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An Evolution of Meditations

I’ve had a daily meditation practice for quite some time now, and sometimes my sits can get pretty intense.

There was that time when the Universe literally dictated to me what I was to do with my life, and It sealed the deal with a spectacular show of light.

Then there were those out-of-body experiences. Needless to say, I now neither fear death nor the means of my demise, regardless of what it may entail.

Sometimes, I see things – lights, images,…

My Latest Directive from the Universe

For the record, I need to warn you that this post is about some pretty woo-woo shit.

There is no sense in beating around the bush, so I’m just going to be blunt.
The Universe has been sending me directives left and right.
I know that a lot of folks pray to a higher power for guidance. I don’t – it’s probably a rebellion thing.

I was raised by an ordained Lutheran minister. I went to Sunday school, Bible camp, Vacation Bible School,…

An Extraordinary Meditation

I meditate. I used to call myself a meditating yogi, but what used to be a yoga practice peppered with the occasional sit has now reversed.

I meditate every morning and my sits vary.

Sometimes I meditate on a mantra with my jade mala.

Other times I sit in silence, hands positioned in one of my three go-to mudras.

Sometimes I’ll set a timer, and sometimes I won’t.

There was nothing particularly special about today as I sat down on my cushion for a…