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  • How Luca Spaghetti (From Eat, Pray, Love) Got Americans Right

    Liz Gilbert claims in her bestseller Eat, Pray, Love that Americans don’t know pleasure. I agree. 

    Case in point: I’m typing up this blog post in an app on my phone at this very moment because I can’t just enjoy reading her glorious book! No, I have to always be doing something “productive” while I’m enjoying life. And there’s something about indulgence that sparks feelings of guilt.


  • Unicorns* Make Better Coaches

    My life is anything but enlightened. But, it has been unconventional and – dare I say – courageous. My own coach has even called me a unicorn. More than once.

    And as both a unicorn and life coach living in my zone of genius, my superpower is holding powerful space for women and helping them see what they currently cannot.


  • How I Found Peace When Confronted with All-Consuming Despair

    Tragedy struck my world exactly one week ago in the home that I share with my boyfriend, his children, and my daughter, and I was forced to surrender my beloved rescue pup Damsel. [Please know that I was a foster fail and the rescue is a no-kill nonprofit. Damsel is not in any danger of being put down.]

    The grief was overwhelming.


  • How I Tamed My Stubborn AF Inner Control Freak

    Five weeks ago, I moved in with my boyfriend. He recently bought a bungalow in Chicago, and what was once a household of two became a household of five.

    It’s what I wanted and let me be clear – I adore the hell out of him – but it’s caused my stubborn AF inner control freak to nearly lose her mind.


  • How I Forgave My Ultimate Spiritual Sandpaper

    We all have people in our lives who challenge our sanity, at least from time to time. Their motives matter not, and I’ve taken to call them my spiritual sandpaper.

    The spiritual sandpaper I’m referring to in this post is my daughter’s father. The backstory is that he sued me for custody shortly before her 11th birthday.