seamans as my guest, my second guest on the show. And Megan, I met her through an online course that I had taken about a year and a half ago and she blew me away. Megan is just like this firecracker of energy. She has so much light in her lover smiley right now as I’m saying this. And she’s always been just a joy to be around. But the more I learned about Megan, the more I learned that that wasn’t always the case with her. She has a really fascinating story. And so I’m really excited to get to hear about it. I’m excited to have her share it with you today. So I’m just gonna read her bio before I introduce her.

Megan Seamans is a certified life and energy coach and Human Design Guide. Megan supports women to tap into their magic and competently lead their life without people pleasing fear or doubt standing in the way After navigating the loss of her brother in 2018, And facing burnout on this thing that she was most passionate about, she changed the way she looked at purpose. You’ll find Megan sharing her joy and wisdom on places like tiny Buddha, Elite Daily, and numerous podcasts. She’s currently rooted in Winter Park, Florida, but is often found catching a one way ticket to somewhere new. So welcome to the show, Megan! And I just realized before I started, I’ve never heard you pronounce your last name. So am I even pronouncing it right?

Megan Seamans 2:44
You said it all correct. Yes.

Kristi Amdahl 2:50
Okay, so tell us about yourself.

Megan Seamans 2:55
Well, I was so excited to be here. And thank you so much for that beautiful intro. I’ve been called a human sparkler before. So

Kristi Amdahl 3:05
it’s like, so accurate.

Megan Seamans 3:07
Yes. And I love just like bringing the sparkle wherever I go. And just giving my joy out radiating my joy on I feel like I operate from an overflow of joy. And so I love that that is witnessed within me. So thank you so much for witnessing that in me. And yeah, you’re you’re right, it hasn’t always been this overflow of joy, I will say I’ve always had joy in me. And at one point in my life just got really good at painting a smile over everything. That the joy has always been in me and it just feels really good to be able to operate in a place where it feels like overflow and not bandaid, you know, right?

Kristi Amdahl 3:50
That a lot of people can relate to that. It’s like we have our face or social self that we put out to the world. But there’s usually something else going on inside too. It’s not always what we what we share what we share in social or just even on Zoom.

Megan Seamans 4:07

Kristi Amdahl 4:11
So you know, reading your reading your about page on your site and learning more about you. What you’re currently doing with your life seems to be a far cry from what you went to school for. I remember reading something about changing your major seven times, I think. And so I am I’m curious what was going on what was life like and what happened? Yeah,

Megan Seamans 4:40
I did change my major seven times. And I probably researched like 40 other career path options. As I was making my way through college. I just felt like I was following this formula that everyone else was following and the way that I should have been And, you know, evolving in my life, and I was feeling so frustrated because it wasn’t working for me, like, I felt like I didn’t fit anywhere. And I was navigating through a lot of anxiety and a lot of frustration. And I just remember always thinking, is life just gonna feel like this, like for the rest of the rest of my life for the rest of adulthood? Is this what it’s going to feel like, and I really didn’t know why I couldn’t have explained it at the time looking back now. And I can see there were so many worthiness, you know, problems going on underneath the surface where I would choose a major and then there would be this point where I’d be like, Oh, no one’s gonna actually hire me for that, or I’m not actually good enough for that job. And so then I would like scramble and try and fix it, and just change in the external and like, oh, maybe that’ll maybe that’ll make it all better. And it was just felt like so much pressure. And I didn’t know what I was gonna do. I was like, nearing my I mean, I was in my fifth year of college, and I still hadn’t landed on a major, I had taken a lot of classes for a lot of different things. I knew a little bit about a lot. So but I was coming into my fifth year, and I was like, I’m never going to finish this chapter of my life. And I don’t like the way I’m feeling in it. I can remember even like, going on this random, like, first date with a guy and him asking me like, What do you like to do for fun? And me being like, I don’t, I don’t know. Like, I had no answer for it. It just felt like everything was just kind of moving on autopilot.

