Hello, Radiant Sister!

My Name's Kristi.

I’m a certified Wayfinder coach, although I prefer to call myself a guide. I’m also a sacred circle facilitator and cacao carrier. My soul’s purpose is to contribute in a meaningful way to elevating the collective consciousness of humanity, and I do this through 1:1 coaching, Sacred Sister Moon Circles, workshops, and cacao ceremonies.

I have a rich background in academics and have completed numerous trainings in yoga and meditation, cacao carrying, Wayfinder life coaching (Martha Beck is my mentor), trauma-informed facilitation, and sacred circling. I look forward to serving and supporting you in whatever capacity that most speaks to your heart!

I also offer free meditations, guides, and a blog on my website. And, I offer free, in-person Sacred Sister Full Moon Circles each month as well as the occasional workshop. I LOVE circling women – it’s what I was put on Earth to do! – so I do hope you’ll join us in circle. 

With gratitude,