In a land far away…

…there was once a little girl who felt an inexplicable connection to the sacred. Over time, she learned to keep things to herself because no one understood. Seasons passed, and her secrets became buried beneath their own weight. The deep empathy she experienced towards all beings became all-consuming, and tragic news stories of animals or people who had suffered horrifically led her to ponder suicide. In short, she took the burden of the world’s suffering on her own tiny shoulders. It wasn’t long before she could no longer bare the despair she felt, and at age 10 she made the first of many attempts to end her own life.

And then, after spending a full decade living through this hell, the (now) young woman experienced nothing short of a miracle. She was instantly bestowed life’s greatest secret – that we are co-creators of our experience here in this physical realm. Over time, this led her to take actions that – once again – no one understood. But this time she was okay with that. She chose a path less traveled. Of intermittent homelessness, of deep personal discovery, of complete devotion to living in absolute accordance with her values. She learned to embrace empathy in a way that no longer debilitated her. Compassion and love became her driving forces, and fear stepped aside so that faith could emerge. She was finally free.

Many, many seasons have passed, and this (now) grown woman – me – is still finding her way. I created this site because I felt a strong pull to do so. I yearn to connect with anyone who relates to what they read here…who is inspired in some way by the musings, stories, and other tidbits I publish. Today, my greatest driving life forces are compassion and love. I have a lot of both to give, so if you need to borrow some or have extra to share, you have come to the right place. Home. And so it is.