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You Are a Magnet

You are a magnet, and what you embody you will attract right back.

If you embody stress, you will attract more opportunities to be stressed.

If you embody gratitude, you will attract more opportunities to be grateful.

And those opportunities to be grateful may not always involve sunshine and rainbows…
An Opportunity to Be Grateful
Last week, Sage and I were driving northbound. It was rush hour.

A southbound driver turning left failed to yield.

The impact was unavoidable. My old car – totaled.

The woman who…

Lies I Tell Myself

Fall – being the season of transition, death, and decay – inspires me to turn inward, to recalibrate my compass.

As I’ve shared in this post, I’ve been struggling for a while now.

And as I’ve shared in this post, I’ve realized that it’s not anger that will destroy my spirit – it’s how I choose to channel it.

Now, my focus is on finding the balance between honoring my truth and…

I’m Angry

I’m angry.

For years, I wasn’t. And the times that I witnessed injustice or some other blood-boiling incident, I took Gandhi’s directive to heart. I was the change. Or so I thought.

My weapons were love, compassion, integrity.

And silence. You know, because I chose to live by example…quietly.

Except that no one noticed.

When you’re quiet, you are effectively accepting things how they are, at least in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Yoga and Alanon taught me to accept what is…

The Struggle Is Real

Life has become extraordinarily difficult lately, and I’m struggling.

Big time. With so many things.
I’m facing the greatest financial uncertainty and stress that I’ve ever faced, and things are about to implode.

And, the person who matters more to me than anyone else in this world is struggling so utterly deeply that it’s terrifying.
Those are the tangibles.

And then there are the intangibles – the internal struggles about what I’ve done with my life, the stands I have (and haven’t) taken, the…

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