And so one day, I was house sitting for my parents. And it was probably the first extended period of time of me being just alone in silence. And because I always had roommates had multiple roommates that we were always hanging out talking, like all the way up until like, we would fall asleep. And so I was sitting there. And I remember, like hearing this voice, like, what if you just said yes. And I was like, now it’s come from? And I heard it again. And it was like, interesting. There was like, what if I did, so I decided to follow that. And from there, I went in, I asked my guidance counselor, like, what is the thing that’s gonna get me out of here the fastest because I didn’t want to just close that chapter of my life. So graduated with a degree. And then as all my friends were going to get, like entry level positions. I went off, I built three businesses, I started traveling the world, I moved out of my hometown, I basically like burnt it all down and just started from square one. From a place that just felt like I was saying yes to me, finally. And that door opening changed, everything was just one moment.

Kristi Amdahl 7:44
So okay, so I’m, I’m gonna get back to the three businesses and stuff because most people like 20, early 20, somethings don’t do stuff like that. I mean, maybe the next generation is different. But we certainly didn’t do that. I didn’t do that. But before I do…that voice, so I want to like stop there. Because I want to read what you have on something you have in your about page. It’s about the voice. And it just really gave me the goosebumps when I read it. I was like, Oh my god. So you have,

“It’s not the 10 years of therapy that changes our life. It’s not the rock bottom, and it’s certainly not following some pre laid out path that worked for hundreds of other people. It’s the one moment that changes your life. It’s often subtle, much more subtle than we expect. I know I was waiting for God, the Almighty to come down and hand me a golden scroll that says I finished my time suffering. It’s the moment we make a decision, a decision to believe in a new story. In one swift move, you go from victim to Victor. And so here’s the thing, the voice thing. For me, it was a quiet moment on the couch in my childhood home when I heard a new voice. It wasn’t the normal voice of doubt. It was a voice that said This can’t be it. What if you said yes to life? What if you did everything you’ve been too scared to try?”

And this, like, I just had the chills because when I was 20, my twentieth birthday, I nearly died by suicide. And that wasn’t the last rock bottom. And that was the last suicide attempt I’ve had, but that wasn’t the last rock bottom. I had to have another few after that. And I was just like, my life was a mess. And it was miserable. I was definitely a victim of it. And when I finally got like this horrific prognosis from my psychiatrist, it was like, in that moment, well, a few moments after that, actually, I heard a voice and it’s like, it’s the same thing for me when I read about your story and that literally changed my entire life to this day and it was “you’re responsible for your own happiness.” And so that voice those like what do you think that was was when you heard that voice? Was that like because you mentioned you know, God handing gold scroll? Face palm. Um, do you attribute that to some like higher power? Do you attribute it to just your own intuition? What do you think happened there?

Megan Seamans 10:06
It’s such a good question. And I don’t know that I know what the actual answer is. But what I do believe is that our intuition and higher power, God, universe, spirit, whatever it is you connect with, I believe they co-create things together, and bring those inner nudges to us in different ways. Some, for some people, it’s very audio. For some people, it’s a visual that comes through for some people, it’s just in knowing all of the sudden you just know. And I think they co-collaborate together to create this. But it’s only in those pauses, those moment of silence those moments in between that we can actually hear them that they actually have the space to land, right?

Kristi Amdahl 10:54
Yeah. Wow. So that changed your life. And, and then you? And then you went on and created three businesses. What’s that about? What happened there? Like, how did you do that?

Megan Seamans 11:09
Yeah, I just, I went on this full on experiment of like, what would the yes look like? Like it stuck with me really hard that someone asked me? What do you do for fun? And I had no answer. Like, I was kind of like, maybe schoolwork, or maybe like, I couldn’t think of anything. And that really hit me. And I was like, what happened? And so I kind of just went on this experiment of like, what do I really want? What do I want to align with? What do I want to experience in life? And it really started as like this…I would say like it started from like, a selfish why of a very much of like, oh, well, I want to travel like I want to do this. It started out of these like desires. And I just started following those.

