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It’s been a while since my last post, but I haven’t forgotten about this blog.

Things have been a whirlwind lately, and I’ve felt a bit lost.

Can you relate?

I’ve been contemplating the direction that my life’s taken – particularly regarding the opportunities cloaked in “bad things” – and this post pretty much sums up what’s been on my mind.
2017 was a year filled with stressors:

My position was eliminated in late 2016 (along with many others), and I rang in…

photo credit: Toby Wong

When I Was NOT the Change I Wished to See in this World

After dropping Sage off at her dad’s last Friday, my maps app told me that driving through some of Chicago’s less-than-stellar neighborhoods was the fastest way home to my very safe, sheltered, affluent white community 25 miles north of the city.

No problem.

As I was driving north on Fullerton, I drove past an overlit viaduct and noticed “garbage” strewn throughout and an erect tent. Clearly, this was a home for the homeless.

As I drove past, I quickly assessed what I…

Déjà Vu

Eighteen years ago, I gave up (almost) everything that I owned and dropped out of college so that I could live in absolute alignment with my values.

For nearly two years, I lived in various stages of homelessness.

I ate out of garbage dumpsters, was run over by a cop on a motorcycle at a protest, and got arrested at John McCain’s Tucson office on the day of the New Hampshire Presidential Primary.

I worked as a union spy, went on a…

sunset over Lake Michigan



It’s the single most important element of my being.

When I embrace it I feel fully aligned – in sync with my truth.

When I don’t, my spirit gets agitated, scattered. I feel like a fraud.
How I relate to this humble word has had a profound impact on my life.
It’s one of the reasons why my marriage ended. We define integrity differently, and I’m not okay with the alt version.

It’s why I dropped out of college and intentionally chose homelessness over…

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