This Page Is About You.

It’s rare to meet someone who earnestly asks herself “Who am I, really?” or “What am I being called to do in this lifetime?”.
But you do. It’s why you’re here reading this right now.

Maybe you’ve been carrying around disempowering labels about who you are that you’re ready to shed.
Maybe you’ve let life happen to you for far too long and are ready to flip that paradigm on its head.
Maybe you’re facing a significant life transition – a job loss, divorce, or even death – and something’s nudging you to embrace (or at least not fall victim to) your current circumstances.

And now, the road you’ve been traveling down for so very long encounters a fork.

To your right, the paved road continues.
This is the road that most of the world travels.
It’s familiar; it comes with a guidebook.
Do this, don’t do that. Live this way, grieve this way. Be grateful already. Don’t rock the boat. Conform. Stay grounded in reality. Don’t question authority. Et cetera.

To your left, the road is unpaved.
In fact, it’s barely perceptible…
it’s wild, overgrown, and a bit scary.
It’s unfamiliar and has no guidebook.
And yet something about it is calling you, urging you to choose it.
There’s a knowing in your heart that the path to your left is the path of your soul.
Which path will you choose?

If you follow the path of your soul and stay the course, you will change.
You – your life – will transform.
And, yes, this transformational shit’s hard.
It’s hard to know what it is that you’re actually being called to do.
It’s hard to interpret your next move even when your eagle vision clearly sees the big picture.
It’s hard to take actions that are a 180-degree turn from those you’ve taken throughout your life.
And, it’s really hard to stop conforming to cultural and familial expectations that are threatened by your pending transformation.

Despite this, your inner wise woman whispers to you to stay the course, and – most importantly – to not give away your power.
Not to anyone – coaches, gurus, religious or spiritual leaders, matriarchs, patriarchs, ANYONE.
No one belongs on a pedestal, and no one knows you better than you.
Because every answer you could possibly need is already within you, available to you.
This is what your inner wise woman wants you to know.

“That’s all great, Kristi,” you say to yourself. But…
1 – How do you access your innate wisdom?
2 – How do you trust it?
3 – And how do you follow it when you’re not feeling supported?

My Response:

1- You access your innate wisdom through deep work like silent or japa meditation, channeled writing, or other stillness practices.
You access it through prayer (btw, this doesn’t require subscribing to any religion).
You access it through your finely calibrated body compass.
You access it through breath work and other yogic practices.
And you access it with the help of a coach (like me!) trained in these modalities and others involving deep, transformational inquiry.

2 – You trust it because you’re left with little choice.
You’ve seen what happens when you don’t.
And then, you begin to trust it because of what’s happened when you have.
You discover that your inner guide never leads you astray.
You learn that you may not get what you think you want; that unpleasant stuff sometimes happens that you wish didn’t.
But over time you see that each of those experiences were gifts. You were given what you needed to get you where you needed to be.
Which is here.

3 – You follow it when you’re not feeling supported because you know that you must.
If you don’t, a part of your spirit dies.
But eventually, the magic happens.
And along the way, you find yourself connecting with sisters who are also doing this work, and you feel less alone.
You support and feel supported.
You circle together.
You rise together.

Your life transforms the more you do this work.
The more you trust your own inner guide.
The more you lean into the uncertainty and get curious about it.
The more you surrender the labels and constructs that have kept you conformed to a fucked up paradigm for far too long.
The more you do this work, the more you rise, sister. The more you rise.