And so what did that look like? Well, I was like, Well, certainly if I’m sitting in a cubicle, and like working from nine to five, I don’t know how we’re going to be able to travel. And that was like one of my biggest like, initial starting driving factors. And I was like, great, what can I do? And so I just started exploring. I was like, what if I started a business, which made zero sense, I have no entrepreneurs in my family, both of my parents, they’re wonderful humans. They’re both librarians, which feels like the furthest thing away from entrepreneurship.

And so it’s like, I This makes zero sense. I don’t know how to build a business. But like, let’s, let’s go for it. Let’s give it a go. Let’s give it a try. So I started a jewelry company, which I no longer run. I started a blog with my boyfriend, I travel blog, actually. And then I started my coaching business shortly after that.

Kristi Amdahl 12:52
So what brought you what got you into coaching? Like, how did that happen?

Megan Seamans 12:57
Yeah. So the jewelry company that I was with, we had like a large community of people. And I was constantly sharing, like things I was doing, where I was like going to networking events, starting my own networking events. I was trying things like just going into local businesses and introducing myself and I would share these things. And people would say things like, Oh, you’re so you’re so brave. Like, I couldn’t imagine just like walking into a business and introducing myself. I couldn’t imagine starting my own networking event. How do you do that? And it wasn’t how like, like, how tell me the tangible steps. It was like, how are you finding the courage to put yourself out there like that.

And I kind of ran into life coaching on a total accident Instagram scroll moment, where I was just doing a daily scroll thing and saw this person pop up in my feed, and that was a life coach. And I was like, what is that? And I started reading her page. And it sounded like so many of the questions that people were asking me like, how are you doing these things? How are you finding the confidence to show up in this way? How are you putting yourself out there like that? How are you not scared? And I saw these things like weaved into her website into her page. And I was like, that’s the next Yes, for me!

I had no idea who she was. She lived in Australia, like other side of the world. I was just like, I emailed her. And then I Instagram messaged her at the same time, it was like I need to have a call with you, like take my money. I need to figure out what this is. So I just immediately like got on a call with her signed up to coach with her. And then very shortly after that joined the coaching program that she took as well. Wow.

Kristi Amdahl 14:48
Wow. And so that’s…I’m always drawn to people like other life coaches, just because I think that there’s something in us at least for the coaches that are in my own coaching program, where it’s like, it’s, there’s, I don’t know, it’s like, we’re all sort of searching for something for that thing. And then we’ve discover it in a coach and what someone else is offering. And then we all feel kind of the pull the draw to maybe not become coaches ourselves, but at least a sign up to like, kind of, like maximize it, like do the course do the program or whatever.

Megan Seamans 15:25
Yeah, yeah, totally. I think that’s when my, my why and my driving factors even started to shift from like, Oh, I’m, I’m following these, like, very me, I want to travel, I want to do this. And then it began to shift into this, like, collective I want to serve, I want to support people to walk this path as well.

Kristi Amdahl 15:44
Yeah, I love that. Yeah, the service element is I know, for me, that’s like the biggest driver. And before it was like, just trying to figure out what was gonna bring satisfaction in my life and fulfillment. And now it’s like realizing that fulfillment comes from being of service.

Megan Seamans 16:01
Yeah, I feel like there is like this natural, like, evolution to someone’s why after that one moment where you’d like decided to say, yes, you’ve decided to, like make that change, then there’s like this natural evolution that happens, it’s really beautiful to witness

Kristi Amdahl 16:16
Totally is totally is. So I am curious. So you do Human Design. And I know that I this is like the exciting part for me. So you did Human Design, and I know that it’s getting to be more popular right now. But so many people have never heard of it or don’t know what it is. So one, I’m curious, what is Human Design? And I’m also and then I’m curious, like, how do you integrate it into your coaching? Or how does it how has it influenced your coaching and your life for that matter?

