Journal Entries

  • A New Focus: Changing Paradigms (Part 2)

    My last blog post was about how I intended to focus more on shifting paradigms than on sharing the tools that have helped me through difficult times in my life. I want to expand on this a bit more, because I don’t mean to imply that I’m going to stop sharing what’s worked for me. Quite the contrary!

    Rather, my intent is to not ignore the context that lurks behind the tools I’m sharing.


  • A New Focus: Changing Paradigms (Part 1)

    Have you ever wondered what you were put on this earth to do? I often do. 

    I’ve invested a lot in myself over the years but most significantly during this past year in an effort to understand just what my dharma (purpose) is and how I’m meant to share it. And, what has been revealed to me through various channels VERY recently is that I’m here to shift paradigms.


  • How to “Ride the Wave” When You’re Triggered

    I’m not always all love and light and sometimes shit gets to me. For example, I’m highly sensitive to certain sounds, and noises made “just because” turn me into an irritated stress ball. When this happens, the “flight” part of the “fight or flight” response kicks in, and I’m outta there. I live in a home with young children, so this is something that I contend with regularly.


  • The Sacred Moon Circle

    I remember a time when my tribe gathered monthly in a sacred moon circle illuminated by candlelight. Sometimes we’d tell stories, other times we’d sing…

    We entered the sacred American Indian sweat lodge together, and when the heat became too blistering to handle, we prayed harder and harder to Mother Earth, her heartbeat reverberating throughout the earthen floor and blanketed walls of her womb…