• How To Work Up The Courage To Set Boundaries

    Do you have a boundary that needs to be set? If you do, consider why you haven’t already set it.

    For me, fear’s usually to blame. When it comes to setting boundaries I’m generally afraid of:

  • How I Set Boundaries (From A Place Of Love)

    *Cue terrible ringtone circa 2006(ish).* My heart started racing and massive anxiety set in. I did NOT want to take this call…

    The requisite small talk – I disdain small talk – took place. And then, mic drop #1: “You can’t stay with me anymore when you’re in town.” As predicted, the raging, gaslighting, and belittling ensued.

  • Starting Over, Setting Boundaries, and Working with a Mentor (Era 3)

    Welcome to the third era of my life. On Christmas Eve, I found out that I was pregnant. I had no money or job, and my family was over 1,000 miles away. I was living with six or seven activists and a dog in a duplex under less-than sanitary conditions. I was receiving public assistance and had no idea what to do…