Megan Seamans 16:50
Big question. Yeah. Big question.

Kristi Amdahl 16:53
Do whatever you want with it!

Megan Seamans 16:57
Yeah, so what is human design? Human Design is basically like every personality test you’ve ever taken woven into like, one blueprint. Like, the moment I found it, I was like, well, that’s actually not true. The moment I found it, I was like, I don’t need that thing to tell me who I am or what I need to do. That’s, that’s truly the first moment I found it. And then the moment that I really opened up to it, I was like, Oh, it brought in all these contrasts about me that always really confused me. Like, I would take these personality tests. And I would be like an introvert over here. But then I’m a Leo and astrology. And I was like, how do those fit together. And Human Design is something that brings in those contrasts in a way that just really beautifully weaves together and makes sense. It’s literally the science of differentiation. So it’s the study of how all human beings are different. And it shows us how our energy is meant to show up with the most ease, and how I integrate that with my clients.

I am a huge believer and Human Design being an integration over just more information. I see a lot of people like diving into their human design, reading about the pieces and parts, and then feeling overwhelmed with what to do with it. And that’s because I really believe Human Design’s meant to be more of like, you take it, you experiment with it, you put it into place, you see how it fits and feels, and you integrate it into your life.

And so I really naturally weave that into coaching series by discovering the human design and then pulling that through as a through line on our work together. Because I believe when you’re showing up as the most you version of you there is, I think it’s the greatest gift we can give to the world. And it just creates a lot of ease. It’s so much easier to walk through life, when you’re doing it your way and the way your Energy wants to move. Instead of trying to borrow beliefs or trying to borrow other people’s energy patterns. It just creates a lot of ease. And so I love bringing that into my client work.

Personally, oh my goodness, do we have like an hour for how much? How many?

Kristi Amdahl 19:13
Keep going, I don’t have anyone after you!

Megan Seamans 19:17
Like all the ways Human Design has impacted me is truly incredible. It I think the thing that I constantly am chatting with clients about is that Human Design is it’s a coming home, it’s a permission slip. It’s never new information. And it’s never like this moment of like, oh my gosh, I can’t believe that about myself. More often it’s “Do you not do that, like does everyone not do that?” It’s more of those moments of realizing like oh, that’s me and allowing yourself to reawaken the pieces and parts that you shut down. And that’s what really impacted me first and foremost was noticing the different parts of my chart,

for example, I’m what’s called a self-projected projector, and self-projected is all about using your voice to get to the decision that you want to make. So basically, through my voice, I’m looking for that neutral ground. And then I know that’s the direction I’m here to move in.

And I can quite literally remember the moment in third grade that I’ve shut that down, because I constantly got in trouble for talking in class, they can literally feel little me chatting through these decisions that I was making. And after getting in trouble so many times I can literally remember the moment I was like, Okay, I have to stop doing this, or I’m gonna be like, rejected out from the classroom. And so I can remember when I shut that down and sort of give myself permission to let that come back out was such a game changer for me. And that’s just like one example of the many things I discovered in my own chart.

I think the second thing that I really uncovered, and as I was studying Human Design is when I started not only reading my chart, but the people around me’s chart, and started realizing how I can create more clear channels of communication and how I can create more ease and knowing like, you don’t operate the way I do, and I don’t operate the way you do, let’s figure out how to bring that to a point where we can, like, meet together, and work together in the way that each of us are differently meant to show are meant to show up differently. So it’s just created a lot of ease in my relationships, this bottle. Yeah. I just, I

Kristi Amdahl 21:35
I found Human Design fascinating. And I was first exposed to it by my spiritual business coach, like I’m on a conversation last year, and I don’t remember where we were going with it. But suddenly she’s like, what’s your birthday? When were you born? What time and I’m like this, and you know, and, and she’s like, like, couple of seconds later, she’s like, “Oh, my God, you’re a unicorn.” I have no idea what you’re talking about. And so that was so I learned I was a reflector. And I was like, I have no idea what this means. But I was curious. So I dove into it.

