I’ve been rebranding my website – swapping the psychedelic hippie vibe for a boho one – and as I’ve been uploading photos from my recent photoshoot, things got fucking real.

I saw myself as the beautiful goddess that I truly am when I saw my chunky triceps and (hint of a) double chin in the images that Soul Brand photographer Jenn Gaudreau took of me.

It’s crazy that it took what our culture condemns – a few “extra” pounds – for me to finally feel it in my bones that I AM BEAUTIFUL.

It’s not about the aesthetic. I’m a 45 year-old who’s gained around 10 pounds in the past year. I don’t really wear makeup anymore, and my hair’s a greasy air-dried mess most days.

It’s about seeing my spirit captured in these amazing photos. My spirit yearns to love. And when I see love, I see beauty. I couldn’t deny the love in my spirit that Jenn captured. So, I saw my own true beauty. A beauty that’s independent of youth and cultural ideals.

Thank you, radiant Jenn.

[Note: I applied a filter in Lightroom so that they’d look great with my new branding – the originals have a pop of color that the filter dulls. If you’re a professional or entrepreneur and dig these images, consider hiring Jenn for your own “Soul Brand” session (Chicago and Florida peeps). Here’s that link.]