Sit In Ceremony With Mama Cacao

Mama Cacao is potent plant medicine for the heart. Following the tradition of my own mentor, the ceremonies I facilitate are deeply inward journeys. 

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Important info about my sacred cacao ceremonies

Non-Appropriative, Trauma-Sensitive, & Deeply Nourishing For The Soul.

More than 20 years ago, I was initiated into sacred ceremony by Indigenous elders who shared some of their powerful practices with me – practices I continue to honor and (on rare occasion) share, including smudging and drumming. I’m at a crossroads now as I explore whether it’s ethical for me to share these sacred practices or replace them with practices sourced from my own (mostly Nordic) lineage. I’ll have more to say on this later as I continue to educate myself, but you can learn more about why this is so important here

I share this here because the appropriation of Indigenous cultures runs rampant in many cacao ceremonies. Please know that when I share Mama Cacao with you, I’m doing so in a manner that honors and gives back to those communities that have chosen to share their potent plant medicines with us. Also know that my ceremonies are not replicas of Azetc, Mayan, or other Indigenous ceremonies. Rather, they are powerfully curated soul experiences and deeply inward meditative journeys that are trauma-sensitive with conscious use of invitational language. They do NOT involve ecstatic dance.

"Time stood still, and I was completely at one with my sisters and the universe."

Kristi, you are truly gifted in what your heart moves you to do. I feel so grateful and fortunate to be in your tribe and loved meeting the women you brought into the fold. I know you will continue to bring together amazing women and their lives will be richly blessed for having met you. 

I have experienced something magical and ethereal during the cacao ceremony…where it felt that time stood still and I was completely at one with my sisters and the universe, but when I came out of it, I was met with peace and tranquillity. Love to you and to all the ladies who were there. Blessings.

— Emma Jung-Beeman, Recruiter & Coach

Private cacao ceremonies (In-Person)

Let Me Bring Sacred Mama Cacao To You.

Are you looking for an alternative way to honor a milestone event or rite of passage? One that invokes sacred plant medicine instead of alcohol? One that offers you an incredible opportunity to connect with sisters and/or brothers in sacred ceremony? One that allows you to deeply and safely explore yourself?

Click below to learn more, view my rates, and schedule a call to discuss your special, one-of-a-kind event.

Private cacao ceremonies (Virtual)

Way Better Than Those Virtual Cocktail Or Murder Mystery Parties...

Maybe you’re looking to establish a deeper connection with both yourself and others. Or maybe you have a milestone event but your community’s scattered about, making an in-person ceremony impossible. Whatever your reason for preferring a virtual sacred ceremony, be assured that it will be powerful, intimate, and deeply nourishing.

Click below to learn more, view my rates, and schedule a call to discuss your special, one-of-a-kind event.

Public Cacao Ceremonies

Are You Looking To Join An Existing Ceremony?

Public cacao ceremonies are every bit as powerful as their private counterparts, the only differences being that (1) you’ll sit in circle with new faces, and (2) you won’t be hosting the event.

Public ceremonies are offered in-person (Chicago & North Shore communities) and virtually. Click the links below to learn more and register for an event!


Explore A Whole New Dimension Of Yourself & Connect With The Sacred.

Sitting in sacred ceremony with Mama Cacao at the beginning of a transformative coaching session is freaking powerful. Honestly, I don’t know what else to say about this profound offering. 

I’ll tell you how to prepare your cacao and where to source it, or you can get it through me. When we meet, I’ll guide us in ceremony. But instead of moving into deep meditation, we’ll transition into our coaching session. Click below to learn more and schedule a discovery call.

Love from Sisters In Ceremony

Felt a deep sense of connection and love

"It's been a long time since I felt so present for a couple of hours."

“Kristi is fabulous at what she does!  I had never heard of a cacao ceremony before and I was a little skeptical, but Kristi assured me that it was a gentle heart-opening experience, nothing mind-altering, nothing dangerous. I decided to join the other women in the ceremony led by Kristi and I’m so glad I did. 
From the moment, I walked in, I could feel the love. The room was set up beautifully with soft music playing including individual stations with a yoga mat, cushion, and a hand-written note about setting an intention. Kristi explained what the ceremony was going to entail and gave us a little background about the process and how she got involved. We listened to soft music, drank our cacao then finished with laying on mats while Kristi led us though a meditative journey. 
The ceremony was lovely in every single way. I was able let go of any fear and allow in whatever wanted to happen. For me, I mostly just felt happy and a deep sense of connection afterwards. It has been a long time since I’ve felt so present for a couple of hours. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am very grateful for the experience.  
I would highly recommend working with Kristi in any capacity. She has a beautiful way of gently leading a group with love.”

A Cacao Ceremony With Me Involves...

Sacred Invocation, Meditation, & Ritual

Each ceremony is themed. Music is subtle yet powerful & carefully curated. Ritualistic elements are heart-sourced.

The Most Ethically Sourced Cacao Available

I share where our cacao is sourced, the traditional way it’s processed, & how it exceeds “Fair Trade” standards.

Trauma-Sensitive & not Culturally Appropriative

I’m not going to wear face paint or regalia. I give back 10% of profits. And, I create trauma-sensitive safe spaces.