And it was like, Holy crap. This is like the manual that explains how I operate in this world, and no one has it. And my whole life, I felt like I was screwed up or weird or something was wrong with me. And like one of the things in my chart that I are with as a reflector that really hit home. For me, it was this feeling of being invisible. And I remember, like, as a child as a young kid, like always, like I remember when I first met who is now my ex-husband, but like it was my fourth grade crush, and we’re in fourth grade. And one day, he turned around and said something to me. And I was so shocked because I literally felt like he couldn’t see me like I was literally invisible.

And I felt that way so much in my life. And then seeing that in my human design chart. It was like validating because no one else I talked to knew what that was like or were like, what’s wrong with you? I always found that.

But then I discovered, you know, joining some Human Design groups online and stuff for reflectors, that people often have a tendency to sort of pigeonhole themselves into at least the reflectors that I’ve seen online into their chart and like, it’s like their entire life revolves around their chart, and they feel like stuck in a box like powerless now because of what their chart says. And so I’ve been making a conscious effort to like not, not feel limited, but feel expansive by having this chart. So can you talk to that at all? Speak to that at all? Have you seen that in your work with human design?

Megan Seamans 23:34
Oh, yeah, absolutely. I think there’s this like, innate craving with humans to like, find a label or find certainty in something. And my entire mission with human design is to not make it another label to not make it another box. And I always say, when I’m sitting for like a Human Design session, or I’m chatting with a client about Human Design, you’re teaching me as much as I’m sharing, because no one knows your energy better than you do. And there’s always permission to reframe, readjust something.

And if you’re ever wondering things like, Oh, I’m a reflector, can I do this? The answer is yes. It’s just how can you do it with the most ease? And so for me, it’s not about restriction. It’s not about like, “Can I do this?” It’s yeah, you absolutely can. Now let’s figure out how to do it in a way that feels really good for you. And I think the the possibilities in Human Design are limitless and endless if we let go of that box, and we let ourselves reframe, readjust and let it feel really good.

Kristi Amdahl 24:38
I love that I’m gonna like capture and replay this like very specific part later or like, how can we make it bring the most ease to it? And I guess you can do it but like there’s, you know, the easier way and the harder way, which one do you choose. I love that so much.

Megan Seamans 24:55
Yeah, I think it’s particularly like super important for me. People that are like reflectors, 1% of the population. So how often are you trying to do something someone else’s way? Their way works really well for them because their energy moves in a certain way. And it might work for a whole other group of people really went well on that same way. And then you’re this beautiful unicorn that can still do it. And like reflectors are so powerful. Reflectors fascinate me. I think they’re amazing. And they have so much power within them. It’s literally just activating like, how that wants to move.

Kristi Amdahl 25:34
Yeah. I love that I have this app on my phone. I sometimes pull it up. I don’t do it every day. But I it’s like a daily transits or whatever my current one. So

Megan Seamans 25:46
love that.

Kristi Amdahl 25:47
So not everything is white right now. Yeah.

Megan Seamans 25:53
Yeah, that’s so good. Because yeah, that’s like part of being a reflector is like some days you actually feel like a generator. Some days. You feel like a manifesting generator. Some days you feel like a projector.

Kristi Amdahl 26:03
Right? And now you’re a projector?

Megan Seamans 26:05
That’s right. Yeah. Yeah.

Kristi Amdahl 26:08
So how does that inform? does that inform like, how you coach being a projector?

Megan Seamans 26:15
That’s a really interesting question. I would say, I would say it informs everything that I do. More than anything, when it comes to like coaching, I would say being a projector, what is supported me the most is one learning to recognize myself. And that’s super important for projectors, and two learning to give myself breaks, which can also be really important for reflectors as well. And not trying to be in hustle all the time.

