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Lies I Tell Myself

Fall – being the season of transition, death, and decay – inspires me to turn inward, to recalibrate my compass.

As I’ve shared in this post, I’ve been struggling for a while now.

And as I’ve shared in this post, I’ve realized that it’s not anger that will destroy my spirit – it’s how I choose to channel it.

Now, my focus is on finding the balance between honoring my truth and surviving in a world that expects soul-crushing conformity.

But what is my truth?


sunset over Lake Michigan



It’s the single most important element of my being.

When I embrace it I feel fully aligned – in sync with my truth.

When I don’t, my spirit gets agitated, scattered. I feel like a fraud.
How I relate to this humble word has had a profound impact on my life.
It’s one of the reasons why my marriage ended. We defined integrity differently, and I’m not okay with the alt version.

It’s why I dropped out of college and intentionally chose homelessness over…