Boundary-Setting Goddess Mentoring

Are you ready to start setting boundaries?

Boundary-Setting Goddess Mentoring/Coaching is designed to help you (1) identify your blocks to setting boundaries, (2) gain confidence as you work through them, (3) craft a boundary-setting plan, and (4) implement techniques for countering stress and staying calm and grounded as you do this challenging work.

Setting boundaries is hard for empathic souls like us.

It’s even harder when the object of your intended boundary uses manipulation or gaslighting or other narcissistic methods to control you or otherwise maintain a toxic relationship dynamic.

But setting boundaries from a place of compassion can be liberating.

It’s an act of self-care. It can rebalance artificially-skewed power dynamics. And it gets easier over time.

Are you letting fear guide you?

Do you avoid setting boundaries because...

You’re afraid of being gaslighted. Gaslighting is when someone manipulates you into questioning your own sanity. This often happens subtly and is incredibly damaging.

You’re afraid of being manipulated. Being manipulated feels really icky and can cause empathic souls to “take back” or even apologize for trying to set boudaries.

You’re afraid of invoking someone’s rage. Being on the receiving end of an adult’s temper tantrum stirs up intense stress and is emotionally draining. In some cases, it’s even dangerous.

"It is a great service to others that Kristi so openly shares her knowledge and wisdom."

“Kristi is truly among the kindest, most loving, and openly honest humans you’ll encounter. Experiencing Kristi’s work has been a true pleasure. She has invested a significant amount of time and effort towards her own personal growth. It is a great service to others that Kristi so openly shares her knowledge and wisdom.”

You're not alone

You're tired of being a doormat

And you know that it’s time to put on your big girl pants and start setting some boundaries.

For years I tolerated being manipulated, gaslighted, and raged at by one particular soul. Why? Becuase I was too afraid of conflict to stand up to him. Sure, there were moments when I did, but even then I’d negate my power by repeatedly defending my position in the hopes that he’d understand. And, more often than not, I’d back down. 

It wasn’t until I did some hard work with my own sponsor/mentor that I was finally able to start unapologetically setting boundaries with him from a place of compassion and love. Boundary-Setting Goddess Mentoring/Coaching is loosely based on the work I did with my mentor that empowered me to set boundaries both with an incredibly manipulative person and others.

Imagine living life on your terms instead of theirs

What if you started setting boundaries?

What if you courageously started standing your ground and stopped tolerating unacceptable behavior? What if you no longer needed to defend your position? What if you could stay calm and grounded during and after setting boundaries?

Imagine being unaffected by another’s gaslighting or manipulation tactics when setting a boundaries. Imagine being able to make decisions based on your needs. Imagine the confidence you’ll gain by saying “NO MORE” from a place of non-hostility.

before Mentoring...

after Mentoring...

Boundary-Setting Goddess Mentoring/Coaching

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Feedback from my sisters


“I love seeing strong women holding space, and [in every class] I felt so held while having the opportunity to explore deeper parts of myself.”

— Niccol Bauer

“It is a great service to others that Kristi so openly shares her knowledge and wisdom.”

— JeriLyn Frisbie

“Kristi’s practice encourages people of all backgrounds and bodies to join her in connecting to the divine.”

— Rebecca Vanderwaal

My Guarantee To Show Up For You

When I show up for you in a Boundary-Setting Goddess Mentoring/Coaching session, I’m 100% present. I’m not planning my responses while you’re sharing. I’m not judging. I’m very attune to your energy, where you’re at, and what you need so that I can best serve you.

Is Boundary-Setting Goddess Mentoring/Coaching for me?

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Hey! My Name's Kristi

I worked with a sponsor/mentor weekly for seven years. She held space for me. She saw me, heard me, cried and celebrated with me. She didn’t see me as broken. She helped me by listening, sharing her experience, strength, and hope, and (sometimes) giving me homework. Through this beautiful soul, I learned how to hold space for and mentor other women. And, my coaching style is informed by Martha Beck’s Wayfinder program.

If you want to learn more about me, please check out my About page or My Story posts. 

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