That doesn’t mean as a projector, or as a reflector, that we can’t have a hustle seasons, or I’m not a huge fan of that word, but but like seasons where we’re doing things, but it really means just being mindful of my energy. Because if my energy is drained out, I’m not going to be able to show up and serve my clients from a really high level. And so I think more than anything, what it’s brought into my coaching is being really mindful and aware of my energy and my energetic capacity. Because if I’m not showing up in full, that’s going to create a domino effect effect in my life.

Kristi Amdahl 27:28
Like that. Yeah, so I guess, I have like, I’m drying, like, I suddenly had this blank. I had all these questions, and then they just went, poof, disappear. I am curious about something. Maybe this is something we’re not gonna talk about, but I’m just going to bring it up. And you can tell me yes or no.

Megan Seamans 27:51

Kristi Amdahl 27:51
I saw your Instagram post today.

Megan Seamans 27:54
Let’s start about it.

Kristi Amdahl 27:55
Yes, Scotland?

Megan Seamans 27:57
That’s right. I’m off.

Kristi Amdahl 28:00
What, what’s going on? How do you write so just what is go? I mean, like, so for everyone who’s not following my Megan’s Instagram, she’s taking off to Scotland. She just posted it this morning. one way ticket? I think you said July. And I am curious, like when what you’re doing in Scotland? And two, how do you develop the courage to just DO it?

Megan Seamans 28:25
This is a great question. And I can tie back Human Design even. Yes, I am off on a one way ticket to Scotland, it is my favorite place on Earth. This is the second time I’ve done this. I just fell in love with it. The very first time I visited there, I fell in love with it. And I knew I would be back. And I knew it would continue to be a home for me.

So went there in 2019 spent several months there. And the intention was to then spend several months there every year to follow as kind of like a second home for myself and my boyfriend, who also loves it quite intensely. And then 2020 happened and traveled out a little different. So it’s been about two years since I’ve been and my heart has just been longing for it. And it’s been in the works. It’s been it’s been coming together to get back there. I mean, I’ve known for a long time I’d get back there and then it was again just waiting for that energy to show up in a way that felt like yeah, it’s it’s time. It’s time now. Waiting for everything to align not only in my life, but also in my boyfriend’s life and letting that really work in balance and flow.

And feeling invited to start creating that as my next chapter. And so, yeah, how do I have the courage to do something like that? It really comes down to knowing that as far as we know, we only get to do this life thing one time. And I choose my moments from that place. I choose my moments from that place of I used to this life thing one time, if by the end of my days, I’m sitting there going, I never booked that flight to Scotland. I never did the adventure, like how is that going to feel.

And that’s something that experiencing the loss of my brother really taught me and he, in those last few days, we spent together made me promise him that I was going to keep living life solely on purpose, I was going to keep living the moments that he said, “even if you have to live in a gutter to do the thing that brings you joy.” That’s it. That’s the thing. And the very first time I ever went to Scotland, I was I had moved into an apartment, I was just moving through a season of grief. It was right after I had lost my brother. It’s moving through this season of grief.

And I had this dream or he came to me and he was like, What are you doing? And I was like, I’m just living life. And he was like, You’re not living like, and he was like, book the ticket. And the very next day was when I booked my very first ticket to Scotland. And so, so much of that courage comes from that knowing of like, Yeah, this is it. Like, we gotta live it up.

Kristi Amdahl 31:32
I have like serious goosebumps again from that story. And I, what a beautiful gift your brother gave you before he left. Yeah,

Megan Seamans 31:42
I learned grief is a is a funny little season. It’s equal parts, like a shit show. Can I curse on your podcast?

Kristi Amdahl 31:53
Absolutely. Absolutely.

Megan Seamans 31:55
And like the worst, and like, just like you’re being waves are like being crashed over you, right. And at the same time, it’s kind of the best because everyone I’ve ever met that’s gone through a cycle of grief has taken out these incredible lessons, and incredible wisdom from it. And so it’s misfit to, it’s a strange chapter, we all go through at some point, whether it’s the loss of a loved one, or the loss of a old chapter in your life, or the loss of an old version of yourself. And at the same time, it’s it can be really beautiful in there too.

