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An Evolution of Meditations

I’ve had a daily meditation practice for quite some time now, and sometimes my sits can get pretty intense.

There was that time when the Universe literally dictated to me what I was to do with my life, and It sealed the deal with a spectacular show of light.

Then there were those out-of-body experiences. Needless to say, I now neither fear death nor the means of my demise, regardless of what it may be.

Sometimes, I see things – lights, images,…

My Latest Directive from the Universe

For the record, I need to warn you that this post is about some pretty woo-woo shit.

There is no sense in beating around the bush, so I’m just going to be blunt, okay?
The Universe has been sending me directives left and right.
Oh, and if the word “Universe” doesn’t jive with you, feel free to swap it out with the “Goddess”/”God”/”Infinite”/”Cosmos”/”Source”/”Atman” or whatever your favorite descriptive word is. I’ve used them all, and they all work equally well.

Now, let’s get…

An Extraordinary Meditation

I meditate. I used to call myself a meditating yogi, but what used to be a yoga practice peppered with the occasional sit has now reversed.

I meditate every morning and my sits vary.

Sometimes I meditate on a mantra with my jade mala.

Other times I sit in silence, hands positioned in one of my three go-to mudras.

Sometimes I’ll set a timer, and sometimes I won’t.

There was nothing particularly special about today as I sat down on my cushion for a…

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