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A Story About Surrender

Once upon a time, a woman met a man who would teach her many important things. Eventually, the man’s teachings finished and so they parted ways.
Many moons had passed when the woman dreamt of the man. She knew that dreams were sometimes omens that were best not ignored, and so she reached out.

A romance began, and both the woman and man discovered a shared connection on many important and satisfying levels. This excited the woman, as she had nearly…

My Greatest Teachers

Recently, I asked the Universe which of three projects I ought to focus my energies on:

This blog;
My book, which is 21 years in the making; OR
The Awakened Heart Project – a directory and blog that I conceived during yoga teacher training to make compassionate/ethical consumption easy.

The answer: my book.

So what did I do in response? I spent the day updating this blog. Talk about avoidance…

What I needed was clarity. After all, I have already outlined five…

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