Kristi Amdahl 32:38
So you know, that your your trip to Scotland, your decision to do that, like recently, I quit my corporate job to dive into coaching without having a client base. So it’s not like the most financially wise decision, although my own teacher Martha Beck is like, “I would challenge you to take that to The Work.” You know, she’s like, I don’t think that it was irresponsible. And I’m like, all right.

But it was like the same thing. It’s like, I can’t stand to the idea of like, of living my life in a way that’s not aligned with me and to potentially regret someday for not taking a different action. And if I it’s sometimes it’s scary to do stuff, but if you don’t do it, you don’t do it. And then your life is like the same thing. And it’s not what it could have been. And yeah.

So I’m curious. Um, so how can people work with you? How do you work with people? Who do you serve?

Megan Seamans 33:38
Yeah, so I love working with people who are ready to reawaken that magic within. Most of my clients come to me feeling just completely frozen in time. Like they chose something that was meant to be temporary. And here we are three years, five years, seven years, 10 years down the road, and it’s still the same and so almost like they’ve been frozen in this moment that was not meant to stay. And I love to help them reawaken that magic within align fully with their unique energy. And use that as a compass so that they can have these moments where they’ve quit the job. They’ve booked the one way ticket, they’ve started the business, they’ve published the book, whatever it is for for you.

I’m not here to tell you there’s one right goal or one right result, it’s what’s what’s going to really light you up what’s gonna really ignite that spark. So I love working with people who are ready for all that goodness. And you can always find me literally anywhere online at Megan Seamens, I’ve got a very searchable name. I love hanging out on Instagram, and you can find my website as well.

Kristi Amdahl 34:50
I will, I will be sure to put those links in in the notes for this show. And is there anything that you want to share? With people, anything you want to promote? To know about.

Megan Seamans 35:04
I do have a free Human Design toolkit. So if you’re like curious of like, what’s this Human Design thing? Like, what are they talking about reflector projector? What does that mean? And you want to look up your chart and kind of start to dive into the basics and then learn how to tap into that. I kind of walk through the different layers of your Human Design chart in there. And then there’s journal prompts for each energy type. So you can start to activate your unique energy, your way of, of really showing up in life. So got that for you all. I’m sure we’ll link it somewhere around this episode.

Kristi Amdahl 35:43
It’ll be linked in the in the notes for sure. So is there anything else that you would like to leave us with before we end the show? Anything that didn’t ask that I should have? Anything on your mind?

Megan Seamans 35:57
It’s always a good question. I think if you’re going to take anything out of this episode, do the thing. Quit the job. Leave the relationship that’s not working anymore. Book, the one way ticket to do the thing. You can always choose again. So do the thing that feels that feels like it’s been tugging at you for a while now.

Kristi Amdahl 36:18
You can always choose again. I really love that. That’s like, I’m gonna put on a post it note and reminder.

Megan Seamans 36:25
Yeah, I love that.

Kristi Amdahl 36:28
Well, thank you so much for coming on the show. I like I said earlier, before we did this, I was I was so excited to that you said yes. First of all, because you just have great energy. And I just want to share you with the world. And I’m always like when I whenever I see you just for everyone who’s here before, I mean, I know I’m signing off now. But like Megan is like the emcee of this, like of these online events. And this course that I signed up with that I know of in the last year, but it’s Selena Soo’s impacting millions course. And it’s fantastic. And that’s how I know who Megan is because she’s very instrumental in that program.

And just every time there is like a zoom call or anything when you’re on which is just about all of them. It’s just like this woman has the best energy. You’re just like you said, sparkler, but you’re magnetic and you just light up the room. And so having you on here, it’s been so exciting for me. And thank you again. And yeah, that’s it.

Megan Seamans 37:35
Thank you. It’s such a joy to sit with you super, super grateful for this conversation.

Kristi Amdahl 37:40
Thanks, Megan. All righty. Signing off y’all.

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