You Are a Magnet

  • Kristi
  • Oct 31, 2018

You are a magnet, and what you embody you will attract right back.

If you embody stress, you will attract more opportunities to be stressed.

If you embody gratitude, you will attract more opportunities to be grateful.

And those opportunities to be grateful may not always involve sunshine and rainbows…

An Opportunity to Be Grateful

Last week, Sage and I were driving northbound. It was rush hour.

A southbound driver turning left failed to yield.

The impact was unavoidable. My old car – totaled.

The woman who caused the accident was beautiful – kind, concerned, accountable. We embraced. The cop who cited her was moved.

Now I’m without a car. I don’t qualify for auto financing. The payout on my 2007 Corolla with 213k miles is very low. I live in the suburbs where public transit to the city is great but to the grocery store is limited. And, I have a teenage daughter who has commitments in other towns.

To say that my situation is stressful is an understatement and it’s compounded by a host other stressors, which you can read about here.

I have no clue what to do, and it would be really easy to go down the “Why me?” rabbit hole of despair. But, I haven’t.

Despite the great uncertainty I’m currently facing, I feel an immense amount of gratitude.

A gal I met once at an adoption event offered to get me a rental car for a week because I “saved Gizmo [the pittie mix I’m fostering] and [am] a nice person.”

And then the guy that I’ve been dating for only a short time offered to loan me a couple grand – interest-free and without a repayment timetable – so that I could get a better replacement car. He knows that right now I do not have the means to repay him anything.


Yes, I am a fortunate woman. But am I lucky?

Had I not developed a compassionate heart filled with gratitude, I wouldn’t have attracted these beautiful souls into my life…before the accident happened.

I wouldn’t have met Jen at the Dogs Are Deserving Rescue booth at the adoption event because I wouldn’t have “inconvenienced” myself by fostering Gizmo.

I wouldn’t have attracted Bob, whose attraction to me is based in part on who I am, what I embody, and in spite of my external circumstances.

And, I would have still been involved in that car accident.

How to Be a Magnet

The rules are simple. In fact, there are none.

You cannot control life – any sense of control that you may have is only an illusion.

You can follow traffic laws carefully, and you may still be involved in a serious accident.

You can invest your money wisely, and you may still lose it due to market or government upheavals.

You can do everything you can to protect yourself, and you may still be the victim of violence.

It’s how you respond to ALL that life throws your way – the good, the bad, and the ugly – that determines how you experience ALL that life offers.

Gratitude is a muscle.

If ignored, it atrophies. Feelings of “why me?”, despair, and entitlement take root.

But if nourished, opportunities to experience more gratitude arise.

Sometimes these opportunities are more pleasant than others. Sometimes these opportunities are painful. But the pain itself can provide the impetus for growth. And in that growth lies the opportunity.



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