The Illuminated Goddess Podcast

Raw. Deep. Soulful. 

A personal, uncensored, & heartfelt dive into topics most dear to me:

Setting boundaries w/ your spiritual sandpaper

One of the most challenging yet rewarding things I’ve ever done.

Living a life that's aligned w/ your soul, your purpose

The greatest gift I’ve ever given myself is FULL permission to be me.

Forgiving the unforgivable, for you

One of the most radical, life-changing things I’ve ever done.

How to tune into your inner compass

How I’ve learned to access and trust my intuition.

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Meet the podcast host

Hey! My Name's Kristi

I’ve written about myself so much on this site already & don’t want to be obnoxiously redundant. So here’s the quickie version: I almost died by suicide before radically changing my life thanks, in part, to a dead Indian yogi’s teachings, my mentor’s wisdom and guidance, deep spiritual work, and meditation. You can learn more about me via the “my story” posts or pretty much any blog post🖤.

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